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Cancer full moon, Nature’s beauty, Finland’s education system, rousing music, cultivating acceptance, more on algae, and Abraham


# 1 – Gorgeous! The awe-inspiring rising arch of the Milky Way over Chaco Canyon in New Mexico…

# 2 – Ahhh, yes…

# 3 – US public school system, take note…


# 4 – Som Sabadell’s idea of a flash mob…and beautiful music…


# 5 – Accepting what is….

# 6 – Yea! I love to see more ingenious and forward-thinking things like this starting to happen…


(Also see a previous post for more on how they are finding new uses for algae.)

# 7 – Insight into the Cancer full moon by April Elliott Kent of mooncircles.com…

Cancer Full Moon: The Bottom Line, by  · December 25, 2012

Capricorn, the sign that rules business and worldly achievement, is sometimes uncharitably described as cold and pragmatic. Not that all Capricorn people are that way, of course; far from it. At its best, Capricorn is the kindly, sensible patriarch that guides us to achievement and to being our best selves. But each sign has its shadow side, and bottom-line pragmatism is certainly the archetypal province of Capricorn. Think of Scrooge, and of Mr. Potter from “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Or the CEO who engineered an acquisition of the company where you work, and promptly discontinued the pension plan, slashed benefits, and fired ten percent of the work force. If a business practice doesn’t improve his bottom line, such a person can’t comprehend how it could possibly contribute to his success.

But the Full Moon in the domestic, nurturing sign of Cancer reminds us that there are all kinds of ways to be successful, and not all of them can be measured with a calculator. Consider my favorite eatery, a small, family-owned restaurant that has been a mainstay of our neighborhood for nearly four decades.

When we moved into our first home together, my husband and I soon joined the legions of enchilada addicts who regularly flocked to the tiny, dingy restaurant down the street. Aside from the extraordinary food, which would keep us coming back no matter what, this is the only restaurant where I’ve ever really felt at home. As long-time regulars, my husband and I are accorded the respect and affection of that status. We walk in the door and are greeted warmly and led to our favorite table; within minutes, our favorite drinks are on the table and our order has been placed for us. When we go there, we feel like family; and based on the number of familiar patrons we recognize each time we visit, we’re part of a fairly large clan.

It is, in short, an institution. In an industry that sees many more failures than successes, it’s no small feat to keep a restaurant open, let alone thriving, into the next generation. I don’t pretend to know how they do it; I only know how I feel when I go there: I feel like a person, not a figure on someone’s balance sheet.

Apparently, so do the staff, who tend to stay for a good long time. Part of what keeps them there, I imagine, are person-friendly business practices. For instance, the restaurant is closed every Sunday. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve found ourselves geared up for a tasty lunch, gotten all the way to their front door, and remembered too late that it was Sunday – el restaurante estaba cerrado. Their doors are also shut each year for the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s. I’m sure there were times, especially early on, when the owner’s bottom line suffered as a result of these decisions. But to him, Sunday and Christmastime are for spending time with family, not for working.

Family, community, and tradition are the soul-nourishing province of Cancer, the essential counterpart to Capricorn’s desire for worldly achievement. Our favorite eatery has succeeded for largely Cancerian reasons: great food, a nurturing atmosphere, great location, and a younger generation that has taken an interest in the family business. We’ve watched the owner’s children grow up, and it was a bit of a shock when, a couple of years ago, they took over the business. We watched warily as they undertook a major remodel, expanding the restaurant and opening an outdoor seating area. We wondered if our favorite waitresses would disappear, or whether the marvelous uncle who cooks our favorite enchiladas would retire along with his brother. Perhaps – horrors! – the kids would even decide to keep the place open on Sundays! Would our beloved haunt still feel like home?

Well, things are a little different there now. The remodeled interior is beautiful, but unbelievably noisy, thanks to stylish concrete floors and high ceilings. Many of the older waitresses have moved on. But the new patio seating area is a dream, our favorite place in the world to sit and have a meal. One of the New Guard has become our all-time favorite waitress, and we still get the same warm attention when we walk through the door. The food is exactly the same – delicious – and you still can’t get it on Sunday, or during the week after Christmas.

