Uplifting photos, Gary Zukav, interesting friends, a dose of love, no regrets, ear massage, and Abraham


Heart-warming and uplifting….




# 1 – Here’s an invite to a free presentation from Gary Zukav of Soul Connections…..

Our Soul Connection with you this month is a gift.  We are offering a free call on Wednesday, December 10 at 5:30 pm Pacific Time.  We want to discuss the special significance of this time of the year apart from the commercial and religious contexts around it.  The energy of this time of the year, whether you live in the Northern or the Southern hemisphere, is profound andpowerful.

If you would like to participate, register here to receive call-in information.  We will speak for a short while, and then we will answer questions and listen to sharings. We are looking forward to being with you and to enjoying our shared Soul Connection with you.


# 2 – Love it! Interesting best friends….



# 3 –


# 4 – Ways to prevent having regrets…..



# 5 – Check out the latest posts at Self-help Health for some free events and a great way to relieve holiday stress…..




# 6 – And some stimulation from Abraham….

What better way could anyone spend money than back into the economy which gives more people work? What you call your economy is the exchange of human Energy. And so, think back a few hundred years about what your economy was in this nation. And what has changed? Have more resources been trucked in from other planets? Or have more people, over more time, just identified more things that they desire — and the Nonphysical Energy that is endless and infinite supplies that? We never hear any of you say, “Well, I have been well for so many years, that I’ve decided that I’m going to be sick for a while to allow some other people to be well.” Because you know that whether you’re well or not doesn’t have anything to do with them not getting enough wellness. You’re not using up the wellness and depriving them of it. And it is the same thing with the abundance. People that have managed to find vibrational harmony with abundance, so that it is flowing to them and through them — are not depriving anyone else of that abundance.—Abraham



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