Heart coherence, your body, Christmas list, health tips & gift ideas, Leadership Roundtable, and Abe on alignment




# 1 – A video from HeartMath about the energetic heart….


# 2 – I took a training w/ Jeffrey Allen a few months ago and loved the insights, tools and information he shares, including how to be grounded in your body….


# 3 – Ah, yes…..


# 4 – And even though the best things in life can’t be bought, check out my latest post at Self-help Health for some great health tips and some unique ideas for gift giving…..whether to yourself or others. :-)



# 5 – And The Shift Network is offering a free presentation on the 5th, and again on the 8th, some of you may be interested in. Here’s part of their invite…..

This week we are honored to launch The Shift Leadership Academy. On Saturday, December 5th at 10am PT (and again on Tuesday, December 8th at 4pm PT), leadership experts Sherri Lassila and Susan Cannon will be hosting a free introductory event: The Shift Leadership Roundtable: A Workshop to Take Your Soul’s Mission to the Next Level.

During the free workshop, listeners will receive powerful insights from Sherri, Susan and 6 of the most respected experts on spiritually-based leadership in the world, including: Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston, Andrew Harvey, Monica Sharma, Tim Kelly and Stephen Dinan.

This panel of accomplished leaders explores ––  given all the challenges in the world –– how we can REALLY step up to the next level as changemakers.

Expect to walk away from this conversation inspired and better equipped to:

•    Integrate your full Self into your leadership.
•    Monetize your mission without selling out.
•    Employ the best practices of conscious leaders for inner development.
•    Use the arts to open up new capacities in the people you lead.
•    Speak from your heart so that you touch and motivate others.

If you’re committed to becoming even more of the leader you were born to be, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

You can learn more and sign up here.


# 6 – Abe on alignment……

When you are in alignment with who-you-really-are, you cannot help but uplift those with whom you come into contact. Your value to those around you hinges upon only one thing: your personal alignment with Source. And the only thing you have to give to another is an example of that alignment—which they may observe, then desire, and then work to achieve—but you cannot give it to them. Everyone is responsible for the thoughts they think and the things that they choose as their objects of attention.–Abraham



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