Happiness, success, Zen sayings, 675 formula, grow your brain, and Abe

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – Rich in the real sense…   # 2 – This will add some humor and wisdom to your day…..21 sarcastic zen sayings :-)…. http://blog.sivanaspirit.com/sarcastic-zen-phrases-need-life/     # 3 – Good one to keep in mind….     # 4 – This is a good tie-in with Pick…Read more »

Sufi proverb, Dr Sue Morter, the future, Mother Nature and Abe

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – Love this image and text….. I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God. ~ Sufi Proverb   # 2 – Good one from Dr. Sue Morter….. Question? Problem? Mystery? Can’t Think of the Answer? Can’t Figure it Out? Perhaps…Read more »

Thought first, doggie housing :-), 528 Hz track, derailment, good advice

  PICKS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – A good reminder I got recently in my inbox from Notes from the Universe….. In the jungles of time and space, it’s wise to remember that the best hope one has for thriving among the seen, the known, and the manifested, comes from playing off the unseen,…Read more »