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Temptress, HWTM Encore Week, Tooth Summit, disposability consciousness, Consciously Evolving Woman, and Abraham! Wowie!


# 1 – Mesmerizing artwork titled Temptress by Yaminohoshii…

# 2 – A thought-provoking, stimulating 5 min. video by Julia Butterfly Hill on disposability consciousness…


# 3 – Fasten your seat belts! Healing With the Masters Season 10 is not over yet…

I featured HWTM as a “pick” in a previous post and hope that prompted many of you to sign up because Season 10 has been the best series so far. If you still haven’t jumped on board, now’s the time because Encore Week, the most exciting part of the season, is coming up  December 10 – 20th.  This will be the Best of the Best of what HWTM has ever offered; Encore Week is like a season within a season, where they choose the top speakers (those whose special offers and calls were most popular). This is a great way to be exposed to cutting-edge consciousness-expanding information, clearing techniques and healing processes FOR FREE. Improve your health, inner and outer abundance, relationships, career, you name it,… but most importantly, begin to love you more than ever before!  Sign up now so you’ll be ready to rock and roll through the dynamic month of December and into 2013.

# 4 – The Tooth Summit is starting 12/1 and it’s FREE! A great way to insure you start off 2013 with healthier teeth…

This event will feature guests such as David Wolfe, Dr. Hal Huggins and Nadine Artemis, and here are just some of the topics to be covered:

  • Your teeth are alive and capable of healing themselves from early cavity damage.
  • When bacteria are removed, and our diet improved, the cavity can be stopped.
  • Bleeding gums can be remedied, sometimes in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Gums are easy to heal with dedication and a few minor daily changes.
  • Toothpaste has chemicals you would not want in your mouth, or your body! (Hence the warning: “Harmful if swallowed.”)
  • Just stroking your teeth with a toothbrush and rinsing will remove more bacteria and plaque than using a brush with regular toothpaste.
  • Baking soda is less abrasive to enamel than toothpaste.
  • Chronic diseases can originate from root-filled teeth.
  • A “high percentage of chronic degenerative diseases” most frequently heart and circulatory disease and joint diseases, can be traced to root canals.
  • Dental amalgams leak mercury. If you have amalgam fillings, they may be responsible for the biggest exposure you’ll ever have to mercury poisoning in your lifetime.
  • Decay is not caused by sugar touching the teeth, but by sugar in the diet.
  • Prolonged spikes in blood sugar deplete nutrition, and can result in tooth decay.

Sign up today so you don’t miss out!

# 5 – Ah, there’s nothing quite like Mother Nature to nourish the soul…

 # 6 – The Shift Network is presenting The Consciously Evolving Woman

Free your evolutionary potential and co-create an authentic sisterhood as the foundation for a new world on this free call with EnlightenNext’s Dr. Elizabeth Debold and Mary Adams on Monday, December 3rd, at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST. 

# 7 – And a little Abraham to end on…

“If you had one goal, and that was to feel good, you would never again need to hear another word from anyone. You would live successfully and happily and in a way of fulfilling your life’s purpose ever after.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!


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The Cure Is movie, more on the full moon, healthy hot chocolate, letting go, amazing dog story, and more!


# 1 – The Cure Is, a full-length documentary on health and healing featuring such experts as Dr. Sue Morter, Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and Dr. Bernie Siegel is now available for on-line viewing. 

The Cure Is is about how every human body is brilliantly designed for vitality and longevity, and reveals one of the most profound ancient health formulas to be released in over a century. The film includes amazing true stories woven with testimonials from top scientists, doctors and evolutionary leaders that will radically shift the way you look at health and disease forever.

“This film will transform your life!” — Laurie Faulkner, cancer survivor


# 2 – Wow, an amazing story about paralyzed dogs regaining use of their legs…


# 3 – For people in my part of the country it’s getting to be hot chocolate weather, where a cup of aromatic cocoa can be a pleasant and warming winter treat (and thus make the evolutionary process easier ;-))…

There are as many hot chocolate recipes as there are hot chocolate aficionados, and it’s nice to know that if you use the right kind of ingredients, the drink can be full of health benefits. Here’s a recipe from an article at Natural News; adjust as you like for quantity and richness. This recipe can be for vegans or for those who prefer real cream, depending on your choice of ingredients. Makes one serving.