A few days ago, drafting my resolutions for the new year, I found myself thinking about this restaurant and about the other businesses I enjoy patronizing. They all have a couple of things in common. First, they shared a warm, welcoming spirit that makes me feel appreciated. And second, every one of them is wildly successful by standards that would impress even the flintiest Capricorn. They include a hairdresser who is booked a month in advance; a mechanic who is so busy he had to rent a new building last year, an astrologer so brilliant and empathetic that he has a two-year waiting list for readings. They – and the Full Moon in Cancer – remind us that whatever we hope to achieve in the New Year, we will find our best and fullest success by treating the people around us with tenderness and nurturing. That’s thereal bottom line – and if we protect that, then the balance sheet will take care of itself.

© April Elliott Kent

And here’s Astrograph’s (www.astrograph.com) take on the current astrological happenings…

With Friday’s Full Moon we reach an important stage in this pivotal end-of-year period. This is an especially significant moment in time, one week after the 2012 Day and just a few days before the New Year, Monday the 31st at midnight, and featuring the perfection of the SaturnPluto sextile that has come along in this Winter 2012 time frame to add its weight to the on-going cycle of Uranus and Pluto. Massive transformation is the theme, as current events continue to call to our attention, and as our own instincts also reveal when we take the opportunity to tune in – as Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter puts it, to “close our eyes to see.” And the individual and societal mandate for change that we so poignantly feel actually represents our own best interest. We must, in the final analysis, allow to drop away whichever of our dysfunctional behaviors that we can identify as no longer serving our real needs.

There is in fact an enormous focus on Pluto in Friday’s chart, and as the year turns over. At the moment of the Full Moon, the Sun conjuncts Pluto within a mere two degrees, while the Moon opposes; Jupiter in Gemini makes an exact quincunx to the midpoint of Sunand PlutoSaturn in Scorpio remains in mutual reception to Pluto and also in extremely close sextile, exact within a few minutes of a degree, thus greatly emphasizing both of these powerful planetary energies for change. Pluto in the social sign of Capricorn presages the radical transformation of cultural structures. Saturnbrings hardship and lessons to whatever sign it occupies. In Scorpio, the lessons are all about emotional connection with others around us, and within ourselves as well. Being in closer touch with ourselves at the deepest possible level is one way of conceptualizing the cultural shift that we are in the midst of now, and through to the end of the decade. When we witness the tragedy of schoolhouse assassins failing to get the emotional help that they need it speaks to all of us. And when we see social services potentially curtailed, placing the most vulnerable among us at greater risk, in order to keep the wealthiest in better financial health, it forces us to pause and consider priorities.

The Full Moon opposition from the nurturing sign of Cancer versus the Capricorn Sun brings issues of private and public, self and other, directly to our inner dialog. Jupiter, planetary archetype of spiritual faith and fundamental optimism in our choices, is also a particularly dominant factor right now. We as a society are looking ahead to the future, and attempting to discern where we are headed. And yet the social organism is nothing more than the sum of individuals. Each one of us has the emblematic power to make the choices that as a society we will live with for years and perhaps for decades to come, and the sustaining power of Spirit is working along with us to guide us through.

At the time of this Full Moon, the Moon in Cancer makes a Grand Trine in Water with Saturn in Scorpio and withChiron in Pisces so that our emotions are easily aroused and deeply motivated. Also, the Sabian Symbol forPluto‘s degree in Capricorn speaks of unfamiliar energies that we need to explore: “An albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor.” Indeed, through this Full Moon, we are getting in closer touch with our orphaned animal nature, our instinctual side. We are probing for answers to our collective dilemma where we must: on the inside. As we come though the transformationally oriented end of a potent year, we do well to remember that we have within us, by a simple shift in attitude, the ability to change and improve our world.

