Create something awesome, black cumin, a feel good story, solar spin cell cones, and your chakra system


You have to watch this video! Cute, clever, inspiring and awesome (you’ll see what I mean :-))


# 1 – And speaking of creating something awesome (as mentioned in the above video), Mother Nature does it all the time…

# 2 – Here’s an article about the many uses and benefits of black cumin. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has used this product what your experience has been.

# 3 – A feel good story…

# 4 – Yea!  More good news about innovative, eco-friendly products emerging…

# 5 – Here’s something from the folks at Mind Valley about your chakra system that you might want to check out…

Active meditation is a great way to overcome the resistance within your mind, but the truth is that your mind is only one part of a larger energetic ecosystem.  And if any part of this system is weakened or blocked, it can interfere with your ability to get the most out of your meditation practice.

Your 7 Chakras are the main energy centers within your body and any of them are potential areas where energy can get stuck and stagnate.

So how do you know which parts of your system are tripping you up?

>>> Try this quick quiz from Energy Therapist Carol Tuttle 

In just 3 minutes, she’ll help you find which of your chakras are blocked or weakened.

Meaning you’ll be able to see exactly how each of your 7 Chakras could be helping – or hurting – your meditative flow, right now.


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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