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Happy Gratitude (Thanksgiving) Day!

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and being grateful for all we have. My wish is that this year, more than ever before, we are able to extend that increased level of thanks giving to each and every day of the year.  “Gratitude is the cornerstone of happiness; for nothing brings joy until it is appreciated.”

   Be content with what you have;
Rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking
The whole world belongs to you.
-Lao Tzu

Here are a couple of special Thanksgiving tips:

# 1 – A great little video….


# 2 – An invitation from Adela Rubio to help keep the attitude of gratitude going…

The 21-Day Gratitude Project
Are you ready to create a BIG shift in your energy and your impact? Are you ready to upgrade your frequency and align with your higher visions? If you’ve never experienced the power of aligned intention, with an evolutionary community, you are in for a treat. This 21-Day Adventure will shift your energy and your perspective! We begin next Monday.

You can sign up at: http://enlightenedgratitude.com/

# 3 – A nice post from Ocean Robbins on the neuroscience of why gratitude makes us healthier that includes the line “There’s an old saying that if you’ve forgotten the language of gratitude, you’ll never be on speaking terms with happiness.”


# 4 – And this should add a little cheer to the day, although it may be harder to enjoy eating turkey afterwards…..


Leave a comment with what you are grateful for today!

Enjoy and Happy Thanks Giving Day, “Zippy”

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Vibes Up, Enlightenment Fest, doggie miracle, Radical Gratitude, and Abraham


Yea! Vibes Up makes some of my most favorite things on the planet and they are having their big sale of the year, offering 52% off on everything that isn’t already discounted! Use code THANKFUL52 at checkout to get the special deal. This is a great opportunity to get some really special and unique holiday gifts for those near and dear to you (including your pets). I love all the things I’ve gotten from VU, but especially recommend the Divine Soles and Earth Energy Mats (both now available with the new higher-powered formula containing puffy crystals and zeolite), Lotus Happy Mist and Therapy Bears. The mats have over 100 different ways they can be used and provide balancing, harmonizing, grounding energy, while at the same time off-setting EMFs and other non-beneficial things in your environment.  How does it get any better than that?! Visit the VU “Vibrational Wonderland Webshop” here and get crackin’.

Read my post about Vibes Up products and EMFs:



#1 – The Enlightenment Fest is coming, the Enlightenment Fest is coming!

Change your energy, change your world

Discover how every alteration in your thoughts affects your energy. This is not about using your mind to change behaviors. It is much easier. It is about using your mind to influence your energy so the behavior automatically changes. The same holds true for all aspects of your life.

You will learn how the Universe works, how your energy interacts with it, what your energy is doing or not doing right now, and how to change it for the better. You’ll be able to apply this understanding to everything:

Creativity … finance … visualization … relationships … productivity … stress management … parenting … success … the possibilities are limitless.

During the six days of the Enlightenment Fest your eyes will open in a way you never thought possible, and things within and around you will begin to transform.

* Layer after layer of resistance, frustration, and confusion in your life dissipates.

* Your limitations fall to the wayside along with feelings of unhappiness.

* Whatever is holding you back vanishes.

The same holds true for restricting beliefs about your life. It is all automatic when you are in alignment.

You won’t have to buy anything to listen, and there are no strings attached. You get to listen free during the fest that begins on December 2nd. You can get your Free Pass here.

# 2 – A great story about love, compassion and not giving up. It ends with the message “When you have hope, the possibilities are endless.” Amen!


# 3 – The Mentors Channel’s 21-Day Gratitude journey comes to a close with an online program tomorrow hosted by Panache Desai….

Don’t miss this chance to deepen your gratitude practice alongside Award Winning Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, Founder, Chairman and Mentors Channel CEO Doron Libshtein, and Panache. You are invited to participate via the internet, call-in or SKYPE with your own questions for these luminaries.

Register here for this free, interactive event and receive a link to a gift from Panache. The event is tomorrow, November 26th at 1:00 pm ET. Come ready to be inspired by these three powerhouses as they share how to live RADICAL GRATITUDE and establish it as a keystone to your everyday life.

