A gift for you AND to share!

I hadn’t planned on doing a post today, BUT….

I don’t know if you are familiar with Jo Dunning (www.jodunning.com), but she is an energy worker and leader in the conscious evolution movement who emits and works with some of the sweetest transformational energy around. Just listening to her voice can have a calming effect. :-)
Anyway, yesterday I got an e-mail from her about the series of 5 energy processes she recently created and I loved how she was not just giving the people who purchased the download of the processes the okay to share the link, but strongly advocating doing so as a way of being agents of change and helping create a ripple effect in the world when we need all the help and support we can get. What a great and generous thing for her to do, and how aligned that way of thinking and being is with the new paradigm and creating a world worthy of us all!
I woke up in the middle of the night knowing I wanted to be a part of the fun, so this morning I purchased the download and am now passing along the link to others. What’s nice is there’s very little required when using the 5 processes….you can even have them playing quietly in the background as you work on other things, but have a part of your consciousness attuned to the energies available and use them to support you in a variety of ways.
Here’s the link and a little info from Jo. There is more instruction on the audio. Please feel free to pass this along and I would love to hear from everyone who does so I can have the fun of seeing the ripple effect at work. Enjoy!
Experience 5 essential processes to assist you with many of life’s challenges.
Download this workshop and use these techniques whenever needed!!
The next time you need some extra support, an insight or a little touch of magic you will have a process to use right away.
  1. Bring Financial Prosperity
  2. Create Body Comfort
  3. Become happy and peaceful
  4. Fix something broken
  5. Solve a problem
  1. Click the link above.
  2. Click on the link that says: “Click to Listen In”
  3. RIGHT click on the word, “Download”.
The energy is not calibrated to be put onto a CD and dividing the recording affects the energy. We suggest forwarding the recording to the process you wish to use.
FYI, here’s the e-mail I got from Jo about the processes and sharing them….
Are You An Emissary of Transformation Yet?
We thought you might like to know about the excitement that has happened as a result of The Five Energy Processes!As you know, anyone who registered for the workshop received a download and they are welcome to share it with others as a gift.  What they didn’t realize is that each time they share the download and every time it continues to be shared, they receive an extra boost of energy in their life!People are having a great time experiencing the energy flowing to them and the wonderful coincidences that life is now offering them! They are posting the recording on Facebook, sending it to friends and finding so many ways to give it as a gift to others.In the process, they are all now Emissaries of Transformation and are helping to create a happier world for us all.   The joyful feeling of generosity is filling them and helping to transform their lives.And, of course, The Five Energy Processes are making a big difference for everyone!  They are helping to change so many of the challenges of life into easy and happy experiences.  The stories of the miracles are already starting to arrive!What a wonderful bonus and opportunity for anyone who would like to help make a big difference in the world!  You have The Five Energy Processes to keep to assist your life whenever you want it and you can start a wonderful flow of energy to you by sharing the download!

The opportunity is still open if you would like to own the download of The Five Energy Processes and be able to send it on to others.  You can register using the link below.

Or if you know someone who already purchased the workshop download you could get a copy from them which is always just given as a gift.

The experience of generosity and giving is magical and will continue to bring you joy as it travels throughout the world.
Consider joining in the fun now and become an Emissary of Transformation by sending The Five Energy Processes to others who might enjoy having it  and sharing it too.

Receive the level of support you have been seeking! Experience 5 essential processes to assist you with many of life’s challenges.

Download this workshop and use these techniques whenever needed!!

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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