I am a 21 yr. old Victoria’s Secret model and 3-time Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl, plus on the Forbes list of bizillionaires with I. Q.s over 190.

Oops!….. I guess that was in my past life. In this lifetime I’m the author of a workbook on visioning and spiritual remembering, and a book on detoxing the body and improving overall health. I’m also a visionary artist, although creating new artwork has been on hold for the past several years while I concentrated on writing one of the books, creating a website,  this blog and my Self-help Health blog, and researching information, products, and resources that support conscious living.

I love when I find some new teaching, technology, or resource that ends up having a positive impact on my life, and I always enjoy passing along those things so that others might benefit as well. In fact, the main reason I created my old website All One Together was to have a format for sharing a wide variety of information (I am now in the middle of creating a new, much smaller, simple-to-navigate site called Evolution Made Easier to go along with this blog). The desire to share resources and information was also what prompted me to create my two blogs.

So that’s what this blog is,….. a place for sharing things I’ve come across that I’ve found to be informative, fun, enlightening, insightful, inspiring,  and/or heart-expanding, and, fortunately, often free. Most of my tips and “picks” will have to do with health and wellness (especially at my Self-help Health blog), personal development, conscious creation, prosperity, and spiritual re-membering,….things that assist the evolutionary process and allow you to have and be more of the real YOU! So if those topics are of interest to you, then you’ve come to the right place!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog,




10 Replies to “About”

    1. Hi Jita,
      Thanks for the kind words. It’s always nice to hear that someone appreciates the work put into the blog and finds the information and resources useful. Haven’t been posting as much as usual lately–busy with packing, moving and other projects, but hope to get back to a more regular schedule soon.

      Thanks again and best wishes, Z

  1. Hi Z!
    Thank you so much for posting our Vigil for Japan! We would like to be in touch with you about other services that we are offering. Thank you for all the work that you do combining many authors’ writings and teachings on one easy to access beautiful website!!!

    Kathryn Keeton and Jacquie Fruttero from the Mother Earth Healing Foundation

    Please find us also at http://www.goldenlotusspiritualhealing.com.

    Please contact us at jmfruttero@yahoo.com.

    Many blessings, love, and light,
    Jacquie and Kathryn

  2. Hi Zippy. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and making such a lovely comment. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. :D <3

  3. Hi Zirah, Are You on Facebook. Thank You for sharing the Light and Grace in such abundant spirit and open heart. I have come to your site so many times and felt this glint of hope, care and touch of light out of nowhere. May you be blessed in returned for all You be and do again and again. forever more.

    1. Wow, what a nice comment to receive. Thanks so much for taking the time to express that. I am truly touched. Whatever “goodness” or light you see in me is only a reflection of what lies w/in yourself.

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