ALL PICKS!! Nature, close enounter, love, abundance and Abraham on worth

Well, without planning it, today is an ALL PICKS DAY!!


Double wow!

“Nature is our chapel.”–Bjork

And right after coming across that picture on Facebook I came across this. Talk about synchronicity!

“What if our religion was each other
“If our practice was our life
“If prayer, our words.
“What if the temple was the earth
“If forests were our church
“If holy water – the rivers, lakes, and oceans
“What if meditation was our relationships
“If the Teacher was life
“If wisdom was self-knowledge
“If love was the center of our being”

~ Ganga White

And about a minute later I came across this…..beautiful music and images. Lends a whole new meaning to the term moving meditation…

And then I found this, which I found fascinating and amazing!

And then this….


And this pick is from Children Of The Sun. They are starting a series on finally letting go of the sense of lack that has been keeping/delaying many of us from our birthright of true prosperity. What’s nice about the COTS events, recordings, etc., is they are offered on a donation basis, so they are not out of reach for anyone….

Know your Source of Supply

The one Universal Law that expresses; we are always taken care of and provided for, is so simple and profound that it is one of the most challenging truths to embrace.

Let’s feel into a few more…

  • The Divine Presence is the only acting intelligence in your life.
  • The Divine Presence governs all manifestation in your life perfectly. It is the power producing it and the force sustaining it.
  • To know the Divine Presence as your only source of supply is to be instantly prosperous.

If you live by these principles, you automatically enter into the truth that brings all freedom. Your life becomes a path of non-stop opening doors.

“When one dislodges from his soul the octopus grip of human habits and hereditary beliefs, replacing impossibility consciousness with the realized power of faith, one gains over the natural order a supernatural sovereignty.”

Read and find out more here:

And the final pick for today is this quote/wisdom from Abraham, which works so well with the COTS focus. All we need to know/realize is abundance is our birthright and just allow it to flow to us….

Worthiness, in very simple terms, means I have found a way to let the Energy reach me, the Energy that is natural, reach me. Worthiness, or unworthiness, is something that is pronounced upon you by you. You are the only one that can deem yourself worthy or unworthy. You are the only one who can love yourself into a state of allowing, or hate yourself in a state of disallowing. There is not something wrong with you, nor is there something wrong with one who is not loving you. You are all just, in the moment, practicing the art of not allowing, or the art of resisting.—Abraham


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