Daily practices, Angel-A clip, I Am Light, Abe on forgiveness, new “resolution”, Apache prayer, and my New Year’s wish for you….




# 1 – Here’s some food for thought from Rob Brezsny’s newsletter to take into the new year. How about focusing on daily practices instead of resolutions?


* a commitment to not getting lost inside our own heads;

* a strategy to avoid being enthralled with the hypnotic lure of painful
emotions, past events, and worries about the future;

* a trust in empirical evidence over our time-worn beliefs and old habits;

* a talent for turning up our curiosity full blast and tuning in to the raw
truth of every moment with our beginner’s mind fully engaged;

* and an eagerness to dwell gracefully in the midst of all the interesting
questions that tease and teach us.


# 2 – And this is such a great clip to watch to make sure we’re off to a good start with a healthy dose of self-love, which is the key to finding your “sweet spot” in life….



# 3 – Anthem for the new year?


# 4 – Some stimulation from Abraham on the topic of forgiveness…


# 5 – Check out the latest from Self-help Health for a great “resolution” idea and a free event to support you in having healthier eyes….



# 6 – A great one to take into the new year….


And my wish for you in 2019 and beyond….

Enjoy, and have a great 2019!

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