Mother Nature, be real, cherish the moment, kindness, treating gout, and some Abe

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – Your smile for the day. :-)   # 2 – Some stimulation….. “Stop being nice, start being real. Nice is a concept. Don’t be nice, don’t be polite, be real. Be real in the moment, then you are considering the whole situation and beyond. Being considerate is…Read more »

Wisdom, heart’s electromagnetic power, be love, Beyond the Ordinary, not being offended, and Abe

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – From Caroline Myss…..     # 2 – One of my favorite quotes, along with a short video by Gregg Braden talking about the electromagnetic properties of the heart….. “The electromagnetic power of the heart has been scientifically measured to be 5,000 times greater than that of…Read more »