Loving kindness, Mother Nature, Deepak, solar system, spiritual work, growth, 23rd Psalm. and remember you are…..

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – This would make a great prayer/blessing or lead-in to meditation to start off the day…..   # 2 – OMG, what a pic! Almost looks like a pussy willow tuff that someone has shaped into an owl.                      …Read more »

Nature, loving self, Love, painting flowers, yoga, weight loss, and more, and Abe on healing

  I haven’t been doing much posting here lately…….so many other things calling for my attention. But I did want to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2018 and provide a little inspiration to get the new year off to a good start.  Please pardon the cramped spacing. Having techno problems. :-) Happy 2018!  …Read more »

Mother Nature, soul, enlightened, have-its, and the Dalai Lama

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – Ah, yes, Mother Nature has a way of lightening my mood….   # 2 – I love this, especially the last 3 sentences…..   # 3 – And humor always goes a long way in making the evolutionary process easier….:-)   # 4 – From Dr. Sue Morter…..reminds…Read more »

Shine, Hallelujah, compliments, holiday tips, Grateful Heart journey, gift giving, and Mog’s Christmas

  TIPS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – Regardless of your religious persuasion, I think you’ll find this moving and heart-felt….. – – – # 2 – Shine on, shine on…..   # 3 – An invitation to a free 42-day event from the folks at Go Gratitude…. “When in choice, Love with a Grateful…Read more »

Hugs, seeing, free affirmations MP3, innocent mistake, free educational resources, uplifting video, and Abraham

TIPS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – Have you had your hug(s) today?     # 2 – Love this one….     # 3 – Something free you may want to check out….an MP3 of Positive Self-esteem Affirmations that you can play in the background as you go about your day…. https://www.trinityaffirmations.com/gift/free-self-esteem-positive-affirmations-mp3     #…Read more »

Being yourself, surround yourself, love yourself, fall colors, free health series, and intuition

TIPS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – Good one!   # 2 – I came across this recently on Facebook and loved the words…..a beautiful reminder from Indian spiritual teacher Sri Nisargadatta. Seemed to fit nicely with Tips # 1 & #3….. “All you need is already within you, only you must approach your self…Read more »