Shifting your perspective, the all-important pH factor, a cheetah’s story, accessing authentic power, proof of heaven and Abraham. How does it get any better than that?! :-)


# 1 – EnlightenNext is offering a free presentation on shifting your perspective on change…

You’ve probably heard the famous quote from Albert Einstein: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” For many of us who care about changing the world, those words make a lot of sense. You may also have discovered, however, that finding and living from “another level of thinking” isn’t as simple as it sounds.

But what if there was a perspective that could allow us to discern a clear direction beyond all of the complexity? What if there was a new way of seeing the world—a new worldview—that could change the way we think about changing the world? This is what you’ll learn about in Becoming an Evolutionary: 3 Breakthrough Insights that Can Shift Your Perspective on Change—a complimentary tele-seminar on Sunday, October 28 at 3pm ET, with Carter Phipps and Elizabeth Debold.

>> Go here for your free registration!

# 2 – I was reading a blog post the other day and realized from all the comments left there that much of the general public is still unaware of the connection between health and pH…

I didn’t know about it myself until a number of years ago when I was doing research spurred on by a number of health issues I was facing. Come to find out pH level (the alkalinity/acidity of the body) is a critical factor in overall health and directly linked to a number of diseases. In fact, I came to feel that pH was such an important, but often overlooked, piece of the health puzzle that I ended up putting a section about it in my e-book A Healthier You From the Inside Out.

If anyone would like to receive the section on pH free of charge, just leave a comment here to that effect and I will be happy to send it on via e-mail. Hopefully that will save some of you out there all the time and effort I put into researching and compiling the information. No need to keep re-inventing the wheel. :-) By the way, did you know your pH is not only influenced by what you eat? You can do and eat all sorts of things to get your pH within a healthy range, only to have it all “undone” by just a few minutes of getting stressed out?! :-(  Unfortunately it seems stress is like kryptonite to pH, and we all know how prevalent stress is these days.

Also, for anyone interested in learning more on the topic of pH, (yes, with an “s”, not a “z”) is a great resource.

# 3 – A heart-warming story about an orphaned cheetah and a “mother’s” love (be sure to click the link to more photos on page 2; love the one of Sheeba staring out from the bathroom) …

# 4 – A fascinating read about proof of heaven and how you should always remember you are loved and cherished deeply and forever, you have nothing to fear, and that there is nothing you can do wrong…

# 5 – Don’t forget that the Shift Network is presenting The 5 Keys to Awakening Your Authentic Power with Gary Zukav on Nov. 1st…

Gary and his partner Linda Francis will show you how to step into a new kind of authentic power accessed when you align your personality with your soul. You can sign up for the free presentation here.

# 6 – And some inspiration from Abraham…

“We would begin saying, “I’m not ever going to get it done. I’m an eternally expanding Being, and I’m doing great where I am, and I’m so eager about what’s coming.” That’s the essence of the vibration that keeps adventurous things coming, keeps you feeling always excited, stable and secure, keeps you feeling in love with life. All day, every day, count your blessings! All day, every day, make your lists of things you appreciate. And as you keep activating what is working in your life, then more pleasing things on all subjects will flow to you.”— Abraham

FYI, a great place to count your blessings and, as Abraham suggests, make a list of things you appreciate is Check it out! :-)


Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff, including information about Primal Stress!

2 Replies to “Shifting your perspective, the all-important pH factor, a cheetah’s story, accessing authentic power, proof of heaven and Abraham. How does it get any better than that?! :-)”

    1. Hi James,

      I just sent the pH information to you via e-mail. Let me know if you don’t receive it (be sure to check your spam folder in case it ended up there). Hope you find it helpful and “health-ful.” :-)

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