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# 1 – Good advice from Steve Jobs…..


# 2 – Sweet, inspiring, amazing and more….

# 3 – 


# 4 – Kid President is at it again. This time with a list of things we should say more often….


# 5 – Free events to check out….you can learn more and sign up for any of them on the Evolution Made Easier “What’s New” page….

On Wednesday September 24th master purpose teacher Tim Kelley will offer a powerful approach to working with the inner critic on a Shift Network tele-seminar: Transforming Your Inner Critic: How to turn your greatest internal enemy into an Ally” by working with a process of inner harmonization.

A new season of Darius Barazandeh’s You Wealth Revolution is at hand and there’s a great line-up of guests, including Jo Dunning, Rikka Zimmerman, Christie Marie Sheldon, and Kenji Kumara. Plus, you receive a free Heart Awakening Kit MP3 and other bonuses when you sign up.

You have been given a gift of a seven-part, professionally produced audio course, created by Law of Attraction master Jack Canfield. It is called the Effortless Success Mindfest: “Activating” the Law of AttractionUse it. Learn from it. Change your life. All free of charge.

And don’t forget a new season of Healing With the Masters with host Jennifer McLean is starting Oct. 7th. It’s always got lots of consciousness expanding presentations and guests, including Neale Donald Walsh, Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden and James Van Praagh. This is a set of complimentary, live, interactive, online workshops from the most powerful master healers, coaches, thought leaders and edge pushers of human potential. And they are all here to take you on a journey to your mastery.
Learn more about these events and sign up here. Also check out some amazing new health products I’ve been finding while you’re there.

# 6 – And from Guy Finley…..

Persist with your wish to be free; work to see all that you can about yourself, and then quietly watch what happens. Whatever appears before your inner eyes does so as part of what you need to see in order to realize that freedom for which you have asked. Never forget this truth… and your spiritual progress will be steady. ∼ Guy Finley



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Awesome, be yourself, fear, free neurobics e-book and Power of Prayer event, and Abraham


This is great…..or should I say freaking awesome?!


# 1 – Happiness is an inside job….

# 2 –  Great advice from Guy Finley about being yourself…

Key Lesson: The true individual is no more concerned over what others may think of him or her than is the sun troubled by people complaining that it’s too warm, or that it shines too bright!

Any time we pretend to be something we’re not, we do so out of fear that without that “persona” to protect us — to make that impression we want — we won’t get what we want. This whole way of thinking is secret self-sabotage. It sinks us in our personal and business relationships as surely as a torpedo wrecks the ship it strikes.

Any action we take to appear strong before another person is actually read by that person as a weakness. If you doubt this finding, review the past interactions and results of your own relationships. The general rule of thumb is that the more you demand or crave the respect of others, the less likely you are to receive it. If you’ve ever tried to raise children, you know this is true. So it makes no sense to try and change the way others treat you by learning calculated behaviors or attitude techniques in order to appear in charge. The only thing these clever cover-ups really produce is yet another source of secret inner conflict, which, in turn, only fuels further self-sabotage. Besides, what you’re really looking for in your relationships isn’t command over others–but over yourself. So what’s the answer?

Stop trying to be strong. Instead, catch yourself about to act from weakness.

For example, the next time you feel as though you need impress someone, give yourself a quick and simple internal test. This test will help you check for and cancel any undetected weakness that’s about to make you sabotage yourself. Here’s how to get started: run an interior pressure check. Now, here’s “how” to conduct this test within yourself:

Right at the outset of the moment in question, come as wide awake to yourself as is possible for you to be. Allow the inner light of this heightened awareness to scan the various shaky states passing through you and then, safe within its calmness, silently ask yourself this question: is what you’re about to say to present yourself in a favorable light something you really want to do? Or are you about to pretend to be something you’re not because you’re afraid of some as yet undisclosed consequence if you don’t?

This self-administered test for inner pressure is how you tell if your forthcoming action is truly voluntary, or if you’re on the verge of being compelled to unconsciously compromise your own integrity.

Your awareness of any pressure building within you is the proof that it’s some form of fear — and not you — that wants to do the fawning, impressing, or whatever that self-sabotaging inner pressure is pushing you to commit. Each time you feel this pressurized urge to give yourself away, silently but solidly refuse to release this pressure by giving into its demands. It may help you to succeed sooner if you know that fear has no voice unless it tricks you into giving it one. Choosing inner seeing over the wish to be seen by others in a complimentary light stops the cycle of self-sabotage.

This article is excerpted from The Essential Laws of Fearless Living (pages 82-84).

For another article by Guy on being free of fear:

For a free Welcome Kit from Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation, go to:

# 3 – This fits nicely with the letting go of fear theme of Tip # 2…

A stimulating blog post that also fits nicely with the fear theme is….

