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What’s New….

This page will be updated periodically with neat things we think you will enjoy and benefit from, so stop by from time to time and see what’s being featured at the moment. Here’s what’s new right now…..
Exciting New Products, Specials, Events & Free Stuff… 


Learn great tools and techniques from a wide variety of presenters…

A new season of You Wealth Revolution is beginning  where each day you’ll get to experience one of  40+ top teachers, healers, and scientists who will share never before tools and processes with you.

This season’s theme is Transform Your Life NOW!They have a brand new  powerful ‘New Life & Quantum Abundance Kit™’ 963 Hz Audio MP3, plus special gifts that are the highest quality bonuses they’ve ever offered. They have also made some changes that make this premier consciousness tele-event in the world even better, so don’t miss out.

You can sign up here and also receive a link to your free 963 Hz download.


Experience Added Health Benefits and Off-set EMFs…


Vibes Up has recently created a version of their popular, multi-purpose Earth Energy Mats that includes shungite! Plus, they are adding more great products all the time, including VibeLites, supplement optimizers, black tourmaline soap, and pet beds featuring the Vibes Up energy material that energizes and balances whatever it comes in contact with. And they are now in the middle of their holiday sale with all kinds of specials being offered, so now’s a great time to try some of their award-winning products or add to what you already have!

Tap Your Way to Financial Success!
Get a free e-book titled 103 Disempowering Beliefs About Money & Success (and how to eliminate them in minutes) from the folks at The Tapping Solution (EFT) as an intro to their new Financial Success & Personal Fulfillment series. You can get your copy here.


Energy Work Made Easy and FUN!

Here’s an opportunity to experience Jeffrey Allen and his delightful way of teaching people about energy work and transformational tools that can change their lives for the better.

Sign up for his free Embrace Your Energy Body Masterclass being offered by MindValley and experience for yourself how easy and enjoyable learning to work with energy can be. This class is a great way to dip your toes in the water and get an idea of what taking Jeffrey’s Duality course would be like. I highly recommend attending the Masterclass and taking Duality. You will likely end up feeling that it is one of the best life decisions you have ever made, AND the on-line community connected with the course is one of the best around!

New to oil pulling? Find out about all the health benefits you’re missing out on in this Self-help Health post and then order some ozone-infused oil from the Health Ranger Store so you’ll get the best results possible!

And while you’re there, check out one of the store’s newest products, using baobab fruit, which is prized for its delicious taste, potent nutrition, and medicinal benefits. Its light, sweet flavor makes it the perfect post-workout snack or ideal choice to stave off the afternoon munchies. And why not buy a kit that allows you to do Chinese cupping on yourself?!…… 

As you can see, the suction of the cup pulls the skin and tissue up and away from the body. Unlike acupressure or massage therapy, which compresses muscles and tissues, cupping decompresses by gently pulling tissue outward This creates space, boosts circulation, tones skin, and helps move lymph. Plus, it feels fantastic! People receiving cupping therapy often comment that it feels like they just received a deep tissue massage.

In traditional Chinese medicine, cupping was frequently used to relieve respiratory congestion by using cups across the chest. Cupping can be used almost anywhere on the body to:

  • boost circulation
  • enhance tissue flexibility
  • ​move fluids that might otherwise become stagnant

​The therapeutic cups are made from silicone and are safe to use almost anywhere on the body, including the legs, back, abdomen, chest, arms, neck, wrists, ankles and even your face. One set includes four cups of varying sizes; use the larger cups on larger areas of the body, and the smaller cups on more precise areas, such as the face, neck and wrists.

Click here to get a set from the Health Ranger Store now (they cost less than a single massage, so it’s a great investment in your health and well-being. And your friends and family members can benefit, too!

And sign up at Dr. Axe’s site to get a free e-book on boosting your metabolism and healing, plus 30 gluten-free recipes, a detox juicing guide, and a shopping guide. He also offers a free Essential Oils Guide For Beginners  and  King’s Medicine Cabinet e-book with natural healing and personal care DIY recipes using essential oils.
FREE EXERCISE BOOKS! And your friends and family members can benefit, too! Check out this Self-help Health post for details abut two books on exercise that you can get the Kindle version for free! One book is on progressive calisthenics and the other is on creating strength and flexibility with minimal effort. Good deal!


Each page of the site offers multiple ways to enrich your life, nourish your soul, and evoke more of the real you. So, take advantage of what’s here and ride the waves of the shifts and change we are all going through with as much joy and light-heartedness as possible.



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