Loving kindness, Deepak, solar system, spiritual work, growth, 23rd Psalm, and remember you are…..




# 1 – This would make a great prayer/blessing or lead-in to meditation to start off the day…..


# 2 – From the recent free 21-day meditation series offered by Deepak and Oprah…..

The mind game consists of the tricks your mind plays on you, making you see reality according to old memories, fears, wounds, prejudices, outworn beliefs, second-hand opinions, and early conditioning. When you are aware your mind is filtering your reality based on the past, you can change it with that awareness. In fact, awareness is the change.” — Deepak Chopra


# 3 – Trippy and cool. Life is a vortex, not just rotation. What a universe! They say that all the plants and life forms here are based on spirals, but who thought that the sun was part of that, too?! Makes sense though.


As speaking of spirals and transits/rotations, check out this post and the image of Venus transits over a 8 year period. Amazing!


# 4 – From Rob Brezsny’s newsletter……..

In his book *Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships,* psychotherapist John Welwood writes, “Psychological work focuses more on what has gone wrong: how we have been wounded in our relations with others and how to go about addressing that.

“Spiritual work focuses more on what is intrinsically right: how we have infinite resources at the core of our nature that we can cultivate in order to live more expansively. If psychological work thins the clouds, spiritual work invokes the sun.”

Also from his newsletter….

“Pain motivates you to grow? OK. But maybe you don’t need as much of that stuff as you used to. Maybe you could actually start learning more and more from — gasp! — pleasurable experiences.”


# 5 – Wow, amazing and powerful experience to listen to this…..



# 6 – And a good one to end on…..



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2 Replies to “Loving kindness, Deepak, solar system, spiritual work, growth, 23rd Psalm, and remember you are…..”

  1. Hi Zirah :-) Thanks for the inspiration! :-) <3 The picture of the owl is so cute! I had the same thought as you about the pussy willow shaped like an owl. :-) I have only see owls in person a few times. It was before the camera adventures. They are sight to behold. Very mysterious, in my opinion. I hope you are enjoying Spring as much as I am. My energy got super-charged. I think fresh air is one of the major food groups and didn't realize I was running so low on it. I hope you have lots of opportunities to spend time outside! :-) <3

    1. HA! I like the comment about fresh air being one of the major food groups. I think you’re right! And so far today I’ve gotten plenty of fresh air by helping at the community garden just down the road. We’ve had just the right amt of rain and sun and warmer temps to make things grow like crazy right now. And every once in awhile I’ll see an owl, and you’re right about there being something mysterious about them., I think partly because we normally don’t see them that often, plus they blend in so well and also are so silent when flying/moving. I was told by someone years ago that they are a sign of extraterrestrial presence, so it was very interesting that not long after that, when a friend and I were walking at dusk thru a park in Nashville, TN, 3 big ones unexpectedly sailed silently from behind us to in front of us and then disappeared. One of those “woo-woo”/eerie kind of feelings/moments like we were being watched/spied on.

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