In a 14-16 oz. mug add two well-rounded teaspoons of cocoa powder, preferably a premium, unsweetened organic chocolate. Heat 12 oz. coconut milk. Remove from the heat just before it starts boiling and pour a very small amount into the cup, stirring with a spoon or whisk until the cocoa melts. Add the rest of the coconut milk, leaving room for additional cream. Add a pinch of Himalayan crystal salt to the steaming mug, one cinnamon stick, about half a teaspoon of vanilla extract or a pinch of raw vanilla powder (you can get this from Raw Food World), stevia to taste (I have some Sweet Leaf Liquid Vanilla Creme Stevia that would probably work great for covering both the vanilla and the stevia), and (for non-vegans) organic or raw heavy cream, plain or whipped.

Coconut whipped cream may be substituted and is easy to make from a chilled can of coconut cream. Or add marshmallows, nutmeg, or a tiny pinch of cayenne.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/038092_hot_chocolate_superfood_health_benefits.html#ixzz2DLGzKxYo

# 4 – An insightful article from Guy Finley on four words that can change your life…

Key Lesson: Honesty heals; lies hurt. In these four words lives all one needs to know and practice, that is, assuming one wishes to be whole, harmless, true and loving.

Each time we see the need to let go of something — a bad habit that drags us down, an unsatisfactory relationship, a career choice that can’t complete us in the way we dreamed it would, or maybe unrealistic expectations of ours about others that eventually spoil our partnerships with them — whatever it may be: what is it that’s actually happened in these moments of honest self-examination? See if this simple answer doesn’t describe our situation.

Aren’t we being “asked” to give up an existing relationship in order to make room in our lives for something higher? Of course we are. Then why is it so hard to act on our intuition? After all, who doesn’t want a life that’s better, brighter, and truer? Here’s why we hesitate to make this exchange, as so many of us do: the real challenge in such moments is that what we must choose in favor of can’t be seen by our physical eyes!

Inherent in any true spiritual surrender is this one inescapable fact: we can’t hope to realize the actual nature of that new and greater relationship we seek until we have released the old one.

When it comes to letting go and growing beyond who and what we have been up until that time, the deal is non-negotiable: first comes our gradual awakening to what no longer works for us, followed by the inner work to release the same. Then, and only then, dawns the discovery and realization of what is — in all cases — a new and higher order of our self; our life is transformed. Confidence, contentment, and compassion become our constant companions.

To the point: letting go follows our realization that holding on is of no further use! In one way or another, we start seeing how all of our old tried-and-true solutions have proven themselves to be “false friends.”

Whether wanted or not, we stand at the threshold of that unfamiliar and innermost territory called the “dark night of the soul”; we now know that of ourselves we can do no more for ourselves. And so we wait there in our uncertainty, caught, as it were, between two possibilities, neither of which is wanted. In one hand, there is the “rock” of not wanting to go through what we know must be done; in the other is “the hard place” of seeing that no other options are available. Our one great fear is that if we do let go, our fate is sealed. We will fall into that dark, yawning abyss before us called “not knowing what will become of us” — a forbidding place from which we believe there may be no escape! But this is a false assumption based upon an equally false perception. It’s a lie produced by the false self to keep us from answering the call to it leave behind. Here is the truth of the matter, which you will know from yourself each time you dare to let go: You do not fall. Instead, you rise!

(This article is excerpted from The Secret of Letting Go. BTW, Guy’s Life of Learning Foundation is offering specials on some of his products–which are very reasonably priced even when not on sale–that would make great holiday gifts for friends and family. And don’t forget to pick up your free welcome kit when you visit the site.)

# 5 – And this update from astrograph.com on the full moon ties in nicely with the article in #4 and the idea of letting go…

With Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon we reach the second of the pair of late fall eclipses, with the one feeding off the other. Eclipses usually come in pairs, sometimes in threes, as the Sun and Moon flirt with the nodal points in the Moon’s orbit, those imaginary and mystical poles that represent the line of coincidence between the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. In modern Western astrology, the Moon’s nodes represent sensitive points in your chart. According to the school of Evolutionary Astrology, and most Western practice, the South Node carries the meaning of who you were in past lifetimes, while the North Noderepresents where you are heading in this lifetime – an unfamiliar area that you must somehow learn the intricacies of in order that your soul purpose destiny is fulfilled.

