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Day dream, Mother Nature, self inquiry, free health resources, and Abe on inspiration




# 1 – From Elizabeth Gilbert…..


# 2 – Some stimulating self-inquiry questions to spur us on from Rob Brezsny….

1. What feelings and intuitions have you been trying to ignore lately?

2. Which parts of your life are overdue for death?

3. What messages has life been trying to convey to you but which you’ve chosen to ignore?

4. What red herrings, straw men, and scapegoats have you chased after obsessively in order to avoid dissolving your most well-rationalized delusions?

5. What unripe parts of yourself are you most ashamed or fearful of? How can you give those parts more ingenious love?

6. What parts of yourself have the least integrity and don’t act in
harmony with what you regard as your highest values? How can you bring them into alignment with your true desires?

7. Is it possible that in repressing things about yourself that you don’t like, you have also disowned potentially strong and beautiful aspects of yourself? What are they?

8. Are those really flaws that are bugging you about the people whose destinies are entwined with yours, or just incompletely developed talents? Are those really flaws that are bugging you about yourself, or merely incompletely developed talents?

9. It’s easy to see fanaticism, rigidity, and intolerance in other people, but harder to acknowledge them in yourself. Do you dare?



# 3 – A wow from Mother Nature….


# 4 – Check out my latest post at Self-help Health for a wide variety of free health-related events and resources…..



# 5 – Oh, a good one from Abe to end on….

Inspiration comes forth from within. It’s what the light burning within you is about, as opposed to motivation, which is doing it because if you don’t do it, there will be negative repercussions. Motivation is making myself do something that I don’t really want to do. Inspiration is having the clear picture of what I am wanting — and letting Universal forces come into play to get the outcome.




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Perfect, earth & heavens, best friends, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Abraham




“I am perfect because I am inseparable from the infinite, the force of life that creates the stars and the entire universe of light.” ~ Miguel Ruiz
(painting by Havi Mandell)


And my second pick is bound to make you animal lovers smile big time; some of the cutest images ever…


See more great pics of this “dynamic duo” at :





# 1- An awe-inspiring video of the earth and sky…..



# 2 – A very insightful, thought-provoking post by Elizabeth Gilbert on pain and what it can teach us……



# 3 – And from Abraham…..

Complaining about anything holds you in the place of refusing to receive the things you’ve been asking for. Justifying about anything holds you in the place of refusing to let in the very things that you’ve been asking for. Blaming someone holds you in the place of refusing to let in the things that you’ve been asking for. Feeling guilty, feeling angry, it doesn’t matter what you call it; it is a refusal, not a conscious one. You’re asking; you can’t help but ask. The Universe is yielding; it must yield. It’s a big question, folks: why aren’t you letting it in? –Abraham



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The secret, great pics, miracles, not yet, forgiveness, free health resources and Abe on visioning




# 1 – 


# 2 – Some heart-warming pics to brighten your day….like this one of a person taking their hedgehog grocery shopping with them :-)….

See 18 more at: http://www.dailygood.org/story/1086/19-of-the-very-best-uplifting-photos-of-the-day-kindness-blog/


# 3 –

“Never lose hope, my heart,
miracles dwell in the invisible.” ~ Rumi
(painting by Alice Mason)


# 4 – I think this is a great presentation by Carol Dweck. Many of us have heard of the power of “yes,” but how many are aware of the power of “not yet”? An especially good watch for any educators and/or parents…..



# 5 – Check out my latest post at Self-help Health for fascinating information about forgiveness and healing, plus details about free workshops on the chakras and essentials oils and a great documentary titled Sacred Science….



# 6 – And some advice from Abe……

Act a little less and think a little more… We’re not saying stop acting and do it all in mind. We’re saying work your 8 hours or your 10 hours or your 16 hours.. Just spend at least 10 or 15 minutes — in a day where you are working 8-10-16 hours of physical action in order to maintain the physical stuff that you’ve gathered around you — trying to find pleasure from some vision. Afford yourself that. And that 10 or 15 minutes that you are finding pleasure, will cause a focalization of Energy within you that the Universe will actualize around. You will begin to notice that you are more productive, because of 15 minutes of visualization, than you were from 16 hours of hard labor.—Abraham

Personal note: This is why I’m such a big fan of vision writing and Mind Movies. They each do a great job of what Abraham mentions “causing a focalization of Energy within you that the Universe will actualize around.”



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The light, the glass, our true identity?, free events, and Abe




# 1 – 


# 2 – An excerpt from Rob Brezsny’s newsletter…..

We are dissident bodhisattvas rebelling against all those forces that feed
fear and ignore love.

