So, What’s YOUR Purpose?!

I read a lot these days about people wanting to figure out their mission or purpose in life, and from what I’ve come to understand so far, really everyone’s mission/purpose is the same…. to fully express who and what we are (Love), to live a life of joy, expansion and freedom, and to be truly ourselves. I also think that’s the “generic” answer and that we each have a more specific and “personal” something to do and be,…. I feel that each of us came in with unique talents and abilities to share, and that learning what those are and expressing them in ways that honor ourselves and enrich the planet is what life’s all about.

In my vision writing workbook a lot of the first section is devoted to information and exercises on Self-realization, because who and what an individual believes themself to be is the key log upon which their life and their vision will be built. You can’t have a big, expansive vision if you don’t view yourself in a big, expansive way, so one of the exercises in that section has to do with helping the reader get in touch with their “divine design” and its four key componenets– essence, function, rhythm and key feeling tone,….their unique “signature” that relates directly to what  soul has them here to be and do this particular lifetime.

So today I decided to do something a little different from my usual tips and picks posts. I thought it would be fun to share the part of the exercise that has to do with function here because, in a sense, I think  that’s really what people are trying to figure out when they talk about wanting to know their purpose and mission , but are just using  different wording. Hopefully it will be fun,  thought-provoking and helpful for you to explore and see what comes up for you. You really don’t even need to believe you have a specific function/purpose to benefit from the exercise. It’s more about getting people to think outside the box and beyond how they normally label/think of themselves, e. g. using career, religion, ethnicity, marital status, etc. to define who they are. :-)

(excerpted from Vision Writing: Composing & Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live)


The next step in finding out more about your “divine design” and who you really are is to explore the possibility that you have a particular function that is a primary way in which your essence shares its light and gifts with the world. Your function is not necessarily something you do, in the sense that it requires some particular action or effort on your part. We’re talking about something that is an inherent aspect of your being in the world and interacting with those around you—the “work” you were born to “do” without the body sometimes ever lifting a finger. In a sense, your function is like a specific talent or ability you came in with this lifetime that is one of the keys to how you go about fulfilling your soul purpose and mission. You might think of it as your “cosmic job title,” of sorts.

Your function is a service you innately provide to the planet (even if, or when, you are unaware you’re “doing” it), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is something that’s always appreciated by those who come in contact with you. For example, if your function is to help dismantle old systems so that higher possibilities can come into being, people may initially view you as just someone whose presence seems to disrupt their comfy routine and bring a sense of chaos into their life. It may not be until well after (if at all) the new, higher possibilities are firmly in place for them that they would even begin to recognize or appreciate what you helped facilitate. (The same might also be said of your essence—i.e. if your essence is Truth, people whose personalities are “into” lying, or who don’t like facing the truth, may not like being in your presence and not even know why they feel that way.)

To gain insight into what your function might be, think about what seems to happen to people (and systems) whenever you’re around. Do they gain clarity, or become aware of new possibilities, or more easily access their inner knowing? Do things or conditions get refined, or dismantled, or revealed? Do people experience an expanded sense of Self?  Or feel nourished? Or activated? What do you think your “cosmic job title” is? Catalyst?  Data Transmitter? Harmonizer? Refiner/Adapter? Probability Flow Director? Manifester? Illuminator? Do you inspire and uplift? Help initiate new beginnings? Tear down old systems?  Look back over your life and see if there is something that has consistently happened in and around you, regardless of outer conditions or circumstances.

You may want to start by writing down several sentences that you think describe your function, then pare things down to a few key words. When you have your answer, stand up and repeat the phrase “I am the essence (from Part I of the exercise) of Divine________,” but this time also include what you’ve come up with as your function as a part of your statement. See how that feels and what it evokes. Does it feel light and “tingly,” spontaneously evoke emotion from deep within you, and/or activate your inner knowing? If not, continue to explore other possibilities until you get a sense of an inner “yes.”

After you’ve finished focusing on this second aspect of your being-ness, move on to Part III, the Rhythm section (sounds like part of an orchestra or something! :-)) and Part IV, the section on Key Feeling Tone, to discover even more about what makes you the unique expression of Spirit that you are.

So, what did you come up with as your function? I would love to hear what got evoked in you, so I’m offering a free copy of the visioning workbook to the first person to post a comment about their function. Everyone else who comments will receive the other sections of the Divine Design exercise so they will be able to explore the other 3 aspects of their “soul’s signature.” :-)

Enjoy, “Zippy”

p. s. And don’t forget to stop by my other blog Self-help Health and my website All One Together!

5 Replies to “So, What’s YOUR Purpose?!”

  1. You had me going while reading your author section! haha great post. Amazing that all you have to do is just decide on your purpose… if it resonates with you, it’s probably a good place to start! to your abundance! keep it up.

  2. Hi John,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I had mentioned that “I’m offering a free copy of the visioning workbook to the first person to post a comment about their function” and you ARE the first person to comment, but you didn’t mention anything about what you came up w/ as your function, so you really only “half qualify” for the free workbook. :-) But maybe qualifying wasn’t your intention anyway.

    1. I just tried several times to leave a comment on the blog post where you listed one of my posts as a related article, but never had any luck. Seemed like there was some spam set-up that wouldn’t even allow comments to be made, although I could be wrong. Anyway, I’m not sure if you’ll receive/see this, but here’s what I said (or at least tried to say! :-)):

      Thanks for listing my “So, What’s YOUR Purpose?” post at Evolution Made Easier as a related article to this one of yours on visioning. My post offers a free vision workbook for the first person to leave a comment about what they think their function/purpose is after going through the exercise given in the post. That free workbook is still up for grabs. And those that don’t happen to be first will still qualify to receive the other parts of the exercise.

      BTW, rather than concentrating on achieving a single goal, the focus of the workbook I created (Vision Writing: Composing & Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live) is on changing the whole context of someone’s life and self identity. Anyone that would like to know more, or read about all the benefits from writing a vision, can go to the Visioning page of the blog.

      And since you talk about combining visualization, the written word, and your feelings, as far as energizing a vision, you may want to check out my website page for a technology that allows you to do that, plus throw in movement and music. There’s a link to one of the personal “movies” I made there. It’s a great way for energizing a vision, especially since you can play the movie in the background while working on the computer so that the whole time your subconscious is taking in the details of your personal vision subliminally. Neat!

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