Mother Nature, vitamin T, organics from China, eco-friendly algae, visioning, Hungry For Change, and Abraham


# 1- Oh, Mother Nature, you are divine!

# 2 – Getting enough vitamin T?

# 3 – Yes!

# 4 –  If even some of this is true and you buy organic foods, you should read it…

# 5 – Yea! More exciting news about how algae may provide a number of eco-friendly solutions…

# 6 – Watch the documentary Hungry for Change for free through March 31st…

# 7 – And a  little something from Abraham…

“Once you envision something and the Universal forces come into play to help you in the creation of it, there’s never again going to be enough action for you to keep up with it. You can’t use the Energy that creates worlds to create a situation and then find the action to keep up with it. You have to keep envisioning. You have to keep imagining it better.”— Abraham

(For more on envisioning something, check out the Visioning tab of this blog and my workbook that’s a do-it-yourself workshop in visioning, conscious creation and Self-realization.)

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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