# 4 – This sounds interesting….a free neurobics e-book with 25 exercises to improve your brain power….

# 5 – If you recognize that this season is, at the deepest level, an opportunity for transformation, healing, rebirth and love, you will want to sign up to receive a free recording of an event that took place on Dec. 18th…. 

It was sponsored by The Shift Network and presented by renowned scholar-mystic Andrew Harvey. The event is called: Turning Your Holidays into Holy Days Through the Sacred Power of Prayer. Harvey shares his insights into harnessing the sacred power of prayer, and also how to weave practices of protection, adoration, and silence into your whole holiday season. And just to be clear, this event is for people from ALL faith traditions.

# 6 – And some words of wisdom from Abraham to end on….

Every physical being on this planet is your partner in co-creation, and if you could accept that and appreciate the diversity of desires and beliefs, all of you would have a more expansive, satisfying, fulfilling experience.—Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Odd pair, attitude, be happy, Your Lifestyle Evolution, Tapping Solution, and Abraham


# 1-  Proof that the old adage “Birds of a feather flock together” is not always true, plus some interesting duck trivia….

And here’s one of another unlikely pair….a fox and a cat….

# 2 – Attitudes are contagious. Some tips for making yours worth catching….

# 3 – This seemed to fit nicely with Tip # 2. An invitation you can’t refuse….

# 4 – From Dec. 10th thru the 20th you can watch the EFT documentary The Tapping Solution….

In the film you’ll discover how to release physical pain, how our emotions affect our body, how to release trauma, how our childhood is affecting us today, how to clear limiting beliefs, and much more!

Along with the participants, you’ll hear commentary from experts like Jack Canfield, Cheryl Richardson, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Carol Look, Dawson Church and many others…

You can go here to see the film now:

# 5 – Join the free Your Lifestyle Evolution tele-seminar series and host Christopher Carr for presentations by Guy Finley, Blossom Benedict, Kaitlyn Keyt and many others. Starts Dec. 10th and you receive a number of bonuses when you sign up here.

# 6 – And from Abraham…

Law of Attraction abounds, and when it is said to you, “Ask, and it is given,” there is no more powerful statement that is at the basis of what makes things happen than that. Now, how is it that you think you ask? With your words? The Universe doesn’t hear your words. You ask with your desire. The desire that is born out of the contrast. That desire. That wanting. That’s what summons the Life Force.—Abraham


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Happy, negatvity, Goodness, Abraham on holding the vision, and gratitude event


# 1 – Good advice!! No, great advice!!

# 2 –  A stimulating, thought-provoking read (as always) from Guy Finley on putting yourself in relationship to Goodness….

For a free Welcome Kit from Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation, go to:

# 3 – This seemed to tie in nicely with Tip # 2….

# 4 – From Gregg Braden…

Living from the Answer

There’s a subtle yet powerful difference between working toward a result and thinking and feeling from it.

When we work toward something, we embark upon an open-ended and never-ending journey. While we may identify milestones and set goals to get us closer to our accomplishment, in our minds we are always “on our way” to the objective, rather than in the experience of accomplishing it. The studies concluding “Observation affects reality” demonstrate two keys in translating the possibilities of our minds into the reality of our world:

1. Beyond any doubt, reality changes in the presence of our focus.

2. The more we focus, the greater the change.

These scientific observations confirm the principles that the great teachers of our past have shared in nonscientific language. And this is why Neville Goddard’s admonition that we must “enter the image” (of our heart’s desire, our dream, our goal, or our answered prayer) and “think from it” is so powerful. When we place our focus on what our lives would be like if our dreams were already fulfilled, what we’re actually doing is creating the conditions within us that allow our fulfilled dream to surround us. The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, Pages 146, 147, Gregg Braden

# 5 – And this seemed to fit in nicely with Tip # 4…..

People will say, “Well, I have to work on my goals,” or, “I have to work on my visualization.” And we want you to think more about holding the vision because it is pleasurable to hold the vision, not because you’re trying to make the vision work in order to get to some place that you’re not now standing. “How much should I work?” We would say, work in the sense of joyously moving forward.—Abraham

A great way to keep you focused on your vision is by writing one! Check out my workbook Vision Writing: Composing & Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live, which gives you information, resources, and a template for writing a bang-up vision and engaging your true identity more fully.

# 6 – And don’t forget the 21-day gratitude event I mentioned in a previous post. It started today and I really enjoyed the presentation and beautiful images….

Mentors Channel, in collaboration with award winning cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg has created a one-of-a-kind meditation series entitled, 21 Days of Gratitude presented by Louie Schwartzberg.