The Full Moon time also represents a fulfillment of the promise of the New Moon, and an eclipse New Moon is more powerful and longer lasting; effects can be seen over at least a six-month period. Therefore the Scorpio moment of the November 13th New Moon represents an important area of your chart; either your Solar Chart (the basis of Sun Sign columns) or your chart with its actual rising sign. Wherever the 22nd degree of Scorpio might fall in either chart format, it would be an excellent idea for you to pay close attention to and to witness your growth, or your obstacles to growth, in this area of your life. Now, with the culmination of the Gemini Full Moon eclipse, the pair of opposite signs Sagittarius and Gemini are invoked, as the next stage in the unfolding of the ideas incubated at the time of the New Moon two weeks ago. These signs are all about learning and growing through increasing knowledge of ourselves, so that we are back in the school of life once more in order that we better understand our actual experience.

It is significant as well that this extra-powerful Full Moon energy pulls in all the outer planets, and that these have a lot to do with spiritual evolution in the broadest possible terms. The Sun and Moon light up Uranus by trine and sextile, Neptune by square, plus Pluto and also Saturn by semi-sextile and quincunx. Saturn is in sextile with Pluto at very nearly the same degree of compatible signs, with Saturn in Pluto‘s sign of Scorpiowhile Pluto resides in Saturn‘s sign of Capricorn. These each make a quincunx to the Lunar Eclipse Moon, a configuration known as a Yod, or “finger of God.” The Sun in opposition is also of course a factor, creating what is technically called a ‘Kite pattern.’ Simultaneously, Venus and Mars help out by being respectively conjunctSaturn and Pluto. To top it off, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter while Saturn is parallel as well as sextile to Pluto. This is an extremely potent configuration, and echoes once again the slumbering UranusPluto square (which is scheduled to come roaring back in the spring of 2013) and at this momentary late fall time with Saturn a strong component. The intellectually curious sign of Gemini, the transformational sign of Scorpio and as well as the universal signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn are strongly emphasized.

So wherever these four signs land in your chart, you are now faced with issues to deal with, and to reflect upon, for these next six months. Saturn with Pluto means that some basically unwilling structure has to change. This could be the structure of your life itself, or some part of that structure that no longer fits with what you aspire to in terms of your soul’s intention. Sagittarius implies that learning and new understanding are intimately involved in this intention of yours to change, based on re-framing the events of the past year or even of the past two weeks. This need not be dire; learning is fun. There is implicit joy as well as pain in letting go of the factors in your life that no longer serve you. However this is not the time to hide your head in the sand, any longer, but rather to raise it up.

(For more on the full moon/lunar eclipse, see yesterday’s post.)

# 6 – Words of wisdom…


Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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Gemini full moon lunar eclipse, 2012, Bob’s Red Mill, ebates.com, Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields, and Abraham


# 1 – Yea, President Morales! Too bad he wasn’t a choice in our recent election :-)…

# 2 – The link to this inspiring story is about as long as the story itself, but the subject matter dovetails nicely with the quote from President Morales… 


Makes me glad I’ve used a number of Bob’s Red Mill products over the years!

# 3 – Here’s a tip by way of my friend Laura that is perfect to try before you do any more of your holiday shopping…

She has been using ebates.com for a short period of time and has already earned $89, plus saved 50% on a refrigerator due to a coupon notice she received from ebates. Sign up and you’ll get rebates (double rebates this week!) on purchases from hundreds of businesses you’d be buying from anyway, plus extra discounts; also receive a $10 gift card to Wal-mart, Target or some other store once you make your first $25 in purchases. Hey, you might as well be giving AND receiving this holiday season. :-)

And speaking of savings, the big sale at the Self Development Network mentioned in yesterday’s post has been extended through today and even more items have been discounted.

In addition to the products listed yesterday, you can also save 50% on their most popular course The Quantum Cookbook (use code CYBER11), The Ten Minute Cure (use code CYBER12), and more.

# 4 – A fascinating, entertaining, mind-expanding video by Nassim Haramein titled Sacred Geometry and Unified Fields

I wasn’t going to watch the whole thing, but it was so interesting I couldn’t pick a good place to stop.


# 5 –  An astrological update on the full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini from Chris Flisher…

A full Moon Lunar eclipse this week in the early degrees of Gemini could send an emotional message that resonates with largesse and all things grand. As Jupiter lingers continuing in retrograde and sits within orb (range) of the eclipse it can bring a powerful amplifying tone to the events. It is quite likely that words will be flying and investigations under way. Most events associated with this event will be BIG. Eclipses do bring about revelations and epiphanies, especially with Uranus in Aries in a square to Mars and Pluto. These can come quite out of the blue, literally, and surprise a few in the process. As with almost all Gemini events, communication, words, and research are typically involved, so we can expect epiphanies to come to light shortly thereafter. Perhaps that fiscal cliff we hear so much about is looming large and unavoidable. Or are we under some sort of diplomatic assault? Something may surface that leaves an indelible impression.