# 8 – And some input from Abraham…

“Metabolism is vibrational response to your moment in time. Metabolism is the way the Energy is moving through your body. And so, everything is in response to the way you feel — everything is. Everything is mind over matter. Every disease is mental first. Everything is about thought. Everything is about vibration. Everything is about the way you feel. Practice scenarios that feel good—and never mind reality. Reality is only a brief moment in time that you keep repeating.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Merry Heart-felt Tips to YOU!!

Regardless of your religious persuasion or spiritual inclinations, I hope you enjoy this Christmas blog post and the feel-good gifts/tips it holds from my heart to yours!

# 1 – Oh Mother Nature, you continue to bless us. Can you say winter wonderland? 


# 2 – Here’s one of the most recent Notes From the Universe that arrived in my inbox…

Haven’t all the years you’ve spent being Santa Claus, Zirah, been more fun than all the years you spent waiting for Santa Claus?

And not just for the joy you’ve helped place on your favorite faces, but for your ability to act instead of wait. Acting makes the suspense bearable. It gives you a starring role. Time passes more quickly. And best of all, it makes possible your dance with life as you network and mingle with other dancers.

And so it is in all things, Zirah, especially those dreams that have placed their trust in you… act, don’t wait.

Happy Hallelujah, Santa Claus!
The Universe

# 3 – Grab your hankies and get ready for some happy tears!


# 4 – Oh wow, Christmas in Old Town Quebec City….like something out of a story book or fairy tale…

# 5 – The Gayatri Mantra Around the World, with Deva Premal….the perfect antidote for any holiday stress you may be feeling…


# 6 – An inspiring article about 10 random acts of kindness (be sure to watch the video related to the “puppy love” one!)…


# 7 – A lovely post by a lovely lady about love (what else ?!) and the true spirit of Christmas…


# 8 – An uplifting story about  something rare. A sign of what’s possible and things to come in the new year?


# 9 – And stimulating questions from…..Puppetji! Sure to bring a smile to your face…


Wishing you an inspired and inspiring day,  Zirah

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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Astrological update, words of wisdom, grid lines, Power of You, Guy Finley, and Abraham


# 1 – Realizing there’s no “us and them”…

# 2-  Fascinating information about the grid lines of the Earth and Metatron’s Cube…


And about the rotation of our solar system…


# 3 – Amoda Maa Jeevan of The Power of You is offering a free e-course on the spiritual power within…


# 4 – I was reading this article by Guy Finley and thinking about the recent Newtown, CT incident…


# 5 – Astrological update for the week from Chris Flisher at http://www.chrisflisher.com…

Week of December 24th, 2012: Pluto responds with reconstruction; from the ashes we arise

The Sun aligns in a conjunction with Pluto this week and shines a light on what is being repaired. Pluto represents transformation and although that sounds like a weighty word, it is appropriate. Pluto tears down and then reconstructs. The end result is exactly where we need to be. The hard part is getting there. Like having your kitchen remodeled, you are inconvenienced for a period of time but eventually it all begins to make sense. The harder the battle; the sweeter the victory. At this time of year much of the world is deep into their year-end pageantry and the celebrations signal an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Fortunately Pluto is more than happy to oblige. The financial situation in the US is severe, and one that has a deadline looming over the end of the year. Can a compromise be made before the bus skids to a halt at the edge of the cliff?

How does this work for you?……see video for extended forecast for planet. 

# 6 – Hmmmm…..never thought of it that way.

“Your Inner Being is always guiding you toward what you are wanting. It is never protecting you from something else.”— Abraham


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Inspiring music, thyroid health, Raw Food & Orawellness specials, Heart Healing Solutions, and more!



