Cutest frog, follow the frog, feeling loved, free MP3s, and Abraham

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – Want to start your day with a smile? Check out this pic of the cutest frog ever! Move over Kermit! Wow! The wood frog has garnered attention by biologists over the last century because of its freeze tolerance.   # 2 – And speaking of frogs, this is a…Read more »

Facebook miracle, be thankful, your life calling, Healing Rhythms, and Abraham and TUT on imagining

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – A great story about how Facebook helped change several people’s lives…. # 2 – Yep! # 3 – Entheos is offering another free on-line event, this time on finding your life’s calling….. What’s your mission? What’s Your purpose? If you struggle with these big questions – you’re not…Read more »

Wolves, museum tour, less doing AND less suffering, and Abraham on being “selfish”

PICK OF THE DAY: This short video from Sustainable Man titled How Wolves Change Rivers is such a great lesson in how everything is so inter-connected…. TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – Wow, this sounds really cool, although I haven’t checked it out yet. It’s a way you can virtually tour the National Museum of…Read more »

Expectations, animal facts, Live Well, Abraham and more

To get your Sunday morning off to a good start :-)…..   TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – # 2 – For you ¬†animal lovers, some facts and pics to make you smile…especially the last 3…. # 3 – Remember…   # 4 – I have mentioned the Living Clay Company and their free…Read more »

Giving thanks, paying it forward, moo-ving video, breath workshop, The Yoga Code, and Abraham

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – Hmmmm….. # 2- A moo-ving little story for you animal lovers…. # 3 – This little story and video about paying it forward fits nicely with Tip # 1. Have a hanky at the ready :-)….. # 4 – The Shift Network is sponsoring another free event,…Read more »

ALL PICKS!! Nature, close enounter, love, abundance and Abraham on worth

Well, without planning it, today is an ALL PICKS DAY!! PICKS OF THE DAY: Double wow! “Nature is our chapel.”–Bjork And right after coming across that picture on Facebook I came across this. Talk about synchronicity! “What if our religion was each other “If our practice was our life “If prayer, our words. “What if…Read more »

Self-talk, real heroes, new HWTM series, Super Size Me event, Parenting With Presence, and Abraham

PICK OF THE DAY: TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1- Sometimes I read stuff in the news that makes me ashamed to be part of the human race. Then I read something like this…. # 2 – The new season of Healing With the Masters is about to start! This is one of the best…Read more »