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# 2 – This was included in part of the daily message during the recent Gratitude Wave event. Personally though, I think the words “learn,” “grow,” and/or “evolve” imply that there’s something we don’t know and/or need to become. That seems old paradigm to me. Learning and growing certainly seem to take place while we are here, but it’s really all about just remembering and re-membering who and what we truly are. Of course that’s just my pov. :-) 

Each situation in your life exists for your spiritual growth and
evolution and when you are ready to acknowledge the wisdom with
which you organize the scenarios of your life, you will learn to
love each situation. Then you can become aware of its lessons, know
and learn them and love them free.
Once you learn to love the experience, it has fulfilled its mission
in your life and can depart from you. But as long as you continue to
hate, judge, resent, run away from or ignore it, it will exist and even
intensify as it mirrors everything you dislike about it. Is it good or
bad, right or wrong, beneficial or harmful, short term or permanent –
all of these are judgments that will only result in the continuation
of the circumstance.Instead, ask your Self, ‘what do I need to learn from
this’ and you will take the first step on the path to freedom.
Each difficult experience that you have is a mirror of a fear in
your life – discover the fear and the reason for its existence and
it has no power over you and then ceases to exist unless you allow
it to. The more dire the situation, the greater your need to learn
and appreciate its lesson and heal that aspect of your belief system.Once you acknowledge that you created the reality, it loses
its power because it is the paradigm that you built, not the result
of someone elses actions against you. Then you can love it free and
move on to create other realities that are more peaceful, joyful and
fulfilling. No matter what the circumstance, if you can learn to
love it, you can free yourself from it and move forward on your
(Archangel Uriel through Jennifer Hoffman) –
I really like the message of “if you can *learn to love it, you can free yourself from it and move forward….” Seems like love is always the answer.
*remember :-)
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# 4 – Some “tips” on conscious creation from Gregg Braden….
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# 6 – I found this site recently when the person decided to give EME a follow. For those of you at a crossroads or trying to figure out what you want to do, check out this video presentation….



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