How does this work for you?……see video  for extended forecast for planet.

Want more? Here’s an excerpt from a great article by April Elliott Kent at mooncircles.com…

I’m no fan of Karl Rove. But to be fair, we all have blind spots, and since late 2010 a series of eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius have lobbed a series of truth grenades into our carefully curated, agreeable little information bubbles. If you haven’t had some of your beliefs shattered in the past few years, then you’ve built one tough bubble for yourself.

This Full Moon is our last Gemini eclipse until November 2020. Here is one last opportunity to reach for objectivity over self-serving beliefs – or to let the trickster fool you one last time, and live in happy but doomed ignorance. After all, it shows poor character to present an intentionally skewed version of reality, but an even poorer one to believe in it yourself.

(Read the whole thing here http://mooncircles.com/gemini-full-moonlunar-eclipse-a-gift-for-fiction/; and check this out for a skin-smoothing, spirit-soothing full moon bath ritual http://mooncircles.com/the-practical-moon/)

# 6 – Food for thought from Abraham…

“There is nothing for you to go back and live over, or fix, or feel regret about now. Every part of your life has unfolded just right. And so —now — knowing all that you know from where you now stand, now what do you want? The answers are now coming forth to you. Go forth in joy, and get on with it.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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Great life-changing gifts at huge discounts, free energy work, and Merry Manifesting event!


# 1 – It’s CYBER MONDAY and I’ve partnered with the Self Development Network to offer you SIGNIFICANT discounts of 50-70% on their best-selling products…

Whatever your goal is for 2013–whether it’s improving results in your personal life, your career, your relationships or your mindset–these top performance-tuning titles will get you on target for a fraction of what you would normally pay.

These codes are valid for 24 HOURS ONLY (they expire at 8am on Tuesday, November 27) so use them quickly! You won’t find these publicly advertised ANYWHERE online; these are savings exclusive to Cyber Monday.

1. The Five Rituals – Discover how to look years younger in just 10 to 15 minutes a day with these simple to learn yoga-based exercises also known as the Five Tibetans. I’ve used these for years and love that you can do them anywhere, they require no special equipment, are quick to complete and keep your spine flexible and, among other things, tone the back of your upper arms.

Regularly: $39.95, after 70% discount:  $11.99 Wowie! Use code CYBER1 on order form

2. The NLP Secret – Enjoy self confidence & help heal various issues with this

long-lost NLP secret.

Regularly: $79.95, after 50% discount:  $39.97 Use code CYBER2 on order form.

3. All Natural High – Boost your mood with a dose of this powerful digital drug.

Regularly: $37.00, after 50% discount:  $18.50 Use code CYBER3

4. The Hypnosis Vault – Buy one hypnosis session, get seventeen others for free.

Regularly: $39.95, after 50% discount: $19.97 Use code CYBER4

5. Extrovert ME! – Learn the secret NLP language that will unlock
your inner extrovert.

Regularly: $47.00, after 50% discount: $23.50 Use code CYBER5

6. Subliminal Power Software – Change your life by displaying subliminal messages, while you work.

Regularly: $39.95, after 70% discount:  $11.99  Use code CYBER6

7. Attract Studio – Create your own Attraction Movies – and manifest your
ideal life.

Regularly: $127.00, after 50% discount:  $63.50 Use code CYBER7

8. Advanced Cosmic Ordering – Discover the hidden secrets behind Cosmic Ordering.

Regularly: $47.95, after 50% discount:  $23.97  Use code CYBER8

9. Sleep Programming – Reprogram your mind while you sleep, with these CDs.

Regularly: $129.95, after 50% discount: $64.98  Use code CYBER9

10. The Ultimate NLP Course – Learn the 8 most powerful NLP techniques – in just 2 hours.

Regularly: $79.95, after 50% discount:  $39.97  Use code CYBER10

Remember, all codes expires in 24 hours. Get some of your holiday shopping done early with gifts that will truly be helpful to people (including yourself!).

# 2 – Want more ideas for some great, meaningful gifts this holiday season?

Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation is offering specials (up to 50% off) on some of their products that would make great stocking stuffers. The items are very reasonably priced, even without the current discount, so you always get more than your money’s worth. Also, be sure to claim your free Welcome Kit while you’re there.

