Anger/compassion, blessings, have a say, and decoy experiment, fat loss & free health events, and Abe




# 1 – Wise words to remember…


# 2 – From Dr. Sue Morter……

Have a Great Say!     

Have a say.

Lead your Life.

Live out loud.

Shift the focus to what you want. Have it your way. Decide. 

Exercise your greatest gift.

Say what you mean. Do what you say.

Speak your truth. Sooner.

Interpret toward the Yes.

Have what you have.

And remember: this is YOUR gig. For you, by you, for you to be you.

Go ahead, it will be Great.


# 3 – Sage advice, and a good tie in with Tip # 1….


# 4 – Check out the latest post at Self-help Health for information about how coconut oil can help you lose belly fat and news of upcoming free events and a cutting-edge product that is like probiotics for your home and work environment…..


# 5 – If you need your faith in humanity restored, or just want to be touched and inspired, give this video a watch….


# 6 – And some Abe to end on….

Well-being is the only order of the day, unless you are doing something to pinch it off. So, little by little, more and more, people begin to feel comfortable with their own thoughts; especially, understanding that thoughts don’t have instant manifestational power, anyway. You live in this time/space reality where there is a buffer zone between the offering of a thought and the receiving of the manifestation. So it gives you a lot of opportunity to amend and add to.




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