Kabbalah of Transformation and the Leap Guys! Oh my!

Tips for today: I haven’t had direct experience with either of these teleseries, at least not yet, but wanted to pass along the information in case it may be of interest to anyone out there. I have listened to the Leap guys being interviewed before and definitely enjoyed the information and perspective they provided.  

#1 – Today, April 19, at 3pm EST there will be a special teleseminar with The Leap! Guys. This is a free event put on by In the Company of Consciousness and is meant to be a time to gather together in the energy of inspiration and self-discovery. To sign up for this event and all the other great presentations to come in this series, go to: http://www.inthecompanyofconsciousness.com


#2 – The ‘Guided Tour Into the Infinite’ Kabbalah class, hosted by Shifra at The Kabbalah of Transformation, will meet at 3 PM Eastern this Tuesday, April 20.

Call information:  (201) 793-0051, pin 702916#

Or, you can now listen on the web (live, or by replay for one week after the live class) by clicking on the webcast link on the class page, http://www.AuthenticKabbalah.com/class.html.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

2 Replies to “Kabbalah of Transformation and the Leap Guys! Oh my!”

  1. Hi. Thank you for putting the information about the seminar up. It was wonderful to see! I would like to ask you to not put the link for the calendar page, the phone access or the webcast link on your blog. Please just direct people to the front page of the series. http://www.InTheCompanyOfConssciousness.com. It is best if they actually sign in first. You can put who is on and info about them! May I ask who this is? Please contact me. Let us help set you up as an affiliate, you can actually make some money referring, if your referrals purchase the series. Thanks and love, Vicki

    1. Hi Vicki,

      I’m the one that posted the replay link on my blog Evolution Made Easier to the Leap guys interview. I am actually already an affiliate, but it’s my understanding that you can’t use affiliate links in the type of blog I have. I mentioned the replay on my blog, thinking that if people can listen to a presentation then they may be more inclined to sign up for the series, even though there’s no chance of me getting a commission that way. When I do my next blog post of tips I will direct people to the main page and not post any more replay links for your series. Sorry about that. I was just interested in seeing that the most people got to hear and benefit from the information being offered.

      Thanks for contacting me. Zirah

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