One of the most common questions I get is: “Am I on my life path?”

Depending on how you look at it, this question will either make your life easier or more stressful.

The word “path” implies that there is a pre-determined road that you’re meant to follow and you don’t know what it is.

You have “free will” but you’re supposed to use it to choose theright path.

That is a beautiful setup for stress and failure because it turns life into a set of critical decisions, and you need to guess “right” over and over with limited information.

I’ve found that this is what attracts a lot of people to intuition training. They feel like if they had a bit more insight, they would be able to make better guesses and find their path.

The “life path” model is flawed

I suggest changing your model to something more empowering.

Instead of thinking about life as a path, try to imagine lifestreams flowing around you.

Try to feel the momentum behind life events, your genetics, your upbringing, and your past lives trying to carry you in a particular direction like a wave. Events are not simply “events” because every experience was chosen by you so you could experience a particular situation in this life. Nothing is “random” or a coincidence — it’s all a manifestation of something deeper.

There are many “streams”

Unlike the one “right path,” there are many different streams influencing you and your life. One isn’t more “right” than the other, but you might feel more momentum from one than another.

The reason why I call them “streams” is because you can ignore them, but it’s very difficult to ignore them or go against them. It’s much more fun when you feel yourself being pulled in a particular direction to learn how to surf the wave.

You don’t need to keep guessing

Suddenly, instead of having to guess “right” each time, you can simply sense the energy and where it naturally wants to take you.

You task becomes learning how to get out of the way and let that momentum carry you to the things you want to experience.

What you previously thought of as a set of critical decisions becomes a fun process because you’re discovering your “path” as you go.

“Life purpose” has the same flaws

Sometimes I hear, “How do I find my life purpose?”

The concept of “life purpose” is riddled with the same problems as “life path.” The image is a pre-determined destination that you should be heading towards. Something you reach if you follow your “life path.”

The idea is that you’re supposed to create a plan in order to achieve something specific and you need to decide in advance what that thing is.

But if you’re following the momentum of your life streams, the destination is not something you need to be clear on or decide on. It’s something you discover over time. As you live, you notice more things around you — what your desires are, what you like, what you don’t like and so on… It becomes fun.

There’s nothing wrong with planning

I like to say that plans are written in pencil. There’s nothing inherently “wrong” with planning to go somewhere or do something, but pay attention to the energy behind things and be ready to draw a new plan as you feel the momentum change.

— Jeffrey Allen


BTW, I’ve always had thoughts along the same lines as Jeffrey’s about the whole soul mate thing. I think people limit and box themselves in by thinking and always looking for that one “right” person. Who’s to say there is only one “The One,” if you know what I mean. Personally, it seems our only true soul mate is our soul, but then that’s just my 2 cents worth. :-)