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  TIPS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – You can always depend on Rumi for some soul food….   # 2 – An inspiring, insightful article that starts off with this …… Most of us haven’t quite realized there is something extraordinary happening. A few months ago, I freed myself from standard-procedure society. I broke…Read more »

Animals animals, money and happiness, good advice, every word, en*theos event, intent, Mind Movies, and Saturn in Sagittarius

TIPS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – For you animal lovers out there…..   # 2 – An entertaining, insightful TED talk about money and happiness….   # 3 – Very good advice, at least in my opinion….   # 4 – An insightful, inspiring take on Saturn in Sagittarius from Dana…Read more »

The Now, raising your standards, animal rescues, vision writing, terrorists, Feast for the Soul, and Abraham

TIPS FOR TODAY   # 1 – Yep!     # 2 – A video from Roger James Hamilton about why you may want to focus less on goal setting in 2015 and more on raising your standards….     # 3 – Nine animal rescues that are sure to put a smile on your…Read more »

BE the person, Debt Into Wealth, Winter of Wellness, heart print, and advice from Abe

TIPS FOR THE DAY:   # 1 – A recent Note From the Universe ( that came to my inbox…. Zirah, today, be the person of your dreams. See life through THEIR eyes. Make decisions with THEIR mind. Let every thought, word, and action come from THEIR perspective, as if you had already arrived, and…Read more »

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PICK FOR TODAY:   TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 –    # 2 – For those of you who are not familiar with the writing of David Hawkins, this post by Momentum Mikey (great moniker!) is a good introduction to his Power vs Force,  a book I recommend for it’s ability to make you really…Read more »

Love, Four Agreements, labels, smile millionaire, hard work and free Deepak Chopra event

PICKS OF THE DAY: I absolutely love, love, love this image and text….   Good to be reminded of these yet again. Could probably qualify as the Cliff Notes for how to make the evolutionary process easier :-)   And it’s starting to look like this might be an all picks post because I love…Read more »

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  TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 –      # 2 – Wow, an entertaining, inspiring, expansive TED talk to help change our perspective on the world around us….   # 3 – Something you may want to check out…. T. Harv Eker, the #1 bestselling author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, is hosting a brand new…Read more »