Your light, changing world, large vision, happiness formula?, and Abe




# 1 – You can always depend on Rumi for some soul food….


# 2 – An inspiring, insightful article that starts off with this ……

Most of us haven’t quite realized there is something extraordinary happening.

A few months ago, I freed myself from standard-procedure society. I broke the chains of fear that kept me locked up into the system. Since then, I see the world from a different perspective: the one that everything is going through change and that most of us are unaware of that.

Why is the world changing? In this post, I’ll point out the eight reasons that lead me to believe it.

1. No one can stand the employment model any longer.

We are reaching our limits. People working with big corporations can’t stand their jobs. The lack of purpose knocks on your door as if it came from inside you like a yell of despair.

People want out. They want to drop everything. Take a look on how many people are willing to risk entrepreneurship, people leaving on sabbaticals, people with work-related depression, people in burnout.

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# 3 – Oh, I have found this to be so true….














# 4- Stimulating excerpt from Brian Johnson’s Optimizer newsletter….

Tom Rath echoes this as well in Are You Fully Charged? (see those Notes) where he tells us: “You create meaning when your strengths and interests meet the needs of the world. Knowing your talents and passions is critical, but that is only half of this supply-and-demand equation. What may be even more important is understanding what the world needs from you and how you can productively apply your strengths and interests. …

One of the rightful critiques of all the ‘follow your passion’ advice is that it presumes that you are the center of the world, and pursuing your own joy is the objective of life. Those who make a profound difference, in contrast, begin by asking what they can give. Starting with this question allows you to direct your talents toward what matters most for others.”

So, for Tom, meaning comes when Strengths (/Flow) + Interests (/Joy) meet the Needs of the world (/Money).


# 5 – And from Abe…..

If you decide to make someone the enemy and you’re pushing very hard against them, you don’t affect them at all, but you disconnect yourself from the Stream. If someone cheats you, they cannot diminish your experience. They only diminish their experience. You cannot be diminished by someone cheating you unless you get all upset about being cheated and push against them and use that as your excuse to disconnect from the Stream. –Abraham



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2 Replies to “Your light, changing world, large vision, happiness formula?, and Abe”

  1. Hi Zirah :-)

    It is such a peaceful thing to stop by and read your tips! :-) <3 A short while ago, I read (or rather listened to the audio book) by "I Can See Clearly Now" by Wayne Dyer. I was thinking this morning that I could look at the experiences of my life as opportunities to learn how to be peaceful. I won't list them for you, but there have been many. :-) Up until a few years ago, I felt compelled in conflict situations to try and act as a peacemaker. I guess I can be a slow learner because it took a long time for me to figure out that this doesn't work. All that would happen is that I would bring more conflict energy into my space. This was before I had heard anything about energy so I thought of it as emotions. It pained me to see others in conflict or to be in conflict with them. This started as a child wishing for peace in my family and with my family members. Now, I see that what I need to do is practice peacefulness within myself since like happiness, joy, and love, the only peacefulness I can attain is the kind inside of me. I know that at my center is peace, love, and joy. I have felt it. I can bring it into my life more by letting all the conflict energy past and present in my space go. This is one of the practices of this summer. I am practicing peacefulness all day every day. :-)

    1. Wonderful! And as Abe would probably say “if/while we’re focusing on resolving conflict we’re focusing on what we don’t want, and just serving to keep that energy going.” Focusing on/getting in touch w/ the peace that is w/in us is probably one of the best gifts we can give ourselves and those around us. I think we all have/are peace because of who and what we truly are, but when we don’t identify/align w/ our true nature, we lose touch w/ that. Just my 2 cents. :-) Thanks for taking the time to comment and share you insights and experiences!

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