Dance in the rain, forgiveness, insightful video, Your Vibrant Health, Aquarius new moon & Year of the Horse, and Abraham


# 1 – A short little video about the power of gratitude and making the most out of what life sends your way…

# 2- 

# 3 – Wow, this gives great insight into the human condition and the tendency to avoid/repress our feelings and attempt to fill that void created by our disconnection from Spirit w/ material things. It’s also very funny, too!

# 4 – This free series has already started, but there are still plenty of interesting presentations to catch…

In this multi-expert interview series, you will learn many insider secrets on how to look and feel youthful and vibrant again. Learn tips and strategies on health, well-being, healing and weight loss . . . all for FREE.

Your Vibrant Health Awaits You!

There are simple techniques and methods you can put into effect in your daily life to help you create the person you want to be and help you live the life you choose to live.

When you sign-up today, you can listen to 24 individual sessions – all about one hour long – absolutely free – and get the breakthrough you need and want for a healthier lifestyle, greater success, better relationships, more wealth and abundance, heightened awareness of your body and how you can heal yourself … whatever it is that you are looking for.

Sign up now so you can listen to these inspiring programs with our compliments and:

  • 4 Steps to Sexy: Accelerate Your Fat Loss & Be Slim and Tone with Andrea Albright, fabulous yoga instructor and weight-loss expert
  • Managing Your Energy and Emotional Security for Vibrant Health with Christel Hughes, inspiring Holistic Life coach, known by many as the “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars”
  • The Three Fail Safe Steps to Success to Starting (Then Staying) Raw with The Raw Gourmet, Nomi Shannon
  • How to Eliminate Dis-Ease in Your Body and Have Massive Energy to Overcome Anything Negative That Happens In Your Life with best-selling author, self-made millionaire and a coach to the coaches Larry Crane
  • How to Snap Back from Adversity with world-renowned energy healer and teacher Ann Taylor
  • The Beauty of the I AM Vibrancy for Sensational Health with abundance and mastery coach Harrison Klein
  • The Peaceful Path to Prosperity in this New Era with #1 bestselling author Sonia Ricotti
  • How to Create Bursting Well-Being in Every Aspect of Your Life! with your host Alison Heath Longevity Rescuer

Here’s what you can expect …

Twice per month on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT beginning on January 23rd, a new interview will be broadcast live for you to hear.

You will have 72 hours to listen to the presentation before it disappears. You can listen to each presentation as many times as you want within the 72-hour period, at no charge! And each day we’ll send you a reminder with links for that day’s call. It’s easy to listen in by phone or over the Internet. So there’s nothing to download and there are no complicated technical instructions.

Sign up today for FREE!

# 5 – And this week features a new moon in Aquarius (on Thursday) and a number of other major astrological happenings. I found these two articles at to be really insightful and helpful in understanding upcoming configurations, plus Aquarius energy and the Chinese Year of The Horse, which we are entering on the 31st….

# 6 – And from Abraham….just keep asking yourself what it is you do want….

As you look for a better-feeling way to approach whatever you are giving your attention to; as you continue to ask yourself from your ever-changing vantage point, “What is it that I do want?”… Eventually you will be standing in a very pleasing place—for you cannot continually ask yourself what it is that you do want without your point of attraction beginning to pivot in that direction. The process will be gradual, but your continued application of the process will yield wonderful results in only a few days.—Abraham


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    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to like and comment on my post. I always appreciate when someone takes the time to do that, plus, it helps me discover what they’re up to, too. Lovely blog you have.

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