# 1 – Regardless of your religious persuasion, this video has some great singing and serves as a reminder that Christmas is not about all the hoopla and commercialism…


# 2 – Words to live by…

“Today, is the beginning of the New World, as is every day. It’s the chance to trust in love more than fear, beckon grace, dare your brilliance, choose from abundance more than “lack.” A new world begins for each of us the moment we begin choosing our True Self.” –Tama Kieves

# 3 – The Raw Food World is offering a special discount of 17.5% off everything until the end of the year…

If you purchase some of  their At-Cost Specials for the month, this is on top of the already reduced prices! Just use code Holiday18 when ordering (this discount does not apply to appliances and detox and exercise equipment, but select appliances qualify for a 12% discount with code Holiday12). A great way to help you start off the new year healthier!

# 4 – A fascinating article about using your vocal chords to help balance your thyroid…


# 5 – Orawellness is offering free Bass toothbrushes with the purchase of their organic Brushing Blend (love it!)…

Get one free brush for each bottle you buy, so if you go for their 3 pack, where you get 3 bottles for the price of 2, you also get 3 free brushes; offer is also good on their 7 and 12 packs. I took advantage of this offer the last time they ran it and love the brushing blend and Bass brushes. Write “holiday brush offer” in the customer note section during check-out to qualify; also put whether you want adult or child brushes, or a combination. This is only good through 12/24, so you need to act fast to catch this one!

# 6 – Dr. Anna Michelle is hosting the free Heart Healing Solutions tele-seiminar series, with guests including Maureen Moss, Guy Finley, Dr. Sue Morter, and many others.

The event started on the 18th, but there are going to be 50 presentations in all, so there are still plenty of upcoming interviews to catch live or in replay. You can register here.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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12-21-12: Envisioning a new world for 2013 and beyond


12-21-12 is finally at our doorstep and there’s an abundance of special events organized to honor the occasion; several of them are listed below. May we all open our hearts to the Light more than ever before and be both blessed and a blessing during this time of potent possibility.

# 1 – An article titled The End of the World is Cancelled by Dr. Katie Garnett of The One Command


# 2 – A Winter Feast for the Soul is sponsoring a free live video on-line workshop with David Less titled Re-visioning the Future…

The event will be on 12-22-12 from 9:30 am to noon CST. To participate, go to the following website at that time and click on the link that will be available at that time. There will be an audio replay accessible in the archives afterward. Also check out the upcoming Winter Feast for the Soul event starting on 1/15/13 and running for 40 days.


# 3 – Speaking of re-visioning the future, to encourage anyone really serious about putting time into the visioning process, I am offering a 1/2 price sale on my workbook titled Vision Writing: Composing & Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live

During the days following the 21st, the energies for creating a new world are said to be especially potent and filled with possibilities (see tip #12 astrology), which means it’s an ideal time to put the information, exercises, vision template and resources the book offers to work for you. You will also receive a complimentary copy of  A Healthier You From the Inside Out and Wes Hopper’s The Power of Gratitude booklet. A great way to get set for the new year! Just scroll down to the very bottom of All One’s Books page and click on the link there to be taken to the special discount offer for Evolution Made Easier readers.

# 4 – Healing With the Masters is offering a Prepare For 2013 workshop on the 21st and 22nd that is free (or whatever amount you’re drawn to donate), plus their Encore Week is still going on and has lots of supportive and transformative information and consciousness expanding techniques for this major time of shifts and change on the planet.

# 5 – Jo Dunning is offering a free event on the 22nd from 2:45 to 3:30 pm PST…

It’s titled the Eight Minute Window: Opportunity to Awaken and you can learn more and sign up here:


# 6 – An invitation from Mashhur Anam at LifeHarmonized.com…

Join Life Harmonized and nrQi Radio for the 12.21 Unity Series.
This is a 4-day event leading to some of the major planetary alignments. Together, we will work on integrating information and holographic matrices for us, humanity, the planet and all life on earth. We will also unwrap some major karmic ties around some of our major timelines. Our goal is to help create a path of maximum harmony for the rest of 2012 and beyond. As we create and expand our unity consciousness, we can redesign our universal hologram to reflect that for the entire planet to help humanity and all life on earth create a bridge to the 5th dimension.