# 4 – And a powerful, thought-provoking quote from Abraham….

There is no source of evil. There is only a Stream of Well-Being, which you are allowing, or not. But under the name of righteousness and goodness and religion, you drop bombs on innocent children. And then you say, “It’s for the good of all of us.” And we say: we don’t see that. And you don’t see it from your Non-physical perspective, either. It’s only in your disconnection that those things make sense.—Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Great pics, permaculture course, kid fun, activation image, free documentaries, and Global Meditation for the Philippines


Hey, today my pick is pics! Here’s some great images and the stories behind them to give you a renewed appreciation for Mother Nature, the planet and its people, including the photographers who came up with these amazing shots…



# 1 – Interested in living more consciously and “green?” This site offers a free download of a guide book on green living, PLUS offers a 72+ hour program on permaculture that you can take at your leisure. There is no charge for the course unless you actually want to end up being certified. Cool!


# 2 – I saw this image on FB and love it. It was posted by Lightworker Activation, but can’t make out the name of the artist…

# 3 – This is a must see for parents or those that work with kids. And even if that doesn’t include you, this is so clever and fun you’ve got to check it out..


# 4 – A neighbor of mine passed along this tip. A site where you can access and watch over 100 (119 right now, to be exact) mind-altering, conscious-expanding documentaries, including Thrive, Tapped (about bottled water), What The Bleep…, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead…..


# 5 – A great idea you may want to be a part of for the Philippines….

The Intention Call tribe has decided to create a Global Synchronized Meditation in collaboration with radio stations around the world and a massive quantity of online communities who understand the power of ONE MIND, ONE HEART.

JOIN & SPREAD this 30 minute global meditation happening this Saturday, November 23rd at 3pm Pacific (Your Time Zone HERE). This will be broadcast worldwide using the Intention Call platform in order to reach as many countries and supporters as possible!

Sign up if you aren’t already an Intention Call member and share this page/post with as many people as possible.



Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Abraham, love, doggie love, pain, amplified abundance, and peace song


# 1 – Often I end one of my posts with a quote from Abraham, but this seemed too good to wait until then. Boy, think how life would/could be different if we followed this advice….

No matter what the issue is, don’t try to justify why you don’t feel good. And don’t try to justify why you should feel differently. Don’t try to blame whatever it is you think the reason is that’s keeping you from feeling good. All of that is wasted effort. Just try to feel better right now.—Abraham

I guess my two cents worth to this would be that this is not, at least in my opinion, about trying to deny or suppress how you’re feeling in the moment….being inauthentic never really seems to be a good idea. And it’s not about judging a certain feeling/emotion as negative or bad. It’s just recognizing that our feelings are our guidance system and we can always make a “course correction” if we don’t like where we’re heading/what we’re feeling.

# 2 – Ah, another great one….

# 3 – And speaking of love, here’s a touching story of  a dog who apparently agreed with Rumi…


# 4 – A good one to remember….

# 5 – Tap into more abundance with this video and free abundance amplifying book from the folks at Mind Movies (I’ve made several MMs myself and it’s a great technology/process for clarifying your vision and permeating the subconscious with images, text, and music that fuel your dreams and feed the manifestation process). You can sign up for the video and free book here.

# 6 – And some beautiful images and music to end on…


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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A gift for you AND to share!

I hadn’t planned on doing a post today, BUT….

