Your heart, soul = joy, Rupi Kaur, The Master Cleanse, essential oils summit, puppy pics, and Abraham

TIPS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – The heart knows what the head doesn’t….   # 2 – A great “little” poem by Rupi Kaur featured in a recent post of L to the Aura….   # 3 – This fits nicely with Tip # 1, don’t you think? :-)   # 4 –…Read more »

Beautiful, Mother Nature, spiritual nourishment, heroes, and making the leap

  PICK OF THE DAY: Love this! The video in this post is very thought-provoking and insight-producing….and it brought tears to my eyes because it shows we are all innately beautiful spirits, regardless of what labels/judgments are placed on us by ourselves or others….   TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – And speaking of…Read more »

Mother Nature, Eckhart Tolle, light, success, alternative health resources, and Abraham

  TIPS FOR TODAY:   #1 – Ah, good camouflage, Mother Nature! Guess who the step kids are. :-)   # 2 – A  short video from Eckhart Tolle that talks about experiencing Oneness….   # 3 – Bring on the Light!   # 4 – Here’s something from a recent meditation series on success…Read more »

Be authentic, game on, happiness, Byron Katie, coconut flour, and Abraham

TIPS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – Great one to keep in mind….   # 2 – An inspiring post on a situation that could be considered depressing and/or scary….climate change. And I like that it presents ideas and resources for “being the change we wish to see in the world.” This Project Drawdown definitely sounds…Read more »