# 3 – And are you familiar with the 4LifeHappyKids products?

They are great for teaching kids, grandkids, or any young person, about conscious creation, Law of Attraction, setting goals, etc. And if you’d like a copy of the booklet Raising Happy Kids, just leave a request in the comment section of this post and I’ll be happy to e-mail you one for free. :-)

# 4 – And, as I mentioned a few days ago, Orawellness is having a 10% off sale on single bottles of their organic Brushing Blend (love it!), 3 pack (best deal!), HealThy Mouth systems, and Bass toothbrushes.

Use the code “blessings” in the coupon box on check-out to take advantage of the discount. I love the Orawellness products (would make great, healthy stocking stuffers!) and love supporting a company that is heart-centered and products that are eco-friendly and organic!

# 5 – Jo Dunning is offering her free monthly Quick Pulse Technique tomorrow… 

It will be Tuesday at 5:15pm Pacific Time; you can listen by phone (818) 742-0029 Passcode 722334# or online at http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=32468844. The free Quick Pulse Teleconference Workshop offers an opportunity to change things you would like to have different in your life so you can experience greater freedom, joy, aliveness, and abundance.

For this workshop prepare a list of 4 or 5 things you would like to have different in your life. They can be items that relate to many aspects of your life such as physical conditions, personality, limiting beliefs, unpleasant past experiences, phobias, fears, worries, finances, etc.

# 6 – QiGong master Michael Mohoric is offering another no cost distant energy healing…

It’s for everyone who wants to join and all their friends, families and anyone else who reads this. The main healing session is Dec. 2nd, from 6pm Pacific Standard Time or same as Los Angeles (9pm EST-same as New York).

You can join this free distant energy healing session by using your intention to be included. If you wish to join, just close your eyes for a minute when you read this and mentally say that you intend to join the session and want to be included. That is all you have to do to connect with the energy; healing energy can begin to flow to you once you do this. There will be unscheduled daily energy adjustments leading up to the main session on 12/2.

For those who want to know more about this work, you can go to http://www.QigongEnergyHealing.com

# 7 – Michelle Barr is offering a free event titled 12 Days of Mindset Magic and Merry Manifesting starting the first of December…



Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more gift ideas, tips, picks and free stuff!

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Generation WE, what is wisdom, Heart Intelligence, cats and dogs and turkeys and peacocks, Ancient Mayan Wisdom Revealed, inspirational messages and more!


# 1 – Have you seen this video about the Generation WE movement? This should mix up the old establishment a bit :-)…


Interestingly enough, Ron Paul’s farewell address mentions the upcoming generation and the part they could play in our future…


# 2 – An entertaining and thought provoking video of famous people and what wisdom means to them…


# 3 – Christian Pankhurst is offering a free live-streaming Heart Intelligence Marathon on Nov. 25th to help you in getting unstuck and consistently experiencing more joy and happiness in life…

You can sign up for the complimentary live-stream presentation here and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.

# 4 – You’ve heard the phrase fighting like cats and dogs. Well, it’s 2012 and there’s an new paradigm emerging. Hey, if cats and dogs can get along, shouldn’t we be able to? ;-)


And this is a day late for Thanksgiving, but a great story of different species getting along…


# 5 – The Shift Network is sponsoring a free event titled Ancient Mayan Wisdom Revealed

The event will feature a free call with Grandmother Flordemayo and Don Alejandro on Monday, November 26, 2012 at 5:00 pm PST and will concentrate on the wisdom of the Mayan elders as we approach the cusp of the 2012 shifts.  

# 6 – Orawellness is having a 10% off sale on single bottles of their organic Brushing Blend (love it!), 3 pack (best deal!), HealThy Mouth systems, and Bass toothbrushes.

Use the code “blessings” in the coupon box on check-out to take advantage of the discount. I love the Orawellness products (would make great, healthy stocking stuffers!) and love supporting a company that is heart-centered and products that are eco-friendly!

# 7 – Inspirational stimulation…

# 8 – And here’s a tip by way of my good friend Linda. It’s Mike Dooley’s site www.tut.com and you can sign up to receive daily personalized inspirational messages from the Universe.

As you’ll learn if you visit the site, “The primary purpose of TUT is to provide you with a reminder service of life’s everyday magic, how powerful you are, and how far you can reach. It’s easy to lose sight of these truths, particularly living in a world that wants to insist that we are limited, aging creatures, stuck somewhere between luck and fate. A life properly lived is an easy life; it’s not supposed to be hard, though we can make it that way with limited thinking, low expectations, or failing to see ourselves as we really are: infinite Beings of Light, fun loving gladiators of the Universe, adventurers just being human, with eternity before us and the power of our thoughts to shape it!