Please join us for this complimentary series. It is a gift for all of you. Please invite anyone who may be interested to join. The calls for the first 3 days will be 30-45 minutes long and on Dec 21st, we will have an hour long call.  A strong collective field holding a Unity Consciousness can create a new holographic projection of harmony.

Please join live or listen to the recordings.

Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
Access Code: 451189#Day 1: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 7 pm Eastern
Healing – Healing self, heart, humanity, the planet and all life on earthDay 2: Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 at 7 pm Eastern
Love & Joy – Vibrant expression of unconditional love, joy and heart based communicationDay 3: Thursday, December 20th, 2012 at 7 pm Eastern
Harmony & Purity – Grace, flow, collaboration, harmony and purityDay 4: Friday, December 21st, 2012 at 10 am Eastern
Unity Consciousness – Align with Truth, Connect with Source and Return to Origin

Global Time Converter:  http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock

Phone lines are limited – so please join 5-10 minutes before the call or listen via the webcast links.  Detailed information about this call and webcast links are on the Life Harmonized Events page.  Also, please visit the Events page to listen to the recordings after the calls.

# 7 – And don’t forget the Birth 2012 big event and global webcast being hosted by The Shift Network on Dec 21st and 22nd, plus the Three Days of Love event and pledge you can take.

This week the Birth 2012 online TV channel is going live and you can watch at your own time
each day; check in with the Birth 2012 online TV for new inspiration on a daily practice about 30 minutes a day and to watch through the week and around the clock starting 12/20.  Each day new videos will be added, so tune in this week.

# 8 – Awaken to Grace is offering a free Winter Solstice/Seasons Balancing session on the 21st, but you must sign up by the 20th…


# 9 – And there’s the Rainbow Bridge event,  mentioned in my previous blog post, that runs from the 19th to the 21st.

# 10 – Also, here’s a message from Maureen Moss of World Puja about 12-21-12 and support that’s available…

It is with great love and deep respect that I welcome you to the other side of the 12-12-12. Now, on we go to the 12-21-12. This shift is not complete.

The cosmic portal opened on the 12-12-12 continues through the 12-23-12. During this time we are given the ultimate opportunity to be graced with energies and codes of Light through this next and final cosmic opening, different than the 12-12-12 due to the powerful final Solstice of this cycle, and both the planetary and galactic alignments.

If prepared, this window of opportunity will move us upward, again, affording us the blessing to once more expand our consciousness, and present us with an opportunity, to step inside, review, reveal, and course correct whatsoever is necessary to enable each of us to drop our final masks, give up whatsoever trespasses on our Divinity, deposit our fears, and step into the Template of our Divine Natures with our authentic true natures intact, thus passing the initiation that provides us the rite of passage into the New World.

During this time, 12-21-12 thru 12-23-12 we will experience more amplified energies and pushes from many Cosmic Sources, however none so much as from our very own Souls. It is our Soul’s turn to lead, though you must be in alignment, harmony, resonance and rapport with it.

The final impulses, alignments and portals are intended to give one final push to shift the frequencies and harmonics within us, that create a central alignment with the planets, the Great Central Sun, the Star Nations, our Souls and the God of our Being to choose clearly the life we prefer, moving forward. Each impulse and push will open extraordinary vistas for you if you are open, and prepared.

It is my prayer that we have created, that which will prepare you, as it has thousands worldwide.

On the 12-12-12, The World Puja Network, broadcasted to the world, with 6 leaders in Global Consciousness, a World Meditation and Planetary Transmission intended to lead you, with love, all the way through the end of this cycle of 2012 and into 2013.

The messages, transmissions, activations and sound healing were profound, deep, wise and powerful assisting all present to be able to see themselves in a different Light, to be lifted into grander frequencies, and to stabilize the inrush of pure Divine Love and the Light Codes that accompanied them. The personal experiences of change across the world, were and are palpable.

If you were not a part of this global gathering, the entire 2-hour transmission is still available to you on MP3. This event, in its entirety, was created in a powerful Unified Chalice of Love, with one singular intention, to prepare and empower each through the completion of this cycle and into the next. You will be prepared, guided, lifted, supported and blessed.