Each day features inspirational thoughts on different aspects of gratitude, beginning with inner strengths such as purpose, passion and focus. The second week is spent on deepening and expressing gratitude for our families and extended families. The last week will expand our love and gratitude for the world we inhabit, and all its wonders.

Register today.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Mantra for the day, Back to the Wild series, hospital greenhouse, 11 laws, Oneness Day, and Abraham


# 1 –  A good mantra to have for the day….week, month, year, decade, century. :-)

# 2 – Tera Warner is offering a new series starting Sept. 19th titled Back to the Wild that sounds interesting and more than a little different from all the other tele-seminars on-tap these days….

In this series of inspiring interviews with re-wilders, nature philosophers, authors and leading health and sustainability revolutionaries, including Nadine Artemis and Daniel Vitalis, you’ll learn:

  • How to use the elements as a simple template to increase your health on every level.
  • Experience a health boost with the nutritional power of wild foods!
  • Save a fortune at the pharmacy by finding medicine in your forest!
  • Uncover one of the biggest causes of major health decline in the last 100 years.
  • How to affect your genetics and activate the genes you want through easy diet and lifestyle changes!
  • The master key hormone of all health, and the simple ways of saturating your body with it.
  • How to tap into the healing powers of medicinal mushrooms (and find them for free!)
  • Tips for building affordable, healthy, ecological homes that save money and forests!
  • What damage “thinking” has done and how to get your good ol’ fashion common senses activated again!
  • What “Nature Defecit Disorder” is doing to our children and our well-being.
  • The ingredients in your “beauty care products” that are making you fat and sick and wrinkly!
  • The forgotten factors that make sun vital to your health and why the sunscreen craze is making people sicker than ever.
  • How women are naturally rooted in the wild and how to retore their vital relationship with the planet.
  • How to create your own wildcrafted herbal first aid kit to assist with common family ailments.
  • And more

You can sign up here.

# 3 – Good news!


# 4 – If you follow this blog then you know I’m a fan of Guy Finley. He’s so practical and no-nonsense in his approach to personald development and spiritual empowerment. Here’s an article of his that was featured in Om Times that you might find, well, empowering. :-)

If we really want to grow inwardly, we must choose to go inward; only in the true Presence Moment can we realize the truth of ourselves that does, indeed, set us free. Such higher discoveries that set the stage for reclaiming your True Self call for higher learning. Think of each of the following eleven laws as individual magic strands of a flying carpet. Make it your aim to weave them together in your mind. Then watch how these lessons combine to effortlessly lift you into higher and higher levels of yourself.

The First Law 

Nothing can stop you from starting over.

The greatest power you possess for succeeding in life is your understanding that life gives you a fresh start any moment you choose to start fresh. Nothing that stood in your way even a heartbeat before stands there now in the same way. It’s all new, even if you can’t as yet see it that way. You’ve only to test the truth of this fact about the newness of life to discover the incredible freedom that waits for you just behind it. And then nothing can stop you. You’ll know the real secret and the perfect power of starting over.

The Second Law 

Don’t be afraid to see when something doesn’t work.

Learn to be sensitive and to listen to the inner signals that try and tell you when something isn’t working. You know what they are. Frustration and resentment to name just a few. The presence of these emotional troubles aren’t trying to tell you that you can’t succeed, only that the road you’ve insisted upon taking so far doesn’t lead where you want. Learning to admit when something isn’t working is the same as teaching yourself what will.

Read the rest of the article and find out the other 9 laws here:

For a free Welcome Kit from Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation, go to:

# 5 – Sept 17th marked the beginning of “40 Days to Oneness and Global Oneness Day on Oct. 24th. Want to get involved?

Join thousands of others from around the world for a FREE Virtual Event to Catalyze an Awakened World. #G1Day2013: Inspiration, Celebration and a Conscious Rally to #Oneness –

# 6 – Love, love, love this one from Abraham…

Reduce your workload by 30% and increase your fun load by 30% and you will increase your revenues by 100%. And you will increase your productivity by 10,000%. (If there could be such a percentage.) More fun, less struggle — more results on all fronts.—Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Mother Nature, note from the Universe, false beliefs, Conscious Evolution and other free events, and new moon update


# 1-  Lest we forget…

# 2 – I recently read an article by Guy Finley about false beliefs and the false responsibilities that come with them. Here are a couple to think about…

#1: False Belief: Unwanted moments are to be avoided at all costs.

False Responsibility: You feel as if you must remain in control of everyone and everything at all times.

True Responsibility: Welcome everything that happens to you as an opportunity to see through and transcend the unconscious burden of being someone laden with any false beliefs.

#2: False Belief: You are responsible for the happiness or unhappiness that others feel.

False Responsibility: You must always compromise yourself to ensure the contentment of everyone else.