I don’t know if you are familiar with Jo Dunning (www.jodunning.com), but she is an energy worker and leader in the conscious evolution movement who emits and works with some of the sweetest transformational energy around. Just listening to her voice can have a calming effect. :-)
Anyway, yesterday I got an e-mail from her about the series of 5 energy processes she recently created and I loved how she was not just giving the people who purchased the download of the processes the okay to share the link, but strongly advocating doing so as a way of being agents of change and helping create a ripple effect in the world when we need all the help and support we can get. What a great and generous thing for her to do, and how aligned that way of thinking and being is with the new paradigm and creating a world worthy of us all!
I woke up in the middle of the night knowing I wanted to be a part of the fun, so this morning I purchased the download and am now passing along the link to others. What’s nice is there’s very little required when using the 5 processes….you can even have them playing quietly in the background as you work on other things, but have a part of your consciousness attuned to the energies available and use them to support you in a variety of ways.
Here’s the link and a little info from Jo. There is more instruction on the audio. Please feel free to pass this along and I would love to hear from everyone who does so I can have the fun of seeing the ripple effect at work. Enjoy!
Experience 5 essential processes to assist you with many of life’s challenges.
Download this workshop and use these techniques whenever needed!!
The next time you need some extra support, an insight or a little touch of magic you will have a process to use right away.
  1. Bring Financial Prosperity
  2. Create Body Comfort
  3. Become happy and peaceful
  4. Fix something broken
  5. Solve a problem
  1. Click the link above.
  2. Click on the link that says: “Click to Listen In”
  3. RIGHT click on the word, “Download”.
The energy is not calibrated to be put onto a CD and dividing the recording affects the energy. We suggest forwarding the recording to the process you wish to use.
FYI, here’s the e-mail I got from Jo about the processes and sharing them….
Are You An Emissary of Transformation Yet?
We thought you might like to know about the excitement that has happened as a result of The Five Energy Processes!As you know, anyone who registered for the workshop received a download and they are welcome to share it with others as a gift.  What they didn’t realize is that each time they share the download and every time it continues to be shared, they receive an extra boost of energy in their life!People are having a great time experiencing the energy flowing to them and the wonderful coincidences that life is now offering them! They are posting the recording on Facebook, sending it to friends and finding so many ways to give it as a gift to others.In the process, they are all now Emissaries of Transformation and are helping to create a happier world for us all.   The joyful feeling of generosity is filling them and helping to transform their lives.And, of course, The Five Energy Processes are making a big difference for everyone!  They are helping to change so many of the challenges of life into easy and happy experiences.  The stories of the miracles are already starting to arrive!What a wonderful bonus and opportunity for anyone who would like to help make a big difference in the world!  You have The Five Energy Processes to keep to assist your life whenever you want it and you can start a wonderful flow of energy to you by sharing the download!

The opportunity is still open if you would like to own the download of The Five Energy Processes and be able to send it on to others.  You can register using the link below.

Or if you know someone who already purchased the workshop download you could get a copy from them which is always just given as a gift.

The experience of generosity and giving is magical and will continue to bring you joy as it travels throughout the world.
Consider joining in the fun now and become an Emissary of Transformation by sending The Five Energy Processes to others who might enjoy having it  and sharing it too.

Receive the level of support you have been seeking! Experience 5 essential processes to assist you with many of life’s challenges.

Download this workshop and use these techniques whenever needed!!

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Animal communicator, helping others, be yourself, free e-book and MP3, depression, cell phones, pomegranates, and Abraham


I watched this documentary a couple of nights ago and was so touched and inspired by it. With the weekend coming up, I highly recommend taking the time to check it out, especially if you are an animal lover. Fascinating and poignant, ….a real testament to our inter/inner-connectedness with the animal kingdom, and, really, to everything else. Be sure and watch the last segment about the black leopard. Had me in tears….happy tears. :-)



# 1 – A good one, that fits in nicely with the Pick of the Day, from The Wealthy Spirit author Chellie Campbell on helping others that starts out with the quote…. 

We are each of us angels with only one wing and we can fly only by embracing one another.”—Luciano de Crescenzo


# 2 – 


# 3 – There’s an interesting new site called Hypnosis Live that offers over 200 powerful hypnosis sessions on a wide variety of subjects you can download. Right now they are giving away a free e-book titled The 18 Rules to Happiness, a free Eliminate Stress MP3 and a 10% off voucher. I’m not sure how long these free items will be available, so check out the site here: 


# 4 -This is a great one. Boy, can I relate!

# 5 – Check out some of my latest posts at Self-help Health….




# 6 – And a little from Abe to end on….

Use whatever excuse you can to vibrate in harmony with those things you’ve been saying you want. And when you do, those things that are a vibrational equivalent flow into your experience in abundance. Not because you deserve it, not because you’ve earned it, but because it’s the natural consequence of the Law of Attraction. That which is like unto itself is drawn.—Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Musical-pick-me-up, 3rd eye kiss, accessing higher guidance, astrological update, Gluten Summit, and Abraham


This had me singing along, even though I couldn’t understand the words. A musical group I’d like to be a part of….



