Global Oneness Summit 2018, Donna Eden, the placebo effect, after age 40, and Abe

  PICKS FOR TODAY: # 1 –  Global Oneness Summit….. Thought some of you may be interested in this message from Humanity’s Team about the upcoming 9th annual Global Oneness Summit on Oct 24th where they will have a dozen panels and seminars lined up exploring Divine Presence, The Power of Evolving the Self, Leaders…Read more »

Rumi and the Universe on Love, wise teacher, secret lives of trees, alternative flours, docu-series on diabetes & obesity, flu remedy and using your gifts

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – You can’t go wrong with Rumi! You have within you more love than you could ever understand. There is a place within your heart which is brimming over with love. Sow the seed of love and you’ll be rewarded with the most incredible feeling of love dancing…Read more »

True love, bird humor, ties, lemons, margarine & oral health summit, animal facts, Osho and Abe

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – Sweet image; wise words…..     # 2 – Humor and Mother Nature are always a great way to make the evolutionary process easier. This bird is doing a better job of telling his own story than Attenborough. :-)       # 3 – Lovely image…Read more »

Soul blessing, be awareness, gettin’ squirrel-y, meridian tapping, Ringing Cedars series, and Abe

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 –   # 2 –      # 3 – Gotta love Mother Nature and these two cuties that blend in so well…..     # 4 – Have you’ve ever wanted to read The Ringing Cedars/Anastasia series of books? Well now you can! Just use the following…Read more »

Joy of being, 42, Cheesecake, free documentaries, ice cream don’ts, and Abe on emotion

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 –   # 2 – Oh, I just love stories and pictures like these of everyone getting along so well….     # 3 – Interesting!   # 4 – Here’s a free resource some of you may appreciate and find useful. It’s a site where you…Read more »

Thought first, doggie housing :-), 528 Hz track, derailment, good advice

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – A good reminder I got recently in my inbox from Notes from the Universe….. In the jungles of time and space, it’s wise to remember that the best hope one has for thriving among the seen, the known, and the manifested, comes from playing off the unseen,…Read more »

Sweet pic, Moby, silence, suffering, Rumi, 3 free health series, and Abe

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   #1 – A sweet one someone shared on my FB feed on Valentine’s Day…. (image by Richard Austin)   # 2 – Here’s what I think is a great resource…… Free download of 4 hrs (11 tracks) worth of music and ambient sounds (no vocals or drums) created by the…Read more »