True Responsibility: Stay out of the lives of all those who expect you to do for them what they won’t do for themselves.

#3: False Belief: You can change what happened yesterday by revisiting and reliving it today.

False Responsibility: Unless you worry about and suffer over your past, your tomorrows are not going to turn out right.

True Responsibility: You can be a new person right now. Let go of anything that wants to revisit and relive the past.

You can read the full article here:

And receive a free Welcome Kit from Guy’s Life of Learning Foundation here:

# 3 – There’s a free tele-seminar series starting on titled The Wisdom Show Presents Conscious Evolution… and it features two free Livestream Video Music Meditations with Emmy Award Winner Jim Oliver….

The series begins September 11th and will feature more than 2 dozen transformational leaders who will be sharing insights and inspiration to unite individuals in a global intention to evolve to their highest expression. Some of the renowned New Thought leaders who will be participating include Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Eric Pearl, Joan Borysenko, Howard Martin, Guy Finley, Dr. Sue Morter, Bruce Goldberg and Anodea Judith.You can reserve your free front row seat here.

And it’s almost time for another jam-packed season of the You Wealth tele-seminar series…

It starts Sept. 10th and guests will include Dr. Dain Heer, Panache Desai, Rikka Zimmerman, Rudy Hunter, Dr. Sue Morter, Don Miguel Ruiz and many other leaders in the fields of personal development, consciousness expansion and health and well-being. Sign up here and receive access to all the presentations, plus some great bonus gifts.

And don’t forget that ….

Thomas Huebl is offering a new teleseminar on Saturday titled Awakening Through Intimacy, to show you how to use your everyday relationships to awaken and grow in the most powerful way. You’ll receive fresh, unique, and very workable insights into how to create relationships that truly feed and evolve your soul. You can sign up here.

And a new season of Healing With the Masters, mentioned in a previous post, is starting, too, with a wonderful line-up of guests.

Phew, so many possibilities and opportunities, so little time. Good thing time is not real. :-)

# 4 – An insightful article by Simone Butler at mooncircles. com about the current new moon phase and other astrological happenings…

Virgo New Moon: Superhuman Strength

By  · September 3, 2013

If you’ve ever taken a Bikram yoga class, then you know the meaning of the word endurance. Now imagine swimming 110 miles in shark-infested waters for 53 hours straight.  Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad made headlines this week for doing just that, becoming the first person to brave the waves from Cuba to Florida without the help of a shark cage.

Emerging onto the Key West shore on Monday, Nyad, 64, advised cheering onlookers, “Never, ever give up. You’re never too old to chase your dream.”

Five previous attempts were short-circuited due to boat trouble, storms, unfavorable currents or jellyfish stings that left her face swollen beyond recognition.  But this time Nyad was fully prepared. She warded off jellyfish attacks by wearing a mask, as well as a full bodysuit, gloves and booties. And, her support team carried equipment that generated a faint electrical field around her, to keep sharks at bay.

Nyad was born 8-22-49 on the cusp of Leo and Virgo (time unknown), with Moon in Leo and Mercury in Virgo.  Her dynamic combination of Leonine strength and stubbornness with Virgoan planning and patience is a great illustration of what’s possible this month.

The upcoming Virgo New Moon (Sept. 5, 4:36 a.m. PDT) provides the practicality, determination and sense of purpose to accomplish just about any goal, from launching a project to de-cluttering the house to swimming from Cuba to Florida. The Sun and Moon oppose Chiron, however, suggesting the need to overcome difficulties or wounds (Nyad’s face mask cut painfully into her mouth the entire time, yet she didn’t let it stop her). Successful outcomes are favored, as the New Moon receives support from lucky Jupiter in Cancer, iron-willed Saturn and North Node in Scorpio and empowering Pluto in Capricorn.

Just a few days later, on September 9, Mars in indomitable Leo squares Saturn in do-or-die Scorpio. This intense combo, which evokes images of surgeons, mobsters and race car drivers, will be approaching as the Sun and Moon join in exacting Virgo on the 5th. This five day period will help you ruthlessly face and heal deep wounds, excise something or someone toxic from your life, and tap superhuman inner strength to set amazing results in motion. Just be sure to avoid run-ins with the law, dubious folks or high-risk situations that could land you in the E.R.!  If you channel the intensity in productive ways, the first half of September can be the breakthrough period you’ve been waiting for.

