“Cliff Notes” of Abraham’s wisdom teachings….

  PICK FOR TODAY: Just noticed this on the Abraham-Hicks site when I was looking up something for a friend. Great “Cliff Notes” version of the teachings/wisdom…… A SYNOPSIS OF ABRAHAM-HICKS’ TEACHINGS: 1. YOU ARE A PHYSICAL EXTENSION OF THAT WHICH IS NON-PHYSICAL. 2. YOU ARE HERE IN THIS BODY BECAUSE YOU CHOSE TO BE…Read more »

Compassion, believe in love, transformation, cat humor, strong enough, reduce stress, and fear

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – Love that instead of ending up in a bull-fighting ring, this big guy is being used to educate people about how compassion toward animals is the way to go….      # 2 – “Believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an…Read more »

Nature, loving self, Love, painting flowers, yoga, weight loss, and more, and Abe on healing

  I haven’t been doing much posting here lately…….so many other things calling for my attention. But I did want to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2018 and provide a little inspiration to get the new year off to a good start.  Please pardon the cramped spacing. Having techno problems. :-) Happy 2018!  …Read more »

Hip(po) happy, go IN, unconditional love, preparing you, and Abe

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – It’s hip(po) to be happy! :-)   # 2 – From Dr Sue Morter….. Go IN to Go OUT When we want to expand our territory, increase our circle of influence, expound upon our comfort zone; when we want to grow our business, better our relationships, catch…Read more »

Mother Nature, be real, cherish the moment, kindness, treating gout, and some Abe

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – Your smile for the day. :-)   # 2 – Some stimulation….. “Stop being nice, start being real. Nice is a concept. Don’t be nice, don’t be polite, be real. Be real in the moment, then you are considering the whole situation and beyond. Being considerate is…Read more »

Mother Nature, soul, enlightened, have-its, and the Dalai Lama

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – Ah, yes, Mother Nature has a way of lightening my mood….   # 2 – I love this, especially the last 3 sentences…..   # 3 – And humor always goes a long way in making the evolutionary process easier….:-)   # 4 – From Dr. Sue Morter…..reminds…Read more »