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It’s Gratitude Day!!


Normally I don’t do posts back-to-back….I like to give people a little space to digest the previous post before the next one shows up (plus, putting these posts together is time consuming for me, so it gives me some breathing room, too :-)). But today is Gratitude Day and I found a couple of things I wanted to share.

First, an e-mail I received this morning from Radical Forgiveness author Colin Tipping, which happens to contain an offer for a free copy of his Radical Manifestation e-book (wow, something to be grateful for right off the bat! :-))…

There are a couple of dates Hallmark doesn’t seem to have picked up on yet.  I have just checked their website and noticed two they do not mention and for which they offer no cards.  One is September 21st: World Gratitude Day.  The second is July 7th: World Forgiveness Day.I think there is a great case for having a gratitude card, but I am very glad there is no such thing as a forgiveness card.  It would almost certainly do more harm than good.  Sending someone a card saying, “I have forgiven you,” would be interpreted as an accusation or judgment in disguise and as totally inauthentic.  If you feel the need to tell people you have forgiven them, you haven’t really forgiven them.  It is just another way to manipulate them.  So, on July 7th next year, forget about communicating forgiveness.  Just do it.  It’s an inside job.It’s quite different with gratitude.  What harm can it do to express your gratitude outwardly especially to those who have earned it?  None.  Yes, I know there are Thank You cards, but that’s usually a thank you for something specific, whereas gratitude is an expression of a deep and profound feeling of thankfulness and full throated appreciation.  Wouldn’t it be nice to send someone a card that says, I am so grateful you are in my life?

Even though, as yet, there is no card for gratitude, having a World Gratitude Day is a great idea, if for no other reason than it serves as a reminder to people who, like me, need to be reminded.  I’m afraid I tend to get so wrapped up in what I am doing that I fail to tell people how grateful I am to have them in my life. (My wife and my co-workers would confirm this fact.)

I also deprive myself of a lot of joy by not consciously feeling a heartfelt gratitude for the things I have manifested in my life: my relationships, my health, my talents and all that I have that brings me pleasure.  I am so incredibly rich even before I earn my first penny.

Just to be reminded on one day each year to stop and smell the roses makes a difference.  Nothing raises our vibration more than the feeling of gratitude.  Imagine what a contribution it would make to the world if on that one day, everyone took time out to feel gratitude for all they have. . . most of which is free anyway.

Gratitude and Radical Forgiveness (not conventional forgiveness) are closely related.  That’s because, through the process of Radical Forgiveness, you come to see that what happened to you was divinely guided. In every sense, it was a gift from your own Higher Self and from that of the other person, assuming another was involved.  Anger and resentment give way to a feeling of gratitude.

So today, September 21st, do some Radical Forgiveness in addition to putting time aside to contemplate what makes every day a Gratitude Day.


Colin Signature


As our way of showing our gratitude for YOU,  we want to give you a gift: the Radical Manifestation e-Book, where you can find out how gratitude and manifestation are closely intertwined. Just click here now and enter the word GRATITUDE in the Promotional Code field before adding the eBook to your basket. Then continue to the Checkout page to get this absolutely free gift today only, and know how grateful I am for all of you sharing this journey.

Second, here’s something from Stacey Robyn and the crew at Go Gratitude…

Greetings Beloveds –

September 21 is World Gratitude Day … and the International
Day of Peace.  Celebrations, gatherings, and global meditations
are happyning across the face of the planet, all in the Spirit of
Love, Peace and Gratitude!

Since its inception in 1977, World Gratitude Day has marked our personal and planetary procession into a greater awareness and mastery of the power of Gratitude in our lives.  We are grateful for each and every Beloved,  Luminary, Wisdom tradition, sage and soul who has carried forward the torch of Gratitude and illuminated the world.  This includes YOU!

Of course, Gratitude is most potent when practiced on a daily
basis AND it is a gift to gather our hearts and focus on this
day each year to come together and celebrate what we are
grateful for in our lives.

The beauty of World Gratitude Day is anyone, anywhere can
join in the celebrations.  It can be as simple as saying a Prayer
of Thanks, writing a Thank You note to someone who has made
a difference in our lives, or lighting a candle and sitting in silence …
allowing each breath to flow as a prayer of Gratitude.

Many groups are also gathering on this Day of Love, Peace and Gratitude.  www.Unify.org is live-streaming events across the globe, and offers a tool for locating gatherings in your local area, too.

Third, here’s an inspiring post about “doing good deeds” and the wonderful giving and receiving (and gratitude generating) aspect of it all…


And don’t forget to check out GratitudeLog.com, which I’ve mentioned in previous posts. A great place to record what you’re grateful for each day… and a wonderful community of people from all over the planet.

And finally, animals and Nature are two of the things that always inspire gratitude and appreciation in me. What does it for you? To anyone who leaves a comment about what they are grateful for today I will be happy to send a free copy of Wes Hopper’s The Power of Gratitude

Enjoy and have a gratitude-filled day, “Zippy”

p. s. And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page and Self-help Health blog for more tips, picks and free stuff!


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2 thoughts on “It’s Gratitude Day!!

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  2. Great post, and thanks for the pingback. Interesting thoughts on forgiveness, and I didn’t know it was gratitude day yesterday, but I had sent in a piece about Gratitude to our community magazine which was printed Friday…so it must have been ‘in the air’ somehow! I love synchronicity:-) Have a great week! H xxx

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