Simply, click on this link if you wish to deeply experience the upcoming frequencies of the 12-21-12 in a profound way:
Here you will be able to register and then retrieve the MP3 that will move you with grace, love and ease into The New World, and embrace The New You.

Also, I have included one of our speakers, Barry Goldstein’s sound healings to give you a taste of what was included in this amazing Global Event.  Please click here to listen.

Know you are deeply loved, highly respected and magnificent Crystal Beings of Light,

Maureen Moss
President, “The World Puja Network”+

# 11 – And The Grand Alignment 2012 Online Event Marathon…

This free event will bring together speakers including Tiara Kumara, Anrita Melchizedek, Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, Erik Berglund, Christine Day, Raquel Spencer, AnRaNae Meders, Dr. Louise Swartswalter, Dr. Suzanne Lie, Nina Brown, Norma Tarango, Dave and Erina Cowan, Shirley Irene Ponto, Michelle Anderson, Soluntra King and hostess, Lauren Galey.


Dates: Friday 12-21-12, Saturday 12-22-12, Sunday 12-23-12
(4 Hours Each Day)

 Time: Noon Pacific/1pm Mountain/ 2pm Central /3pm Eastern /7pm GMT

Reserve Your Online Marathon Seat Here

Online Playback will be available thru December 25th.

Registration is free and you must register to receive the email reminder with the event links. If you can’t join us live, please go ahead register to receive special notices with the Online Playback links so you can listen in at anytime.

Your free registration will allow you to listen in to many facilitator presentations that are going to expand your consciousness, open your heart and give you some powerful activations and meditations that you can use into 2013 and beyond!

# 12 – And finally, the astrology for this first quarter moon phase from astrograph.com is quite telling in regard to the potent configurations occurring at this special time in history…


Wednesday’s First Quarter Moon reminds us that while we are here for multiple reasons, not the least of which is to grow in our understanding of ourselves and of each other, there are circumstances that inevitably come up to waylay us in that effort and that seem to present impassable obstacles to our journey forward into wholeness. This current configuration emphasizes these potential difficulties, with Saturn – planet of limitation and restriction – looming large. This is the natural cycle of the lunar phases; at first glance the road seems clear before us and then the nitty-gritty details and the annoying practical considerations weigh in, beginning to make the final result of our endeavor so much more complex in its reality orientation than we had originally thought.

This follow-up phase to the potent New Moon of mid-December features a very close SaturnPluto sextile that will be nearly perfect by the end of the week, Friday, December 21st, just as Jupiter also comes in to close quincunx alignment with both, a yod formation focused on this Lord of the Future. TheMoon on Wednesday is also conjunct Uranus just as the Sun begins its contact with Pluto, a forming conjunction that will extend into greater strength with the Solstice on Friday, December 21st and grow in intensity over the remainder of this end-of-year period, perfecting on the 30th. We are caught up in the vice of powerful change and we ignore the signals to our detriment, both those of astrological import and those that come to us in the form of tragic current events.

This date of the yod to Jupiter, the 21st, is also of course the date of the storied 2012 Winter Solstice, the Mayan Calendar end date which has received so much attention over the past few years. Certainly according to Western Astrology as well in the Mayan system, we are in the midst of a powerful time of bringing new consciousness into being, in the context of a decade of change. Since media and public attention is more focused, we as a society can benefit now by whatever serves to bring greater awareness to bear on our current situation, which is in fact in desperate need of radical transformation, individually as well as culturally. The very structure of our individual lives, as well as of the society that gives us sustenance, must change in order to survive. This is an extreme statement but one that is called for by the extremity of the times that we are now living through, over these past few years and into the end of this decade of the Turbulent Teens.

With the yod forming from Saturn and Pluto to Jupiter in Gemini, perfecting on the 21st, this end-of-year time, and the year it initiates, is indeed one major focal point of the energy for cultural shift. There is optimism in the Jupiter emphasis, especially to the extent that we can wake up a little and recognize where indeed we are, and who we are. We have a massive opportunity now. We can each one of us become a holographic star point, seeding the cultural transformation that must inevitably follow. When we ignite one candle the darkness recedes by that crucial quantum leap, and we more fully inhabit our true nature as the facilitators of the light.