And here are a couple of excerpts from Henry Seltzer’s astrological update…

Saturn is moving into perfect sextile with Pluto as he stations. This connection becomes closer over the first two weeks of the current lunation cycle that is launched with this New Moon. Saturn with Pluto implies a more dire take on the dramatic structural changes already symbolized by Pluto’s continued presence in Saturn’s own sign of Capricorn. Since Pluto in turn co-rules Scorpio, these two difficult energies are also in an interlocking configuration with each other, known as mutual reception. The walls are coming down, perhaps more quickly during this end-of-year timing than we would ever have imagined.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also prominent in these fall-trending skies, and is particularly strongly aspected in this September lunation cycle. This might speak to the pain and the difficulty of these times as far as being able to digest rapid change. There are those that take to future shock like a duck to water; and then there are those who move more slowly. In any case, radical change is in the air so that we all do well to remain as open as possible to whatever might come down. The highlighted presence of Chiron also suggests that, in our metamorphosis, it is our most deeply wounded places inside us that become an important focal point of our process. We each of us have within ourselves sensitive places, the residue of early childhood trauma, that benefit from greater recognition and acceptance as we transform. ….

…..We truly live in a world that is part grounded reality and part mystical training ground, inhabiting our bodies like cloaks, spirits in a material world who are at least partially unknown to ourselves. As we morph and grow, along with the transformative nature of these times, we need to honor both sides. It is of immeasurable comfort to realize, as we go through the practicality of necessary changes, that from the perspective of another dimension all of this was somehow foreordained, long ago and far away.

(You can read the whole thing here.)

# 5 – One of the recent Notes From The Universe ( I received….

Dominion over all things doesn’t come with age, spirituality, or even gratitude. In fact, it doesn’t come at all. You were born with it, Zirah, and you use it every moment of every day, whenever you say, “I will… I am… I have…”

And for that matter, whenever you say, “It’s hard… I’m lost… I don’t know…”

Careful where you point that thing!

Life’s not about learning to find your power, Zirah, it’s about learning to use it.

The Universe

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Self care tips, Guy Finley, fish facts, good advice, free DVD, and being free


# 1 – 

# 2 – Some stimulating answers from Guy Finley to a couple of readers’ questions…

Is there a way we can know we are ready to teach others? I have tried and found I normally make things worse. How do I find the balance between the urge to help and when to be quiet?

It is the essence of our lives that determines the relationships we have with others. Teaching is a lot simpler than we imagine. For instance, what do we teach others when we are angry or anxious? What do we teach others when they see us afraid of some news? This is one level of teaching. On the other hand, there are natural times when (and this is important to note) someone you know will actually ask you for some insight or help. Then not only is it natural, but necessary, that you give what “water” you can to ease their thirst. Under no circumstances should you try to teach others anything they haven’t asked for. This kind of teaching comes from the wrong parts of ourselves and is a secret act of aggression and arrogance. Learn to taste the difference. The Truth will take care of the rest.

What mistake can there be in presenting a few truths to others with the hope that the ideas will help them with their spiritual development? Must they be “receptive”?

There are laws that govern all things, including our own development as well as that of others. Sometimes the most difficult, yet most true, thing we can do in the moment is to let others learn what is true for themselves. Sometimes we attempt to “help others” because we are unconsciously trying to change them according to our own ideas of what they should be like. When we do this, it not only creates resistance in the person we address, but it keeps us asleep to our own interior and misguided ambitions. We must all learn to be awake around others so that we can learn to feel whether or not what that person asks is arising from a genuine wish to know.

BTW, if you would like a free Welcome Kit from Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation go here.

# 3 – Wow, I’d heard that it was better to eat wild salmon than farmed salmon, but really didn’t know much about the why of it. This article is an eye-opener. If you eat fish, you should read this….

# 4 – Act fast and you could get a free copy of the DVD Hungry For Change (a $25 value) with any order you place at Yoga Body Naturals. Just use the code “hungry”; offer good while supply lasts. Also check out all the great free resources available at YBN while you’re there.

# 5 – Great pic, good advice…

# 6 – A good read by Tama Kieves on “being free and being me,” which begs the question “What does success really mean to you?”….

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Achieving inner peace, astrology update, evidence journal, avocado recipes, magic mushrooms, and Abraham


# 1 – Another great article by Guy Finley titled Are You Looking for Peace in All the Wrong Places?

Key Lesson: Rushing around, hoping to find peace of mind anywhere other than within yourself, is like looking for your heart in someone else’s body!

Higher self-knowledge empowers you to realize the better, brighter life you’ve always wanted! The following four key lessons are taken from Letting Go: A Little Bit at a Time. Use their insights to help you let go of self-limiting patterns such as stress and anxiety in favor of a new order of consciousness that is the cornerstone of energy, clarity, and deep abiding love.

Any confidence you may have based on something outside yourself is also the basis of your self-doubt.

We have been living from an unseen part of ourselves: a self that thinks clinging to wreckage is the same as being rescued.

Letting go has nothing to do with the release of anything outside of yourself.

