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Cutest frog, follow the frog, feeling loved, free MP3s, and Abraham

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# 1 – Want to start your day with a smile? Check out this pic of the cutest frog ever! Move over Kermit!

Wow! The wood frog has garnered attention by biologists over the last century because of its freeze tolerance.


# 2 – And speaking of frogs, this is a great video….very clever and entertaining, with a very important message about “just following the frog”….



# 3 – Yep, requires courage, but think of the pay-off!


# 4 – How about a free download from Mind Power MP3?….

No matter what you want in life, once you master your mind and emotions you can achieve almost anything. Think about the amazing things you’d create in your life once you know how to purposely
control your state.

Imagine how nice it’ll be to live a life where feelings of peace, calm, and happiness are part of your daily experience …or you can switch on accelerated healing, amazing creativity or profound deep thinking at will.

Today you can experience this for yourself with this NEW free mp3…

Download a beautiful music album for called ‘Contemplation Stimulation: Classical Peace‘.

This album has been specially enhanced to help ‘tune’ your brain into states of blissful peace of mind and profound deep thinking.

It is also perfect for boosting creativity, light meditation and enhanced reading.

This album has been specially enhanced to help ‘tune’ your brain into states of blissful peace of mind and profound deep thinking.It is also perfect for boosting creativity, light meditation and enhanced reading.
Click HERE for more

P.S. Once you’ve downloaded your free mp3, over the next week you’ll also be able to access the 3 most popular specially enhanced music albums for free:

* Take an extraordinary shamanic journey to help with awareness,purpose, and guidance
* Experience unforgettable moments with stunning music and one of the most important frequencies in humanity
* Experience deep delta, sublime guitar and extreme bliss.


# 5 – Boo, hard work; yea, well-being! :-)

Hard work is not the path to Well-Being. Feeling good is the path to Well-Being. You don’t create through action; you create through vibration. And then, your vibration calls action from you.—Abraham



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Author: zirah1

I am a 21 yr. old Victoria's Secret model with an IQ of 278 and was recently featured on the cover of a Fortune 500 magazine as the world's first bizillionaire.....:-) Oops! Guess that was in a past life. In THIS lifetime I am the author of two books, one on effective visioning and Self-awareness, and the other on detoxing the body and improving overall health. I've also spent some time dabbling in watercolors, putting together two websites (www.allonetogether.com and www.evolutionmadeeasier.com) on conscious living, writing two blogs (Evolution Made Easier and Self-help Health), and doing several types of energy work. Yadda, yadda, blah, blah. :-) Anyway, I love when I find some new teaching, inspirational quote, enlightening information, health-promoting protocol, or other resource that ends up having a positive impact on my life. And I really enjoy passing along my "finds" so that others might benefit from them as well. In fact, that's the main reason I created my websites and blogs. So I hope you enjoy and make use of the information, articles, videos and other resources I'm drawn to share. And may it all somehow support you in creating a happier, healthier, more abundant life for yourself and those you care about! Visit Zirah (B. L.)'s profile on Pinterest.

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