We are spiritual freedom fighters rising up to protect nature and foment
peace and demand justice.

We are subversive mystics stoking the cool blue fires of poetry and
lobbying for the liberated imagination.

We are militant ecstatics invoking the transformative powers of pleasure
to sanctify and beautify our one and only Earth.

We are mutinous purveyors of grace who redistribute the wealth so that
all creatures may have the means to thrive.


# 3 – Good one!


# 4 – Two free events from The Shift Network you may want to check out….

You can join award-winning author Mark Matousek for a free virtual event,Writing to Heal Your Shadows: The Power of Uncovering Your Hidden Truths — taking place Wednesday, August 5th at 5:30 pm Pacific.During this virtual workshop with Mark, you’ll learn how to:

  • Look objectively at parts of yourself you have felt ashamed of and see the gifts they contain.
  • Create a safe space in your writing to express “unallowable” thoughts, emotions, and experiences – without dwelling in them.
  • Use writing to sense and feel different edges and dimensions of traumatic experiences and how they live in your body.
  • Open to the bright and bold potentials within you.

You can save your seat here.


And here’s a second event….

We all know that unconditional love is one of the great goals of life. And yet, too often, our attempts to find a source of love that is not dependent on outer circumstances prove fruitless. That’s why the Shift Network is excited to invite you to join world renowned psychologist Margaret Paul. She will share her advanced insights and practices for experiencing less judgment and more true and lasting self-love during a virtual event called Advanced Teachings for Truly Loving Yourself: Deepening Unconditional Love & Self-Worth Through Inner Bonding (that’s a mouth full!) Thursday, August 6th at 5:30 pm Pacific.

During this special session, you’ll learn some of the most important foundational insights and practices in this approach that you can apply to cultivating self-love — the best foundation for going beyond addictions, dramas and dysfunctions of many kinds.

You’ll also:

  • Get a whole new understanding of what is causing depression and anxiety.
  • Discover how to use self-love, instead of food, to fill emptiness.
  • Approach new relationships from a stance of fullness rather than neediness.
  • Make advances in healing core shame.
  • Move out of stagnation into a life of aliveness, passion and sense of purpose.
  • Learn how to share love rather than get love.

You can learn more and register here.

You can also check my latest post at Self-help Health for the benefits of humming and details about a free 5-day on-line epigenetics workshop….


# 5 – And from Abe….

Your emotion, your indicator of vibration, is indicating the ratio between your currently focused desire and any other belief or thought that you hold about same. When you feel negative emotion, anger about something, or fear… the name of the emotion does not matter, it always means that there is a desire within you that, in this moment, you are contradicting with some other thought. Your emotions are always about your relationship with your own desire, and nothing else.—Abraham



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Yes, whale tale, perfect day, be kind, and Abe on resistance



# 1 – Advice from Dr. Sue Morter…

“Yes” is the answer to every Well-Oriented question.

Find yourself asking questions to which the answer is “Yes.” It places you in the conscious realm of Possibility. It allows for intention to birth. And it just feels good!


# 2 – A whale of a tale….



# 3 – Something from Vishen Lakhiani of Mind Valley Academy I thought might be of interest to some of you…..

Did you know we all live our lives with two separate identities?

The first one is your current identity — this is who you are, right now. 

The other is something called your Core Identity.

This identity holds your greatest desires, hopes, and dreams. It’s all about the deep, meaningful experiences you really want out of life.

It’s who you are meant to be. I learned about this concept from a remarkable speech I saw in 2008 from a speaker called Frank Kern. This exercise really helped the audience create a new vision for what they wanted their lives to look like. It helps you avoid Brules and Means Goals by getting you to think about something really simple…

Your Perfect Day.

Kern suggested that we all ask ourselves the following question:

If there were no limitations or consequences, what would your perfect, average day look like?

Limitations means you don’t have to worry about money, health, geography, nor limiting people.

Consequences means it has to be something safe, not anything that will get you in trouble (or arrested…)

Average means you could do it everyday and not get killed (this means your perfect day would not include climbing Mount Everest, for example.)

So how do you create that new life?

FIRST mentally create that perfect day. That perfect day will help you understand yourself and find your core identity.