Here’s the most important thing to remember whenever you find yourself in a mad rush: what you really want, what you’re really after, is a quiet mind — a peaceable state of self reached only by realizing there is no place more empowering for you to be than in the present moment.

This article is excerpted from the book Letting Go. For a free Welcome Kit from Guy’s Life of Learning Foundation, go to:

# 2 – A great idea from Dr. Robert Anthony…

If you are like most people your life is very busy.  However, I am
asking – no begging you to take just 15 minutes per day to “check
in” with yourself and put SOMETHING in your Evidence Journal.

Using an Evidence Journal to give yourself daily evidence of how
you are shifting and deliberately creating is extremely powerful.

It may seem strange – but it works.

Here is an example for how you can use your Evidence Journal…

If you had a “bad” day then that cannot be changed.  But what can
change is the way you look at it.  Something went “right” today.
Something good happened.  Record that evidence today.

Find something good that you can focus on.  This is what will keep
you in the “flow”.  You are out of the “flow” anytime you focus on
or replay things in your mind that are not in alignment with the
way you want to live.

(FYI, is another way to record your evidence and appreciation for what’s happening in your life.)

# 3 – Recently I featured a link in one of my posts to an article about the benefits of avocados.  Now, here’s one with some avocado recipe ideas. I’m definitely going to try the avocado pudding,….sounds so simple. And the kale/avocado salad (Pickles & Honey site) looks great, plus I learned about massaging kale, which I’d never heard of before!

# 4 – News of more innovative, forward-thinking stuff happening. Yea! How does it get any better than this and what else is possible?! Let’s hear it for mushrooms!

# 5 – And check out this from Mind Valley…

Register for the free Silva Method Mind Experience and get a centering exercise, plus other helpful techniques

# 6 – Astrology update for the week from Chris Flisher at….

Week of February 18, 2013

The Sun enters Pisces early in the week and this area of your chart will soon become quite active as we head into the end of the month. A rare collection of planets begin to gather in Pisces which may herald a shift in collective consciousness. Neptune, Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun will all be together soon under the sign whose motto is to believe. When planets join together such as this we see a general theme coming to light. With Pisces, the water sign, we come to learn about intuition, wisdom, institutions, dreams, and the unconscious. What does that look like on a larger scale? We are clearly at a significant crossroads where what once worked will no longer sustain. We must accept these facts. As the planet groans under the weight of responsibility we have to face the music with dignity and purpose.

How does this work for you?……see video for extended forecast for planet. 

# 7 – And from Abraham…

Is it possible to be the visionary and the actionary of your own life? Not only possible, it’s the way most of you intended it to be. It’s the best of all worlds. What can be more exhilarating than to find a dream from the contrast, to fixate on the dream and let it give you pleasure as it grows, and then to watch Law of Attraction bring it into manifestation while you help with your action? Does it get any better than that? You didn’t think so as you made the decision to come forth into these physical bodies. You said, “This is the best time in all eternity for a Creator to Create.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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The Cure Is movie, more on the full moon, healthy hot chocolate, letting go, amazing dog story, and more!


# 1 – The Cure Is, a full-length documentary on health and healing featuring such experts as Dr. Sue Morter, Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and Dr. Bernie Siegel is now available for on-line viewing. 

The Cure Is is about how every human body is brilliantly designed for vitality and longevity, and reveals one of the most profound ancient health formulas to be released in over a century. The film includes amazing true stories woven with testimonials from top scientists, doctors and evolutionary leaders that will radically shift the way you look at health and disease forever.

“This film will transform your life!” — Laurie Faulkner, cancer survivor!/deployment_code=58773105me4gse

# 2 – Wow, an amazing story about paralyzed dogs regaining use of their legs…

# 3 – For people in my part of the country it’s getting to be hot chocolate weather, where a cup of aromatic cocoa can be a pleasant and warming winter treat (and thus make the evolutionary process easier ;-))…

There are as many hot chocolate recipes as there are hot chocolate aficionados, and it’s nice to know that if you use the right kind of ingredients, the drink can be full of health benefits. Here’s a recipe from an article at Natural News; adjust as you like for quantity and richness. This recipe can be for vegans or for those who prefer real cream, depending on your choice of ingredients. Makes one serving.

In a 14-16 oz. mug add two well-rounded teaspoons of cocoa powder, preferably a premium, unsweetened organic chocolate. Heat 12 oz. coconut milk. Remove from the heat just before it starts boiling and pour a very small amount into the cup, stirring with a spoon or whisk until the cocoa melts. Add the rest of the coconut milk, leaving room for additional cream. Add a pinch of Himalayan crystal salt to the steaming mug, one cinnamon stick, about half a teaspoon of vanilla extract or a pinch of raw vanilla powder (you can get this from Raw Food World), stevia to taste (I have some Sweet Leaf Liquid Vanilla Creme Stevia that would probably work great for covering both the vanilla and the stevia), and (for non-vegans) organic or raw heavy cream, plain or whipped.

