Happiness, success, Zen sayings, 675 formula, grow your brain, and Abe




# 1 – Rich in the real sense…

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# 2 – This will add some humor and wisdom to your day…..21 sarcastic zen sayings :-)….




# 3 – Good one to keep in mind….

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# 4 – This is a good tie-in with Pick # 1….it’s a helpful, insightful article about how to be happier by following the “675 formula”…..




# 5 – And if you want to grow your brain, have a better memory and more, check out one of my latest posts at Self-help Health on being ICH….




# 6 – HA! Just another reason not to stick your nose in other people’s business….

By paying attention to the way you feel, and then choosing thoughts that feel the very best, you are managing your own vibration, which means you are controlling your own point of attraction — which means you are creating your own reality. It’s such a wonderful thing to realize that you can create your own reality without sticking your nose in everybody else’s, and that the less attention you give to everybody else’s reality, the purer your vibration is going to be — and the more you are going to be pleased with what comes to you. —Abraham




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2 Replies to “Happiness, success, Zen sayings, 675 formula, grow your brain, and Abe”

  1. Hi Zirah :-) Thanks for the Sunday morning wisdom and humor! I laughed through #2 and #1 is such a happy picture. :-) #4 is wise. I love the photo of the carrot roots and tops. Things are not always as they seem actually I think they rarely are. The last one (#6) reminds me of my last couple of weeks. I have been training myself to not create more pain stories. Things happen as they do and it is interesting how quickly my mind starts creating pain stories. Whoosh! Wow. Time out for me. :-) I had the thought …. imagine how life would be if instead of creating the pain stories, I put that energy and attention and effort into creating joy stories or simply filling my space with golden light and staying in that space until I feel better. Actually, I would like to spend all of my time filled with the golden light. If my mind isn’t going to be on what I’m doing, then it might as well be focused on something useful! So, I said a big Thank You for the situation that poked and stirred up the pain and then kept asking the pain behind the stories to go whenever my mind started spinning them. I am pretty much back in balance again… until the next time something comes up. :-) It is a rainy weekend here and I decided to make it a healthiness weekend since I can’t be outside. I am going to be chopping vegetables for broth in a minute. I hope you have a delight-filled and successful week. :-) <3

    1. Thanks for sharing all that, and I’m so glad you enjoyed “the picks.” I can certainly relate to the pain story thing (such a good way of describing that “knee-jerk” reaction to experiences). I have been noticing that tendency in myself and working to let go of that habit. And believe me, there’s lots to give me practice w/ that these days! :-) p.s. Hope we get some of the rain you’re having in the next few days. Have a good week!

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