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# 1 – A good one from Eckhart Tolle…..


# 2 – Check out the latest post at Self-help Health for a number of free events, including Radical Beauty from Deepak Chopra and The Detox Project from Health Talks On-line…..



# 3 – And speaking of free events, you may want to sign up for this one being offered by Craig Hamilton, but you’ll need to hurry since it happens tomorrow…..

By now, you’ve probably tried meditation practice in the hope that it might bring you closer to the awakening you’ve sensed is possible.

But you’ve probably also noticed that although meditation can help us become calmer, more centered and less reactive, it rarely leads to the depth of spiritual awakening we’ve tasted in our most profound moments.

If that’s been your experience, too, I want to invite you to a free online seminar I’m offering to share a radical new approach to meditation that goes beyond the limitations of most meditation practices, and can even give us direct and consistent access to awakened consciousness:

Meditation 2.0 – The Miracle of Direct Awakening

In this 75-minute webinar, I’m going to share the surprising truth I’ve learned in three decades of meditation research–and the unexpected discovery that is revolutionizing the way I teach spiritual practice and awakening.

Indeed, the practice of “direct awakening” I’m going to be introducing is such a radical departure from the meditation most of us have been taught, that it’s really more accurate to think of it as an evolution of meditation. Which is why I’m calling it Meditation 2.0.


# 4 – Oh wow, very short, but lots to think about here….

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.” – William Blake


# 5 – I found this video on life and death so profound and evocative. FYI, you may need to have a hanky at the ready…..


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4 Replies to “Purpose, free health events, Meditation 2.0, life and death, perception”

  1. Hi Zirah :-) Thanks for the inspiration! :-) <3 I am on the computer later than usual and maybe this post was the reason. :-) They say there are no accidents. I have been puzzling over the cropping of a flower photo. Sometimes, it can be tricky. Number 4 was a favorite quote of Dr. Wayne Dyer. I have listened to a number of talks where he included it. This reminds me that Anita Moorjani's new book "What If This Is Heaven?" is being released tomorrow. I am looking forward to reading it.

    1. Nice to hear from you. I’ve been thinking about you and how I never see you on the Duality FB page anymore. Hope all is going well for you and all the flora and fauna in your neck of the woods. I can tell fall is just around the corner here.

      1. Thank you for thinking of me. :-) It is sweet of you. It seems I had a rather large growth period in May triggered I suspect by family stuff. I had to go Be Quiet for a while and spend time outside with the camera and doing the meditations. I am going to visit my family in October. I am hoping I’ve gotten far enough along in things that I can manage the trip and after with ease and grace. I know that it is a gift to have the energies brought up to clear, but it can be rather disruptive to have a big whoosh of them all at once. :-) Anyway, I managed to disconnect myself from the Duality Facebook group when I was trying to re-arrange my Facebook page. I haven’t tried to see if I could reconnect yet. I stopped being able to log into Mindvalley somewhere along the way and my email about the password not working didn’t get returned. I can’t get back to the link that leads to the page. I can’t imagine why the password doesn’t work anymore. I have the audio recordings of the lectures and meditations although, these days, I make up my own meditations from my memories of them. I haven’t had the patience yet to try and sort this out. If we are thinking along the lines of “there are no accidents” then maybe this means I needed to spend time Being Quiet this summer. I don’t know. Or, it could just be a string of technical difficulties to test my patience. :-) Either way, I have been with you all in spirit. I send loving and happy energy into the space regularly. :-) I will try again this week sometime to log into Mindvalley and see if it works and send an email again if it doesn’t. I am working on the photos from the trip to Allerton in April. They should be up soon. :-) My family lives in Maine and I am planning on driving through the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire on my way there and, hopefully, I will take photos of some of the fall colors.

      2. I’m sure it was somehow perfect that you were nudged into more quiet time by technological glitches, but how strange w/ the MV sign in thing. I never had great luck w/ getting quick responses via e-mail to my questions or problems. Some people called customer support and said they got things resolved quicker that way. Anyway, hope it all works out and that your time w/ family goes even better than you could ever expect. At least the driving part thru Vermont & NH sounds delightful. :-) I look forward to you sharing photos of fall foliage, although the area where I live is known for it, too. Can’t believe in a few days it will be officially fall. May it be a good season for us all!

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