Coconut whipped cream may be substituted and is easy to make from a chilled can of coconut cream. Or add marshmallows, nutmeg, or a tiny pinch of cayenne.

Learn more:

# 4 – An insightful article from Guy Finley on four words that can change your life…

Key Lesson: Honesty heals; lies hurt. In these four words lives all one needs to know and practice, that is, assuming one wishes to be whole, harmless, true and loving.

Each time we see the need to let go of something — a bad habit that drags us down, an unsatisfactory relationship, a career choice that can’t complete us in the way we dreamed it would, or maybe unrealistic expectations of ours about others that eventually spoil our partnerships with them — whatever it may be: what is it that’s actually happened in these moments of honest self-examination? See if this simple answer doesn’t describe our situation.

Aren’t we being “asked” to give up an existing relationship in order to make room in our lives for something higher? Of course we are. Then why is it so hard to act on our intuition? After all, who doesn’t want a life that’s better, brighter, and truer? Here’s why we hesitate to make this exchange, as so many of us do: the real challenge in such moments is that what we must choose in favor of can’t be seen by our physical eyes!

Inherent in any true spiritual surrender is this one inescapable fact: we can’t hope to realize the actual nature of that new and greater relationship we seek until we have released the old one.

When it comes to letting go and growing beyond who and what we have been up until that time, the deal is non-negotiable: first comes our gradual awakening to what no longer works for us, followed by the inner work to release the same. Then, and only then, dawns the discovery and realization of what is — in all cases — a new and higher order of our self; our life is transformed. Confidence, contentment, and compassion become our constant companions.

To the point: letting go follows our realization that holding on is of no further use! In one way or another, we start seeing how all of our old tried-and-true solutions have proven themselves to be “false friends.”

Whether wanted or not, we stand at the threshold of that unfamiliar and innermost territory called the “dark night of the soul”; we now know that of ourselves we can do no more for ourselves. And so we wait there in our uncertainty, caught, as it were, between two possibilities, neither of which is wanted. In one hand, there is the “rock” of not wanting to go through what we know must be done; in the other is “the hard place” of seeing that no other options are available. Our one great fear is that if we do let go, our fate is sealed. We will fall into that dark, yawning abyss before us called “not knowing what will become of us” — a forbidding place from which we believe there may be no escape! But this is a false assumption based upon an equally false perception. It’s a lie produced by the false self to keep us from answering the call to it leave behind. Here is the truth of the matter, which you will know from yourself each time you dare to let go: You do not fall. Instead, you rise!

(This article is excerpted from The Secret of Letting Go. BTW, Guy’s Life of Learning Foundation is offering specials on some of his products–which are very reasonably priced even when not on sale–that would make great holiday gifts for friends and family. And don’t forget to pick up your free welcome kit when you visit the site.)

# 5 – And this update from on the full moon ties in nicely with the article in #4 and the idea of letting go…

With Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon we reach the second of the pair of late fall eclipses, with the one feeding off the other. Eclipses usually come in pairs, sometimes in threes, as the Sun and Moon flirt with the nodal points in the Moon’s orbit, those imaginary and mystical poles that represent the line of coincidence between the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. In modern Western astrology, the Moon’s nodes represent sensitive points in your chart. According to the school of Evolutionary Astrology, and most Western practice, the South Node carries the meaning of who you were in past lifetimes, while the North Noderepresents where you are heading in this lifetime – an unfamiliar area that you must somehow learn the intricacies of in order that your soul purpose destiny is fulfilled.

The Full Moon time also represents a fulfillment of the promise of the New Moon, and an eclipse New Moon is more powerful and longer lasting; effects can be seen over at least a six-month period. Therefore the Scorpio moment of the November 13th New Moon represents an important area of your chart; either your Solar Chart (the basis of Sun Sign columns) or your chart with its actual rising sign. Wherever the 22nd degree of Scorpio might fall in either chart format, it would be an excellent idea for you to pay close attention to and to witness your growth, or your obstacles to growth, in this area of your life. Now, with the culmination of the Gemini Full Moon eclipse, the pair of opposite signs Sagittarius and Gemini are invoked, as the next stage in the unfolding of the ideas incubated at the time of the New Moon two weeks ago. These signs are all about learning and growing through increasing knowledge of ourselves, so that we are back in the school of life once more in order that we better understand our actual experience.

