Gregg Braden and Richard C. Hoagland interview on 2012


Here’s an interesting interview with radio host Ian Punnett and Gregg Braden and Richard C. Hoagland about 2012. I had only planned on listening to the first few minutes, but as the talk went on it got more and more fascinating, especially when it came to some of the scientific data the two men have come across. I ended up listening to a number of segments (once one ends the next one starts almost immediately), and would have continued on except the audio suddenly went dead when Hoagland started talking about who he thinks was behind the Kennedy assassination (interesting timing!).

Anyway, I recommend you give it a listen, even if the whole 2012 thing is not high on your list of interests. The discussion gets into the issues of polarity, free will, the power of thought and emotion, coherence and much more. I always enjoy listening to what Braden has to say, but had not heard of Hoagland before. They definitely make for interesting and stimulating conversation! 

2012 with Gregg Braden and Richard C. Hoagland on Coast to Coast AM 29th Nov 2009 – 2009-12-02 05:12:53.717491-05

p.s.  FYI–In the talk Braden mentions HeartMath and emWave products as a way for individuals to increase coherence; there’s a link on my website’s Dec. “What’s New” page where you can get emWaves at a 30% discount until 12/27.

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