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TIPS FOR TODAY:   # 1 –    # 2 – Oh, I love Louis CK. He’s funny, entertaining and very insightful in his presentations, and this one is good for reminding us to be grateful…..   # 3 – This is a good one for me to remember…..   # 4 – A great…Read more »

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TIPS FOR TODAY:   # 1 -The power of gratitude…. “When a person uses the power of their quadrapolar magnet, the fourfold power of desire, thought, flowing feeling, and sensation to seek  (Gratitude)  above all else, these powers penetrate through veils of obscurity and distraction and attune the individual consciousness to Divine Consciousness and Feeling. “Where the attention goes, energy…Read more »

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PICK OF THE DAY: Love it! from Brandon Basile at The Art of Mental Creation   And this….   And I guess this will end up being an “All Picks Day” because I think this is great, too. It’s a list of 27 life-changing insights from Eckhart Tolle, and here’s the first one to get…Read more »

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 TIPS FOR TODAY:   # 1 – A good one from Eckhart Tolle. Love him!   # 2 – Some quotes I came across recently I’d like to share….. “The innocent mistake that keeps us caught in our own particular style of ignorance, unkindness, and shut-downness is that we are never encouraged to see clearly…Read more »

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   TIPS FOR TODAY:   #1 – Good way to start the day….   # 2 – Short, but thought-provoking article from Dr. Sue Morter’s newsletter…. Me, TOO! In fact, me FIRST!  Wow, now there’s a little something that train wrecks our kindergarten entrainment.“Always think of others first and yourself last.” True. Good policy. Except…Read more »