Gratitude, double good news, look for the positive, Guy Finley, and Awakening Thru Intimacy

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 –  # 2 – A dose of good news, or should I say, news that is good from my particular point of view :-)…. And more good news… # 3 – In the world of real estate there’s the saying that what’s important is “location, location, location.” When…Read more »

Putting things in perspective, finding faith, self/Self image, a whale of a story, and Abraham

PICKS OF THE DAY: # 1 – This is great for putting things in perspective. Had to laugh at the potato chromosone comparison… # 2 – Ever lost faith, felt abandoned by Spirit or that the Universe had it in for you? Check this out from Tama Kieves… Finding Faith When You’re Freaking Out: You…Read more »

Expect good things, manifest your dreams, free stuff, Releasing Fest, Project Heal Yourself, and Abraham

PICK OF THE DAY: Love the text AND the turtle! TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – I thought this Notes From the Universe ( that appeared in my inbox recently fit nicely with the Pick of  the Day… Dreams come true, Zirah, that’s what they do. The only variable is when. For the slow approach: Resist.…Read more »

Four Agreements, one “Lucky” dog, free e-courses, life experience, radiation update, Aquarius full moon, and “it”

PICK OF THE DAY: Good “Cliff Notes” version of The Four Agreements…   TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – I just recently found out about this site. Haven’t tried any of the free e-courses offered there yet, but might be worth checking out for some of you. In the personal development area they have a…Read more »

There’s only NOW, good cop/good dog, out with polarity, meditation for health, and Abraham

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 –   # 2 – Oh, this is a great (and very short) story of compassion…..   # 3 – Love it! Down with polarity, down with “us vs them” mentality; up with conscious evolution!   # 4 – The Shift Network is sponsoring another free event…. Dr. Dacher’s…Read more »

“Show me the money,” Global Oneness Day, being “box-less,” crazyrichfree event, free album, and Abraham

PICK OF THE DAY: If you are new to Access Consciousness, here’s a great question/process to introduce you to it. Access is all about the question,…. but not the answer, if you know what I mean.  Answers/conclusions put a stop to the flow of energy and expansion, whereas always being in the question continually keeps…Read more »