You can also pick what days of the week you’d like to receive your notes from the Universe and some of the things you’d like them to focus on. Plus, here’s the Adventurer’s Oath you can take. Great idea!


Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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Astrology update, Abraham video clip, free viewing of Food Matters, GMOs, cheers for Iceland


# 1 – They say we vote with our dollars. For those wanting to halt GMOs in our food, maybe this is something to consider…


And you can download a “heroes and zeros” list here showing which companies supported Prop 37 and which didn’t:


# 2 – Way to go Iceland! 

# 3  – Watch the documentary “Food Matters, ” from the makers of “Hungry for Change,” for free from 11/21 – 11/30…

In “Food Matters” you’ll discover:
– How to use food as medicine
– If organic food is really better for you
– If you should be taking supplements
– Foods that fight anxiety and depression
– Natural therapies for cancer
– Which drugs might do more harm than good
– The best ways to detox, lose weight and keep it off!


# 4 – An astrological update from Chris Flisher at http://www.chrisflisher.com…

Week of November 19th, 2012

As Mars moves into a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn we can expect intensity to heighten. Mars and Pluto are both powerful for initiation and change on their own. Yet, when they join forces you can imagine what sorts of events tend to occur. Together they rule the sign of Scorpio which will put them into a generally harmonious alignment to authoritative Saturn as he moves through the early degrees of that sign. The theme generally speaks to action and accountability. It may feel like this; “Well you said you were going to act, so let’s see what you got.” The feeling may escalate as the Moon aligns with Uranus at 5 degrees Aries and lights the fuse, so to speak. This may erupt in a moment of accountability and action that leaves a lasting impact. Again that theme, of “put your money where your mouth is,” kind of tone.

# 5 – A good video clip from Abraham about focusing on what you DO want…


And a quote to end on…

There is no risk for you out here on the leading edge, ever. And when you come to understand the true nature of Well-being in which you have come forth—then you can relax and begin to enjoy this magnificent adventure which is your creative life experience. We are not here to guide the specifics of that which you choose. You get to choose that, and you can’t get it wrong. We are here to assist you—only to assist you—in finding vibrational harmony with your desire; knowing that when you find vibrational harmony with your desire, you are, in this moment, a joyful Being. And that is our dominant wish for you.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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New uses for algae, heart intelligence, brain games, free Harmonic Shield, true genius, and Abraham


# 1 – An interesting article about the emerging uses of algae…

I’ve known about the benefits of chlorella and spirulina for detoxing the body and protection against radiation for years, but now it seems algae may be a green source (pun intended) for plane fuel, plastics and more!


# 2 – The top leaders of the pioneering HeartMath organization are giving a FREE tele-class on “The Keys to Your Heart’s Intelligence“…

HeartMath is the world’s most influential scientific organization focused on activating the powers of the heart for greater joy and less stressful living. And Monday, November 19th, HeartMath leaders will share the keys to bringing your heart into coherence with your brain to experience a new baseline of vibrant health, deeper relationships, more satisfying work, ease throughout your day and many more benefits.

Get details and sign up for free here:

On the call, you’ll learn:

  • A quick practice to ease any stress, confusion or emotional turbulence–and bring you back into your heart
  • How you can cultivate your own powerful inner energy reserve to make your life easierand enjoy the experience of being in the flow on a daily basis
  • The key principles to access your heart’s deep wisdom to guide you in every area of your life
  • Fascinating research on how connected you really are to the hearts of others (your emotions even affect the earth itself!)

# 3 – Oh, Albert you really were a genius!

# 4 – Mashhur Anam, alchemist, creator of multi-dimensional holographic tools, and a featured presenter on a number of tele-seminar series, is gifting people The Harmonic Shield, one of his holographic tools…

The shield supports an energy field of purity, neutrality and non-judgment. Boy, talk about making the evolutionary process easier! :-) Mashhur also offers free calls on certain Sundays of the month and other resources on his site. Go to www.lifeharmonized.com and sign up for your free gift(s).

# 5 – Here’s a fun site I just found that improves brain functioning…

I tried the “Counterfeit” option…really good practice for noticing details/differences


# 6 – And some insightful “advice” from Abraham…

“What-is has no bearing on what is coming unless you are continually regurgitating the story of what is. By thinking and speaking more of how you really want your life to be, you allow what you are currently living to be the jumping-off place for so much more. But if you speak predominantly of what-is, then you still jump off —but you jump off into more of the same.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!