Clarity, Mother Nature, beautiful people, Net-Works, alternative health, and Abraham



# 1 – Yep! 


# 2 – Wow, Jimmy Nelson did a great job of recording the beauty and diversity of some of the rare groups of people on the planet….


# 3 – Here’s a short video about a great project called Net-Works that is heart-warming and inspiring, AND is creating a win-win-win situation. More of this kind of thing, please and thank you!


# 4 – OMG! Mother Nature does it AGAIN!


# 5 – From Om Magazine….


# 6 – How about some ideas for healthy gifts to give this season, plus a free download of some healing music, and a recipe for sore throat tea to keep on hand? Or information about auriculotherapy and how to give yourself a de-stressing, health-promoting ear massage? Or learning about the importance of iodine, its health benefits and signs of deficiency?


# 7 – Another free event being offered by The Shift Network…..

Freedom is not found outside of commitments and responsibilities but through profound surrender. Non-resistance to life allows us to realize that there is nothing to get and nowhere to go.  Everything we are is already here.

No teacher has illumined these penetrating, profound truths with so much grace as Gangaji.  For more than 25 years, habitual seekers have come home to themselves in her presence and words.

And next Wednesday December 17th listeners will learn how to jump more fully into life without resistance on Gangaji’s free online event: Natural Realization: Peacefully Resolving the Tension Between Freedom and Daily Responsibility.

During this call, Gangaji will guide listeners into the deepest possibility for their lives as they walk the razor’s edge of their divinity and humanity, revealing how to:

  • Resist nothing and fully open to all that is arising
  • Find refuge in the silence, even in the midst of conflict and miscommunication
  • Invite your whole being to surrender at a deeper level than the mind

Learn more and sign up here.


# 8 – This seems like a good thing to practice and see what happens. Can’t hurt!

You have the ability to pivot under any and all conditions. But most of you are habitual in nature, and your patterns are so well entrenched that at times the fastest path to the joy you seek is for you to take your pivot as you sleep. By reaching for good-feeling thoughts before you go to sleep and then experiencing the benefit of the quiet mind that occurs while you sleep—and then upon awakening, immediately turning to good-feeling thoughts—you can accomplish the ultimate Pivoting experience.–Abraham



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