More on the solar eclipse, your emotional bank account, Drunvalo and Gregg Braden, is peace the answer, and more!


# 1 – Since this particular solar eclipse just happened to take place within 1/2 a degree of my natal sun AND ascendant, I found this information from Jan Spiller’s site especially interesting. Thought some of you might enjoy it as well. And be sure to check my previous post for even more insight into the current new moon/solar eclipse phase.


This Solar Eclipse will stimulate your desire to accept change and transformation in your life although part of you may be having a tough time releasing the comfort of the status quo.  Change is in the air and the Scorpio eclipse will teach us to embrace the responsibility we have to one another on this planet.

Over the next six months you will be learning the empowerment that comes from taking charge of yourself and being accountable for the consequences of your actions.  You will be learning the value of taking responsibility for creating your own destiny without interfering with the destiny of others.

The Scorpio Solar Eclipse teaches . . . . .

If you were born 11/12-11/14 of any year, this Solar Eclipse conjoins your Sun and will directly trigger a more potent expression of your creative power.  Regardless of your birth date, this Eclipse opens the opportunity to learn how to combine your power with others to create a success that neither of you could have achieved on your own.

The House in your natal chart in which the Solar Eclipse occurs (the house containing 22 degrees of Scorpio) shows the area of your life that will become your primary focus during the next six months.

* Notes on Eclipses:

If you have a natal planet within one degree of the degree of any eclipse, that area of your life is destined for awakening and transformation. A new cycle is scheduled to begin in the area of the planetary urge affected:

* SUN:  the way you express your creative gifts

* MOON:  your self-image

* MERCURY:  the way you perceive life

* VENUS:  your relationships, the way you express affection, what brings you pleasure

* MARS:  your initiative, your sex drive, and the way you assert yourself

* JUPITER:  the way you respond to good luck opportunities for expansion

* SATURN:  your sense of mission and purpose

* URANUS:  your desires for excitement and aliveness in your life

* NEPTUNE:  your idealism, fantasy and private dream

* PLUTO:  the way you use power and relate to the challenge of change and transformation

(BTW, Jan’s site also gives details about new moon “wishing” and making the most of the energies at play during this special lunar time of the month.)

# 2 – Another good one from The Wealthy Spirit’s Chellie Campbell, with good advice to keep in mind as we head into the holiday season…

# 3 – Check out this page of people and pets affected by Hurricane Sandy being reunited, thanks to the Humane Society. Maybe make a donation while you’re there?

# 4 – Food for thought…

Peace Is Not the Answer

Prior to the big bang there was Nothing, and from that primordial empty ground the entire cosmos burst into existence. When we enter into deep states of meditation, transcending the personal ego and any notion of a separate self, we sink into that same primordial ground. In those moments, of course, we will experience peace, because that is the very nature of that infinite depth beyond time and form. And such experiences are indeed very liberating for the self. But it just doesn’t make sense that the experience of relief and release from the very process that produced us should be the goal of the luckiest people who have ever been born. Why not? Because the very energy and intelligence that gave us life, that produced us, needs us lucky ones to take responsibility, to wholeheartedly participate in the life process in a deeper and more authentic way than most of us ever imagined possible.

—Andrew Cohen

# 5 – Just a reminder that if you haven’t been listening to Healing With the Masters Season 10, you are, in my humble opinion, missing out on some of the best FREE life-changing information, insights, tools and technologies around.

This week’s guests include Drunvalo and Gregg Braden, two of my favorite visionaries! You can sign up here.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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