Eckhart, my wish, echo, one word, healthy recipes & events, and Abe



# 1 – My wish for everyone this 2016….from Gina Salumbides on FB….


# 2 – A great video from Eckhart Tolle and how we help create a world worthy of us all thru individual transformation and facing challenges….


# 3 – 


# 4 – Great stimulation from Jeffrey Allen…..

Are you feeling “stress” or “fear”?

In just a few words, my good friend Pierre Sornin helped me reframe something so powerfully this week. I mentioned I was feeling stress, yet in his response he called it fear instead. This instantly changed my perception!
For me, the word “stress” means I’m unskilled or inexperienced at something – that I don’t have the answer or experience I need. It can lead to a seemingly endless loop of self-doubt, procrastination, and frustration. Yes – stress really is stressful for me :-)
But the word “fear” is completely different. I love fear! It always guides me into my deepest experiences and learning. My deep-seated habit is to walk toward fear (Sorry Mom!) – because I know how fantastic I’m going to feel when I get to the other side. I love the feeling of having faced my fear – whether I overcome it quickly or not. And I really love the feeling of facing the same situation – and realizing I’m no longer afraid – that I’m excited instead. That’s personal growth!
So, by simply changing 1 word – I replaced something I was running from (stress) by something I was excited about running toward (fear). What a powerful transition!
I’m curious which words you can change today? What words empower you? What words cause you so shrink and hide? Can you use an empowering word to describe your situation instead?


# 5 – Check out the latest posts at Self-help Health for a couple of healthy, healing recipes, a useful acupoint, and several free events…..


# 6 – And some Abe to end on……

A belief is nothing more than a chronic pattern of thought, and you have the ability—if you try even a little bit—to begin a new pattern, to tell a new story, to achieve a different vibration, to change your point of attraction. The Law of Attraction is responding to your vibration, and you can easily change your vibrational point of attraction by visualizing the lifestyle you desire and holding your attention upon those images until you begin to feel relief, which will indicate that a true vibrational shift has occurred.–Abraham



And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page and Self-help Health blog for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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