# 1 – Hey, this might be a fun experiment to try…..

# 2 – The Shift Network is teaming with global change agent and internationally renowned expert on higher purpose, Tim Kelley…..  

Tim is offering his game-changing process via a free tele-seminar called: The 5 Steps to Accessing Higher Guidance: How to Reliably Open Your Channel to Divine Wisdom, Lead a Flourishing Life and Make your Greatest Contribution (wow that’s a mouth full!).

During his seminar on Wednesday, November 13th at 5:30 pm Pacific, Tim will reveal:

•    The three different types of sources that can provide clarity about your path (and which one will work best for you!)

•    The two key obstacles that prevent more than 99% of people from having clear access to divine guidance (and how to remove them!)

•    Four different connection methods you can use on your own (and which ones have the highest rates of success!)

•    How to most effectively deepen your connection to your guidance over the next two months

Tim is passionate about guiding people committed to making the world a better place into a personal relationship with direct guidance that is verifiable, clear, repeatable, and grounded in actual results. You can learn more and sign up for the free event here.

# 3 – Mercury stations direct, first quarter moon, and more in this astrological update from astrograph.com. Awareness of the forces at play, both inner and outer, allows for the best use of this time period…

The First Quarter Moon of late Saturday evening is an interesting occurrence, in part because Mercury has reached its station, and will return to direct motion on the very next day. As it does so it makes an exact trine to numinous and confounding Neptune, which means that this particular weekend is even more filled with illusion and mental confusion than recent days.

It is also interesting that Venus, having entered Capricorn a few days ago, where Pluto also resides, is now making a sextile aspect to both ends of the trine. In her newly entered sign, Venus is enjoining us to pay closer attention to how we can change the world around us corresponding to a soul-level connection with what we most hold dear. As Venus gets closer and closer to Pluto over these next few days, we might have the occasion as well to explore greater depth in all our relationships. Another factor in this First Quarter Moon is the spiritually motivating and expansive planetary archetype of Jupiter in mid-Cancer, aspected by the Sun and Moon in their square with one another.

Jupiter is standing still in the sky, getting ready to station retrograde, and is therefore more powerful, signaling full speed ahead to the cosmic engine room inside us. This can be well-placed enthusiasm for the best within us, or actually, energy for almost anything else that we can think of. Since the Sun in this quarter Moon configuration widely conjuncts Saturn, we have withholding, as well as generosity, on the part of the universe. The push and pull of a stop-and-go mode of being is a little crazy making, but perhaps holds valuable lessons for us. When we run into difficulties over this intense weekend we might want to remember the fundamental beneficence that actually underlies everything that we are going through.

These interesting and demanding cosmic presences are also of course acting on us in the context of the Solar Eclipse one week ago, when Uranus and Pluto were emphasized in their square, presaging the powerful changes currently taking place in our lives. Equally, the society that surrounds us is going through its major metamorphosis. The idealism of Neptune is now additionally invoked, because stationing Mercury makes an exact trine to Neptune with the Moon in parallel to both.

As we move through the inspiring and yet daunting energies of these times, any way we turn, we are allowing some particular aspect of our own future selves to spring into being. The Sabian Symbols for the degree of either end of the trine in Water Signs is revealing. As alluded to a couple of weeks back, the symbol for the degree that Neptune occupies, the 3rd degree of Pisces, is “A petrified forest.” That of stationing Mercury, in the 3rd degree of Scorpio, is “A house-raising.” Rather than remaining stuck in the past, at this turning of the Mercury Retrograde period, the time has indeed come for constructive action in our own lives and as well in the life of the enclosing collective.

# 4 –  If you would like to know more about gluten and have a better understanding of how it can affect your body and health, then you’ll be happy to learn that…

Dr. Tom O’Bryan has organized The Gluten Tele-summit, which will feature 29 of the world’s leading experts on the subject. The event is free and will run Nov. 11th – 17th and you can sign up here. When you register you will receive access to a video titled The 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gluten that will give you a small taste of what you will learn during the summit.

FYI, you may also want to check out my related posts at Self-help Health:




# 5 – Short and to the point from Abraham. I should tattoo this on my forehead. :-)

Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.—Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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