Imagine, letting go, new breeds, love, re-wire your brain, free events, and quotes x 2


Lovely image and words….

“Can you imagine what it would feel like to become aware of an omnipresent ocean of wild divine love that has always been a secret to you in the same way that the sea is invisible to a fish?”- Rob Brezsny


# 1 – Glad they included # 10. :-)

# 2 – For you animal lovers out there….a grrreat video about what happened in Costa Rica once they started thinking outside the box….and boxer. :-)

# 3 – Good one! All you need is love….

# 4 – Here’s something I found fascinating, mind-expanding and trippy that’s supposed to help re-wire your brain……

When I first saw this graphic on FB and looked at the four symbols to the right, I felt stuff happening in my head, so decided to use the link and watch the video.  Give it a try and let me know what happens. Use earphones, if possible.

# 5 – Two free events being sponsored by The Shift Network….

Creating a conscious business can be hugely rewarding on so many levels. However, running a business that is aligned with your values and vision can also be extremely challenging. The good news is that these challenges can be catalysts for your greatest growth and success. And The Shift Network is offering a free program that can help you grow a triple bottom line business with strong, stable profits, while focusing on authentic care and concern for your customers, employees — and the world.

It’s called the Enlightened Business Summit, and you’ll hear from a stellar lineup of conscious business leaders, including Deepak Chopra, Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, Vishen Lakhiani, Chade-Meng Tan, Brian Burt, Bharat Mitra, Bill Baren, George Kao, and many more!

With expert guidance and mentoring, you can learn how to turn challenges into the golden opportunities that allow you to create a thriving business that contributes to our thriving world!

 Sign up now for free here.

Join the event from October 8-18 to hear life-changing insights, and be guided through powerful healing techniques from world-class presenters, who include many top leaders who NEVER do online summits, from a Nigerian billionaire philanthropist to a former Senator and Ambassador turned entrepreneur.

And the second free event is….

The top leaders of the pioneering HeartMath organization are giving a teleclass on “3 Keys to Awaken Your Heart’s Intelligence ” (HeartMath is the world’s most influential scientific organization focused on activating the powers of the heart for greater joy and less stressful living).

On Wednesday, October 9th, HeartMath leaders will share the keys to bringing your heart into coherence with your brain to experience a new baseline of vibrant health, deeper relationships, more satisfying work, ease throughout your day and many more benefits.

Get details and sign up for free here. On the call, you’ll learn:

  • A quick practice to ease any stress, confusion or emotional turbulence–and bring you back into your heart
  • How you can cultivate your own powerful inner energy reserve to make your life easierand enjoy the experience of being in the flow on a daily basis
  • The key principles to access your heart’s deep wisdom to guide you in every area of your life
  • Fascinating research on how connected you really are to the hearts of others (your emotions even affect the earth itself!)

# 6 – And another free event, this one from Neale Donald Walsch…..

He’s offering an online seminar on Thursday, October 10th, called, “The 3 Secrets to Ending the Struggle and Making Your Life Work.”

Simply click on the link below and you’ll be registered for this special event at no charge:

End Your Struggle Now

# 7 – A double dose of quotes today. I’ve heard and read this first one a number of times before, but it never gets old to me….

When you understand the Laws, then you understand that it is not more difficult to create a castle than it is a button. They are equal. It is not more difficult to create $10 million than $100,000. It is the same application of the same Law to two different intentions.—Abraham

And I was listening to a replay the other day of The Wisdom Show, hosted by Jean Swann, and the guest was Dr. Bruce Liption giving a presentation on Creating Heaven on Earth. Very enjoyable and thought-provoking; always like to hear Dr. Lipton’s perspective. One of the many insightful things he said, and the quote I wanted to share, is….

 “Crisis precipitates evolution.”

So even though we look around and it often seems like the world is going to hell in a hand basket (and quickly!), all this is serving as a wake up call and opportunity to choose differently and begin to more consciously create a world worthy of us all. We’ve definitely got our work cut out for us! :-)

(BTW, there are still lots of great guests, such as Gregg Braden, Dr. Sue Morter, Guy Finley, and Patrick Durkin, that will be appearing on upcoming sessions of The Wisdom Show, so you may want to consider signing up, if you haven’t done so already.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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