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Attachment, quotes, 10 breakthroughs, simple secret, freaky fries, and Abe




# 1 – A good one from Eckhart Tolle. Love him!


# 2 – Some quotes I came across recently I’d like to share…..

“The innocent mistake that keeps us caught in our own particular style of ignorance, unkindness, and shut-downness is that we are never encouraged to see clearly what is, with gentleness. Instead, there’s a kind of basic misunderstanding that we should try to be better than we already are, that we should try to improve ourselves, that we should try to get away from painful things, and that if we could just learn how to get away from the painful things, then we would be happy.” ∼ Pema Chodron


“Here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)

and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart
i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart).” ∼ ee cummings

Hey this would be a good one to share with someone on Valentine’s Day!


# 3 – A fascinating read that I found out about from Rob Brezsny’s newsletter that contained a recap of the article….

Ten Breakthroughs in the Science of a Meaningful Life
Scientists find that gratitude makes us financially smarter, mindfulness
reduces racism, a little sadness makes for healthier people, and
compassion for birds could help tackle climate change.

1. Mindfulness can reduce racial prejudice — and possibly its effects on
2. Gratitude makes us smarter in how we spend money.
3. It’s possible to teach gratitude to young children, with lasting effects.
4. Having more variety in our emotions — positive or negative — can make
us happier and healthier.
5. Natural selection favors happy people, which is why there are so many
of them.
6. Activities from positive psychology don’t just make happy people
happier — they can also help alleviate suffering.
7. People with a “growth mindset” are more likely to overcome barriers to
8. To get people to take action against climate change, talk to them
about birds.
9. Feelings of well-being might spur extraordinary acts of altruism.
10. Extreme altruism is motivated by intuition — our compassionate

Read more: http://www.yesmagazine.org/happiness/can-empathy-for-birds-lead-to-a-happier-world


# 4- Good one!


#5 – Check out my Self-help Health eye-opening post about the 14 ingredients in McDonald’s french fries! To me, this is not about focusing on McDonald’s or fast food, but seeing how far we’ve gotten away from real food and how purely the regulating agencies are doing when it comes to protecting our health…..



# 6 – Good distinction. I like removing the polarizing effect words such as good/bad, positive/negative, right/wrong have…..

We didn’t say: when you feel good you are allowing good, and when you feel bad you are allowing bad (although it may translate into your experience in that way). There is only a Source of Well-being—which you are allowing or not. -Abraham



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I am a 21 yr. old Victoria's Secret model with an IQ of 278 and was recently featured on the cover of a Fortune 500 magazine as the world's first bizillionaire.....:-) Oops! Guess that was in a past life. In THIS lifetime I am the author of two books, one on effective visioning and Self-awareness, and the other on detoxing the body and improving overall health. I've also spent some time dabbling in watercolors, putting together two websites (www.allonetogether.com and www.evolutionmadeeasier.com) on conscious living, writing two blogs (Evolution Made Easier and Self-help Health), and doing several types of energy work. Yadda, yadda, blah, blah. :-) Anyway, I love when I find some new teaching, inspirational quote, enlightening information, health-promoting protocol, or other resource that ends up having a positive impact on my life. And I really enjoy passing along my "finds" so that others might benefit from them as well. In fact, that's the main reason I created my websites and blogs. So I hope you enjoy and make use of the information, articles, videos and other resources I'm drawn to share. And may it all somehow support you in creating a happier, healthier, more abundant life for yourself and those you care about! Visit Zirah (B. L.)'s profile on Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “Attachment, quotes, 10 breakthroughs, simple secret, freaky fries, and Abe

  1. Wow, there are some real gems in here – thanks for sharing! I love Pema Chodron, and the ‘Little Prince’ quote is one of my all time faves. Blessings on your day, wise and generous friend :) H xxx

    • Oh, sweetie, you’re more than welcome and I so appreciate you taking the time to express your gratitude! To quote someone I admire, “Blessings on your day, wise and generous friend.” :-)

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