It is significant as well that this extra-powerful Full Moon energy pulls in all the outer planets, and that these have a lot to do with spiritual evolution in the broadest possible terms. The Sun and Moon light up Uranus by trine and sextile, Neptune by square, plus Pluto and also Saturn by semi-sextile and quincunx. Saturn is in sextile with Pluto at very nearly the same degree of compatible signs, with Saturn in Pluto‘s sign of Scorpiowhile Pluto resides in Saturn‘s sign of Capricorn. These each make a quincunx to the Lunar Eclipse Moon, a configuration known as a Yod, or “finger of God.” The Sun in opposition is also of course a factor, creating what is technically called a ‘Kite pattern.’ Simultaneously, Venus and Mars help out by being respectively conjunctSaturn and Pluto. To top it off, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter while Saturn is parallel as well as sextile to Pluto. This is an extremely potent configuration, and echoes once again the slumbering UranusPluto square (which is scheduled to come roaring back in the spring of 2013) and at this momentary late fall time with Saturn a strong component. The intellectually curious sign of Gemini, the transformational sign of Scorpio and as well as the universal signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn are strongly emphasized.

So wherever these four signs land in your chart, you are now faced with issues to deal with, and to reflect upon, for these next six months. Saturn with Pluto means that some basically unwilling structure has to change. This could be the structure of your life itself, or some part of that structure that no longer fits with what you aspire to in terms of your soul’s intention. Sagittarius implies that learning and new understanding are intimately involved in this intention of yours to change, based on re-framing the events of the past year or even of the past two weeks. This need not be dire; learning is fun. There is implicit joy as well as pain in letting go of the factors in your life that no longer serve you. However this is not the time to hide your head in the sand, any longer, but rather to raise it up.

(For more on the full moon/lunar eclipse, see yesterday’s post.)

# 6 – Words of wisdom…


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Great life-changing gifts at huge discounts, free energy work, and Merry Manifesting event!


# 1 – It’s CYBER MONDAY and I’ve partnered with the Self Development Network to offer you SIGNIFICANT discounts of 50-70% on their best-selling products…

Whatever your goal is for 2013–whether it’s improving results in your personal life, your career, your relationships or your mindset–these top performance-tuning titles will get you on target for a fraction of what you would normally pay.

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Remember, all codes expires in 24 hours. Get some of your holiday shopping done early with gifts that will truly be helpful to people (including yourself!).

# 2 – Want more ideas for some great, meaningful gifts this holiday season?

Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation is offering specials (up to 50% off) on some of their products that would make great stocking stuffers. The items are very reasonably priced, even without the current discount, so you always get more than your money’s worth. Also, be sure to claim your free Welcome Kit while you’re there.

# 3 – And are you familiar with the 4LifeHappyKids products?

They are great for teaching kids, grandkids, or any young person, about conscious creation, Law of Attraction, setting goals, etc. And if you’d like a copy of the booklet Raising Happy Kids, just leave a request in the comment section of this post and I’ll be happy to e-mail you one for free. :-)

# 4 – And, as I mentioned a few days ago, Orawellness is having a 10% off sale on single bottles of their organic Brushing Blend (love it!), 3 pack (best deal!), HealThy Mouth systems, and Bass toothbrushes.

Use the code “blessings” in the coupon box on check-out to take advantage of the discount. I love the Orawellness products (would make great, healthy stocking stuffers!) and love supporting a company that is heart-centered and products that are eco-friendly and organic!

# 5 – Jo Dunning is offering her free monthly Quick Pulse Technique tomorrow… 

It will be Tuesday at 5:15pm Pacific Time; you can listen by phone (818) 742-0029 Passcode 722334# or online at The free Quick Pulse Teleconference Workshop offers an opportunity to change things you would like to have different in your life so you can experience greater freedom, joy, aliveness, and abundance.

For this workshop prepare a list of 4 or 5 things you would like to have different in your life. They can be items that relate to many aspects of your life such as physical conditions, personality, limiting beliefs, unpleasant past experiences, phobias, fears, worries, finances, etc.

# 6 – QiGong master Michael Mohoric is offering another no cost distant energy healing…

It’s for everyone who wants to join and all their friends, families and anyone else who reads this. The main healing session is Dec. 2nd, from 6pm Pacific Standard Time or same as Los Angeles (9pm EST-same as New York).

You can join this free distant energy healing session by using your intention to be included. If you wish to join, just close your eyes for a minute when you read this and mentally say that you intend to join the session and want to be included. That is all you have to do to connect with the energy; healing energy can begin to flow to you once you do this. There will be unscheduled daily energy adjustments leading up to the main session on 12/2.

For those who want to know more about this work, you can go to

# 7 – Michelle Barr is offering a free event titled 12 Days of Mindset Magic and Merry Manifesting starting the first of December…


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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