Anger/compassion, blessings, have a say, and decoy experiment, fat loss & free health events, and Abe

  TIPS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – Wise words to remember…   # 2 – From Dr. Sue Morter…… Have a Great Say!      Have a say. Lead your Life. Live out loud. Shift the focus to what you want. Have it your way. Decide.  Exercise your greatest gift. Say what you mean. Do…Read more »

Closed door, acceptance vs tolerance, light up, happiness, 25 detox recipes, Colin Tipping

  TIPS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – Good advice!   # 2 – Great insights and food for thought from an e-mail I got from Gary Zukav….. Are You Accepting or Tolerating? The difference between acceptance and tolerance is the difference between authentic power and pursuing external power. Acceptance is open heartedness. What you…Read more »