True love, bird humor, ties, lemons, margarine & oral health summit, animal facts, Osho and Abe




# 1 – Sweet image; wise words…..

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# 2 – Humor and Mother Nature are always a great way to make the evolutionary process easier. This bird is doing a better job of telling his own story than Attenborough. :-)




# 3 – Lovely image and text…..

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# 4 – And check out the latest posts at Self-help Health. You’ll be wanting to buy lemons by the bag, avoid margarine like the plague and sign up for the free upcoming Holistic Oral Health Summit…..



# 5 – This is a great read for you animal lovers out there. I especially liked the info about the goats and the hen and her eggs/chickens…..



# 6 – Some stimulation from Osho….

MAN CREATES HIS OWN CONFUSION just because he goes on rejecting himself, condemning himself, not accepting himself. Then a chain of confusion, inner chaos, and misery is created.

WHY DON’T YOU ACCEPT YOURSELF AS YOU ARE? What is wrong? The whole of existence accepts you as you are, but you don’t.

YOU HAVE SOME IDEAL TO ACHIEVE. That ideal is always in the future — it has to be; no ideal can be in the present. And the future is nowhere; it is not yet born. But because of the ideal, you live in the future — which is nothing but a dream. Because of the ideal, you cannot live here and now. Because of the ideal, you condemn yourself.

ALL IDEOLOGIES, ALL IDEALS, ARE CONDEMNATORY because they create an image in the mind. And when you go on comparing yourself with that image, you will always feel that something is lacking, something is missing.

NOTHING IS LACKING, and nothing is missing. You are perfect as far as there is any possibility of perfection.



# 7 – And more stimulation, this time from Abe…..

Sometimes after waiting for a long time for something wanted to happen you tell yourself that you just need to be more patient. But you do not need patience when you understand the laws of the universe, because deliberately understand of these laws, and response to these laws, will bring you speedy results. — Abraham



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4 Replies to “True love, bird humor, ties, lemons, margarine & oral health summit, animal facts, Osho and Abe”

  1. Hi Zirah :-) Thanks for the Sunday evening inspiration! :-) <3 The squirrel in the top photo is cute. The video of the bird talking to Sir David Attenborough was really funny!! It made my evening. :-) The bird had something to say! And it is a very interesting looking bird as well. The article about the animals was interesting. You might enjoy watching the PBS Nature episode called "An Original DUCKumentary." It is really cool, in my opinion. I was reminded of it since the female wood duck quacks to her young when they are still in their eggs so they will recognize her voice when they hatch. I bought myself some flower when I was at the store this morning. They look very festive at the end of the table. The birds and I were excited this morning because although it is still very cold the sun was shining. :-) I hope you have a joy-filled and inspired week! :-) <3

    1. I haven’t done TV for a couple of yrs, but I’ll see if there is some way I can catch the “duckumentary.” PBS’s Nature, Masterpiece Theater and Mystery were always big faves of mine. Always looked forward to Nature and George Page (I believe that was his name) when he was host for so many yrs.

      1. I don’t have a TV either. Last winter, I started a small collection of nature DVDs which are mostly PBS Nature episodes. The DUCKumentary is a favorite. :-) I have forgotten how many times I have watched it. I started the collection as a way of getting through winter. It helps. :-)

      2. I found it on-line and I think I’ll be able to watch it that way. Thanks for the tip. Haven’t seen an episode of Nature in a number of yrs.

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