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I know I did a post yesterday and usually I wait a few days before doing another, but I really wanted to get the info about the current new moon phase out to people in a timely manner. We are in the midst of some potent astrological configurations these days, and will be for awhile (see  one of my previous posts on the 2013 Grand Water Trine), and it’s always helpful to know what energies are at play so we can make the most of them. So take heed. :-)….



# 1 – Here’s an interesting, stimulating article featuring an interview with David Wilcock taken from the Om Times newsletter…

# 2 – A take on the current Cancer new moon, Mercury retrograde, and other astrological happenings, from Henry Seltzer at….


by Henry Seltzer

Monday’s New Moon, which happens midnight Sunday on the west coast, early Monday morning on the east coast and Europe, takes place in the middle of sensitive Cancer, and in the heart as well of the Mercury Retrograde period. This lunation comes along at one extreme peak of the entire Mercury Retrograde, taking place as it does with the Sun and Moon in conjunction with Mercury, as it moves backward through Cancer, and accompanied as it is by the grand trine of JupiterSaturn and Neptune in Water signs, with Saturn stationing to direct motion.

The station direct of Saturn is extremely significant, making the Mercury Retrograde that much more intense, especially since the station happens so near the time of the New Moon, taking place a mere two hours before it. This station is what has made the trine between Saturn and Neptune last so long, these two being within one half of a degree of exact trine since the beginning of June, and lasting at this extent of closeness all the way through to the end of July. Saturn with Neptune on the one hand brings grounding to our dreams and schemes, and on the other throws the monkey wrench of fuzziness and overly imaginative thinking into our concrete planning.

These factors are likely to continue as long as the period of the Mercury Retrograde will last, from late June to July 20th, and on into the time of Mercury‘s retrograde shadow, two more weeks after its three weeks of backwards motion. With Saturn so emphasized, it is just a little harder now to make anything happen, which blends nicely with the frustration-inducing moments that are the hallmark of the Mercury Retrograde period itself.

The grand water trine is also particularly active now, through to past the middle of July, with Jupiter just a few degrees off the trine to both Saturn and Neptune, and closing. This has consequences for our own understanding of ourselves at deep levels, as symbolized by the strong Water emphasis, including the potential loss of faith in what we thought that we could count on. The upside is the possibility of faith in the largely unseen and, consciously at least, unknown elements of the bigger picture of our lives, residing in the very depths of us. The collective also reflects this symbolism, as secrets come to light, witness the NSA wiretapping scandal, with confusion as to motive of both government (Saturn) and perhaps idealistic whistle-blower, and with deception (also Neptune) potentially involved at either end of the equation.

As mentioned above, Saturn is standing still in the sky at time of this New Moon and new beginning. Saturnrepresents structure, what we can most depend on, and, in this association with Cancer, represents home and family structure as well, which might appear to be in mild or more major convulsion. Surprises are also likely, with Venus closely trine Uranus in the New Moon configuration, also the possibility of surprising enlightenment. With luck, as existing structures dissolve or are called into question, we might be able to forge new structures to replace them, based on a wider appreciation of the magic that the cosmos, and that we ourselves, when we try our best, can manage to bring to the table.

# 3 – Another insightful article on the potency of this astrological period and how best to create some magic. Love where she writes “Your true destiny is designed to be revealed when you follow your heart as it beats in harmony with universal energies.”


Cancer New Moon: Blood Lightning!

By  · July 3, 2013

The ancient Mayans were aware of an energy that connects each living being to heaven. They called this energy Eb, or blood lightning—the vital force which drives consciousness. When I first heard the term, I was so taken with it that I decided to call the movie I’m writing Blood Lightning. It seemed appropriate to my theme of a young woman coming into her spiritual power during the tumultuous period of 1850s New Orleans.  And now, just as we enter the Eb Trecena (July 1 – 14), which calls forth blood lightning, the screenplay is finally taking a deeper turn and building power, after many starts and stops.

According to the Mayans, Eb helps us connect our physical and spiritual beings, synchronize our hearts with Earth’s natural rhythms and gather energies within. Carlos Barrios says of this period, “Your true destiny is designed to be revealed when you follow your heart as it beats in harmony with universal energies.”

Can you feel this energy building? It corresponds with the magical Grand Water Trinebetween Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Saturn which is taking shape in the heavens. Though this trine won’t be exact until July 17-22, its power can already be felt. We’re sure to experience it at the July 8 Cancer New Moon (12:14 a.m. PDT), when the Sun and Moon embrace in the sign of the Great Mother, trine the North Node (destiny) in potent Scorpio. This powerful trine is a prelude to the Grand Water Trine, which unites Jupiter in Cancer (emotional truth), Saturn in Scorpio (karmic rectification) and Neptune in Pisces (heavenly bliss). All greatly energized by Mars conjunct Jupiter at the July 22 Full Moon. So, by tapping into our emotional truth, we can rectify old wrongs and climb the ladder to heaven, or fulfillment.

Though that may sound grandiose, the power of this energy is not to be scoffed at.Big changes are possible with very little effort this month. Heavenly aid is amazingly close and magic is available in a way that seldom happens. If this Grand Trine should fall near your birthday, as it does for me, the year ahead is bound to be one of advancement and good fortune (it activates my Mercury, so I’m looking forward to selling that screenplay!). Even if it’s not your birthday, any planets you have around 5 degrees of water signs will be greatly energized. This also applies to the houses in which the Grand Trine falls.

The key to all this potential good fortune is the nurturing of your emotional body. If you’ve been disregarding your feelings and soldiering on, it’s time to have a truth session with yourself. A core belief is probably holding you back from having what you want. Saturn in Scorpio pulls us to examine the root cause of our behaviors, so we can turn things around—especially in relationships and finances. Gather your energies and make any needed adjustments while Mercury is still retrograde through July 20. Then, as the July 22 Full Moon brings things to fruition, you’re apt to see some miraculous results.

# 4 – I love all these great innovative, eco-friendly ideas and products coming forward! I wonder what else is possible?! :-)

Solar Grills/heaters!
David Wilson, a professor at MIT, came up with this baby barbecue requiring no use of firewood, coal, gas or electricity to operate. The futuristic-looking contraption serves both for grilling, cooking or heating food, and it also serves as a space heater, using only solar energy. Battery life of about 25 hours between recharging. This means that the energy stored in a single day in the sun can be used throughout the night and the next day. Perfect for outdoor cooking in large cities, but especially rural and remote communities.

# 5 – And from good ole Abe….

“That’s why so many of us teach meditation. Because when you stop thought, you stop resistant thought. When you stop resistant thought, then you let it in. That’s why we teach appreciation, because when you’re in appreciation, you are not in the mode of resistance, and you are letting it in.”-–Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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