Enjoy and make the most of this special time, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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Uranus goes direct, Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, 21 Day Detox, laughter, Snickers the porcupine, Rainbow Bridge and Abraham


# 1 – Law of Attraction made simple…

# 2 – More words of wisdom…

# 3 – Want a way to start off 2013 with a bang?!

Tera Warner is offering her popular BE Green 21 Day Smoothie Detox course again starting on Jan. 1st and will include guest presenters Robyn Openshaw (Green Smoothie Girl), Angela Stokes-Monarch (Raw Food World), Teresa Tap (exercise physiologist and trainer), and others. This is a great way to make sure you start 2013 on the right track in regard to your health and overall well-being! Want to release toxins and have more energy and focus, younger looking skin, balanced weight, better digestion and much more in the new year? Then this could be the answer to your prayers. Check out all the details here.

# 4 – Laugh your way to enlightenment…


# 5 – And speaking of laughter, here’s a great catalyst for enlightenment….it’s Snickers, a porcupine who apparently thinks he’s a puppy. And be sure to watch the 2nd short video of him enjoying his favorite food. :-)


# 6 – Here’s an invitation from Eden Sky you may be interested in…

PLEASE JOIN – Dec 19-21, 2012 – 3-day global focus on the Rainbow Bridge around Earth! MOST IMPORTANTLY, people all around Earth will be visualizing the Rainbow Bridge at the *exact moment of Solstice Dec 21, 2012 11:11 AM UTC, utilizing the simple, potent Rainbow Bridge Meditation! http://13moon.com/rainbowbridge.htm

“Wherever you may find yourself on 19 – 21 December,
whether it be at home alone, in a small group or at a sacred site, let’s join our minds to create a permanent positive thought vibration around the planet by visualizing the rainbow bridge…” – Law of Time

“Both your brain and the Earth have an electromagnetic field, and pulse with electromagnetism. So why not synchronize your brain waves with the Earth’s “brain waves?” And then put very focused intention into that and make the synchronized electromagnetism bring out the rainbow around the Earth that might already be there but not yet visible?!”
–José Argüelles*If you can’t synchronize at the exact moment of Solstice, simply activate this visualization any time on Dec 21.See you in the Rainbow’s Light-
Blessings, Eden Skywalker
PLEASE JOIN - Dec 19-21, 2012 - 3-day global focus on the Rainbow Bridge around Earth! MOST IMPORTANTLY, people all around Earth will be visualizing the Rainbow Bridge at the *exact moment of Solstice Dec 21, 2012 11:11 AM UTC, utilizing the simple, potent Rainbow Bridge Meditation! http://13moon.com/rainbowbridge.htm<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>"Wherever you may find yourself on 19 – 21 December,<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
whether it be at home alone, in a small group or at a sacred site, let's join our minds to create a permanent positive thought vibration around the planet by visualizing the rainbow bridge..." - Law of Time</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>"Both your brain and the Earth have an electromagnetic field, and pulse with electromagnetism. So why not synchronize your brain waves with the Earth’s “brain waves?” And then put very focused intention into that and make the synchronized electromagnetism bring out the rainbow around the Earth that might already be there but not yet visible?!"<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
–José Argüelles</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>*If you can't synchronize at the exact moment of Solstice, simply activate this visualization any time on Dec 21. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>See you in the Rainbow's Light-<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Blessings, Eden Skywalker

# 7 – An astrological update from Chris Flisher at http://www.chrisflisher.com….

Week of December 17th, 2012: Uranus goes direct; action and the unexpected

Just as the Sun is about to depart Sagittarius and enter into Capricorn and the oncoming Winter Solstice, the Moon joins forces with feisty Uranus in a square to Pluto. As you have heard me mention before, a square is a tension point that typically acts like a spark; or like the match that lights the fuse. So what can we expect from this type of alignment? Well first of all it may be an initiating event that comes from nowhere since that is the realm of Uranus. The unknown, the rebellious, the innovative -those are all areas that Uranus rules. What does that look like? In the chart of the United States in lands across the houses of the ego and the family so we could interpret that to me a restructure of some very fundamental domestic issue. Rather than run to a fear factor we could just as easily run to a fun factor. What would it be like if something truly fun happened? This is how we should think of astrology. Always think of the potential.