Discovering Your Perfect Day

1 Where would you live?

2 What would your house look like?

3 What time would you wake up?

4 What would you do in the morning?

5 What would you have for breakfast?

6 What does the mundane stuff look like? (e.g. taking kids to school)

7 What would you do in the first half of your day?

8 What would you eat for lunch?

9 Who would you eat with?

10 What would your friends be like?

11 What would you do for personal fulfillment?

12 What purpose would you strive for?

13 What would your business be?

14 What would you actually do for work?

15 What are your clients like?

16 What are your relationships like? What do you like about each other?

17 What would you do for family time?

18 What is the relationship with your kids like? What do you appreciate about each other?

19 What would you have for dinner? Where would you eat?

20 What would you talk about over dinner?

21 What would you do at night?

22 Who would you do it with?

23 Where would you do it?

24 What would your thoughts be as you go to sleep?

These questions are all based on desired experiences, not goals or things. Remember that our experiences help shape our identity.

That is step one. Crafting your perfect day. Your perfect day will help you identify who you really are, and what your core identity is.

Go into as much detail as possible. It’s these experiences that ultimately mould your core identity.

When you have a clear picture of who you are — this is your core identity.

And here’s the thing, when you start upgrading your beliefs and habits, that’s when you start moving in the direction of your core identity. You’ll start experiencing massive growth and improvements in many areas of your life.

But it all starts with your beliefs and habits


# 4 – Right on!


# 5 – Resistance according to Abraham…..

Resistance is about believing that you are vulnerable or susceptible to something not wanted and holding a stance of protection — which only holds you in a place of not letting in the Well-being that would be there otherwise. There is nothing big enough to protect you from unwanted things, and there are no unwanted things big enough to get into your experience.–Abraham



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Happiness x 2, filling in the blanks, perspective, free health resources, and Abe




# 1 – Happiness….it’s all about inner alignment….


# 2 – And speaking of happiness, here’s an excerpt from a Philosopher’s Notes newsletter at en*theos…..


Here’s the first study on gratitude Emmons conducted with his team: Researchers split participants into three groups. Every week the participants kept a journal where they described, in a single sentence, five things they were either grateful for (the gratitude condition) or displeased about (the hassles condition). The neutral group simply described five events that happened (the events condition).

What did the first study reveal? At the end of the ten weeks, we examined differences between the three groups on all of the well-being outcomes that we measured at the outset of the study. Participants in the gratitude condition felt better about their lives as a whole and were more optimistic about the future than participants in either of the other control conditions. To put it into numbers, according to the scale we used to calculate well-being, they were a full 25 percent happier than other participants.”
~ Robert A. Emmons from Thanks!


# 3 – A good reminder from Dr. Sue Morter….

“Go ahead and fill in the blanks when you don’t know the whole story. But beware that it reveals your most subtle intentions!

When we write the “rest of the story,” filling in the blanks where we don’t know the details, the Universe has no choice but to show us what we are secretly intending to prove as true for us… actually validating our insecurities, illusions, and false beliefs of insufficiency.

Catch yourself filling in the blanks with details of Infinite Possibility, and the Universe will deliver in kind! (Never misses a beat.)”


# 4 – Another “story-oriented” tip….


# 5 – Check out my current post at Self-help Health for free alternative health resources, including a detox tips webinar, 2-day ScalarWave Healing Revolution workshop and 3 free e-books! Yea!



# 6 – It’s the ole being fascinated with what you DON’T want, instead of what you DO….

The one who fears something the most is the one who has it most activated in their vibration. And so, it is logical that they would experience it.–Abraham



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Nature, positive expressions, love everything, chakra hairball, humility, health news, and Abe


A stunning (and sweet) photograph from the annual National WildlifePhoto Contest……



# 1 – 21 positive expressions to attract a fulfilling life. Here are the first 10….

1. It’s a beautiful day.

2. The weather’s been great.

3. I love it when _____.

4. I’m grateful for ______.

5. Everything’s been working out perfectly.

6. She/he is so nice.

7. I’m really thankful for _____.

8. I feel great.

9. I’m so excited.

10. That’s fantastic.

See the rest: http://in5d.com/21-positive-expressions-that-attract-a-better-life/


# 2 – Wise advice….


# 3 – A thought-provoking, heart-opening article on humility…..



# 4 – A little humor for your day…..


# 5 – Check out the latest posts at Self-help Health for a bunch of health tips, news about possible Alzheimer’s breakthroughs and a yummy (AND healthy!) recipe for some ooey-gooey brownies…..




# 5 – And to end on….here’s to everyone being truly successful/really joyful!

“You can say things like, “As I look at successful people, and by that I mean rich people, yes, and I mean happy people, and sometimes they’re rich and happy.” But when I’m talking about the successful ones, what I really mean is the really happy people. People that are really joyful, that want to get up every day, that are eager to get into their day. Almost without exception, they had a pretty rough beginning, which turned them into a powerful rebel initially. And then they found a way to relax into their natural birthright of Well-being.”-Abraham



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