MasterWorks Healing special price, astrology updates, inspiring animal rescue, Live Well tele-seminar and Abraham


Jennifer McLean just finished hosting a free 4-part series by Panache Desai to introduce people to her MasterWorks Healing membership site, which is offering monthly memberships at 1/2 price right now. Panache’s replays are no longer available to the general public, but if  you join the site you get to download his presentations (they were great!) for your own archives, which is reason enough to sign up for a month. However, you also get access to tons of other goodies, plus a prayer circle, and weekly programs by abundance expert Mary A. Hall, astrologer Elizabeth Jones, and other visionaries. You can easily cancel at any time. Check out the details here.



#1 – An astrology update and insights from shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk at…

Once again, a remarkable lineup of astrological aspects has occurred within 48 hours. Uranus stationed retrograde (Friday morning) Saturn squared the Sun (Saturday morning) Mercury stationed retrograde (Saturday night).

This morning (Sunday) Venus was conjunct the crescent Moon, representing the first gate the Goddess Inanna passes through on her descent into the Underworld–the moment where she removes her crown.

Taken cumulatively, we are all invited to “blow the top off” of our minds, to surrender our old ways of knowing, of thinking, of relating to the big picture. We are invited to open to awareness that is much bigger, much more expansive–yet at the same time centered and grounded from the heart and Earth knowing.

Extraordinary intuitive insight is available to us now, with Uranus in the fire sign of Aries, and Mercury in the fire sign of Leo, both moving very slowly right now, so close to their exact retrograde station; felt powerfully as an intensified recalibration of our individual perceptions (Mercury), as well as Collective Consciousness (Uranus).

This morning I received an intuitive insight as I meditated under the radiant spectacle of Venus, Jupiter, the Crescent Moon and Aldebaran all lined up beautifully above the Sandia Mountains. I gave gratitude to the Earth Mama and as I did, I felt the falling away of an old belief about her true nature. I realized I had been projecting old, inaccurate beliefs about Cancer/Mother onto her.

I’d been seeing her as martyr, victim, patiently enduring the onslaught of human foolishness like the long-suffering archetype for Mother promoted by the Christian Church for centuries. I’ve long seen the damage this idealized projection can do to a woman when she is expected to have no sense of self, to be endlessly giving.

It is not okay for her to express rage, to enjoy sexual pleasure, or to take up too much space. Most of all, it is not okay for her to change or evolve. Somehow I’d projected that concept onto Earth as Mother.

This morning I received a newsflash from the heavens (that’s how Uranus speaks to us!) that the Earth Mama, like us, is experiencing profound transformation, and accelerated evolutionary development.

Of course I knew that, but I hadn’t yet emotionally engaged with that perspective. Now I am experiencing Earth Mama as this gorgeous, sensual, profoundly creative, responsive, conscious, and adaptable entity. We are part of her, and can choose to consciously evolve together.

And from Chris Flisher at…

Week of July 16th, 2012

The heat has been turned on and the pot may be coming to a boil as the soft Cancer Moon moves through and triggers the conversation with a sensitive touch. Emotions may be open and visible as the collective views point towards global responsibility. Financial pressures may be forcing action with regard to job creation and untested strategies as the weak links can no longer hold. Mercury retrograde adds a level of uncertainty as Mars opposes Uranus and the combination of ambition, aggression, and action in counterpoint to innovation, rebellion and change hold the potential for solving major problems. There has to be an impetus and the motive has arrived.

# 2 – A touching story for you animal lovers (be sure to sign the petition at the end of the page)…

# 3 –  The Living Clay Company is sponsoring a free Live Well Lifestyle teleseminar…

It will be on Thursday, July 19th, at noon central time. You can find out more at

# 4 – I think this latest quote from Abraham will make a great “mantra” for starting my day  :-)…

“There isn’t anything that I cannot be or do or have, and I have a huge Nonphysical staff that’s ready to assist me, and I’m ready.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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