How does this work for you?……see video for extended forecast for planet. 

(I like that Chris mentions the “fun factor” thing; ties in nicely with laughing your way to enlightenment and Abraham’s words below.)

# 8 – And Abraham says working hard doesn’t work. Yea! The best news yet. :-)

“If you believe that you must work hard in order to deserve the money that comes to you, then money cannot come to you unless you do work hard. Financial success, or any other kind of success, does not require hard work. It does require alignment of thought. You simply cannot offer negative thought about things that you desire and then make up for it with action or hard work. When you learn to direct your own thoughts, you will discover the true leverage of Energy alignment.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Words to live by, Landfill Harmonics, teamwork, more on the new moon, and Abraham

Somehow I thought I had posted this the other day, but just noticed it was still showing as a draft. The article on the new moon is a little late now, but still pertinent, and there’s plenty more to enjoy. :-)


#1 – Words to live by…

# 2 – Another good one!

# 3- Oh my goodness, you have to watch this short video about Landfill Harmonics!

How amazing and inspiring. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons,…or in this case, musical instruments out of garbage.


# 4 – Cute clips about the power of teamwork…


# 5 – More on the Sagittarius new moon and other astrological happenings from astrograph.com…

Thursday’s New Moon is an exciting one, taking place in the third decant of Sagittarius, which is Leo-ruled, and therefore, because the Sun rules Leo, with a closer than usual connection to the Sun itself. The Sun represents the evolving personality over time, the ego function that, when transformed, becomes the vehicle for moving beyond ego. In this New Moon, the Sun parallels Mars, while the Moon is in close contra-parallel to Jupiter. You might regard the energy of this New Moon as providing a new opportunity to take a real stand for yourself; to embody what you truly believe, on the inside, and are willing to fight for.

This New Moon is also interesting because Mercury is finally out of its retrograde shadow, returning to the zodiacal longitude that it occupied when it stationed to retrograde motion in the first week of November. As it gains ground in early Sagittarius with the timing of this New MoonMercury squares Chiron and makes a trine aspect with Uranus. This is a powerful combination of energies, bespeaking sudden enlightenment regarding where and in what way you may be internally wounded, likely stemming from trauma that you have come through in early childhood. With the new-found understanding of yourself that this New Moon brings, you might be ready to take the next slight and ethereal step forward along the path of your own personal evolution – the path that actually forms the basis for the most important factor of your life. This movement toward who you really are is perhaps subtle, but vital for your continued well-being.

The Sabian symbol of the New Moon degree, “A Chinese Laundry,” is somewhat dated. Marc Edmond Jones refers to the continual effort of perfecting that which we came here to perfect: “Imaginative self-sustainment through unremitting hard labor.” These symbols were created in the 1920’s when Chinese immigrants would routinely own certain businesses, such as a laundry. This would not typically be true today, in the blending of cultures within what is beginning to emerge as a more global society. Taken in the context of its times, this symbol is also a reference regarding the recognition of alien environments with yet a homey touch. As we move forward in our lives we recognize that something rich and strange, alien yet somehow entirely familiar, is constantly emerging from the ordinary course of each day’s struggle, as we continue to somehow find our own unique way forward.

# 6 – Food for thought…

“As your world or your government, or individuals within your government, make decisions about what is better for you, and as they try to protect you from every possible potential experience, your lives become rather cumbersome, don’t they? All you ever need is a vibration of Well-being.”— Abraham

Enjoy,  “Zippy” 

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