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Ken Wilber, Libra new moon, free abundance training, a rescued baby walrus, the ultimate answer to bullying, and Abraham

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# 1 – Ken Wilber, founder of the Integral Institute and one of the most widely read and influential philosophers of our time,  joins Global Oneness Day this year to talk about fascinating topics including the difference between ‘waking up’ and ‘growing up’. 

Ken’s program is 4:15 – 5 pm PDT; you can join the tele-summit for Ken’s program, or for the full day on Wednesday, October 24th.  The entire program is free and you can register at:


# 2 – Natalie Ledwell of The Inspiration Show has put together a very special free “abundance now” online training workshop this coming week where she’ll walk you through:

How to uncover your level of “worthiness” when it comes to love, money & freedom abundance.

A step-by-step quiz that will reveal your  “Abundance Rating” on a scale of 10 to 50.

Plus you’ll walk away with tons of abundance amplifying tips that you can implement right away to raise your level of wealth, happiness and success.

After you register you’ll be gifted a unique, paradigm-shifting e-book worth $67. It’s called Tuning Into the Abundant Universe, and it details how to use the power of your thoughts
to open yourself to abundance in EVERY area of your life.

# 3 – A truly inspiring story about someone who responded to cyber bullying in a way that not only diffused the energy, but set a wonderful example for the rest of us…


# 4 – Insight into the Libra new moon from astrograph.com

This New Moon, taking place in the 23rd degree of Libra early on Monday morning, brings us fresh energy at an important time, as we shift seasons into fall and winter from the easy weather of the summer months. Within our collective organizations we are also shifting, as the school year begins, the responsibilities of the holiday season near, and in America in this year particularly, the presidential season looms. The Day of the Dead, celebrated in America as Halloween, also approaches and we might be reminded that at this time of the year the veil between the worlds seems to thin, so that we are subject to the intrusions of the numinous into ordinary affairs.

This symbolism is reflected in the powerful configurations that accompany this New Moon energy of late LibraSaturn, having moved into Scorpio, contacts numinous and otherworldly Neptune by trine, while the New Moonforms a quintile aspect of 72 degrees to Scorpio‘s ruler, Pluto, residing inCapricorn. The mutual reception of Pluto and Saturn enhances their interaction and reflects the transformational nature of these times – when familiar structures are falling apart; presumably in order that they might be reconstituted nearer to our collective heart’s true desire.

The Moon parallels Neptune, and the Sun parallels Saturn, so that both the practicality of the Saturnian impulse and the free-wheeling numinousity of Neptune are each given a boost by the light of this New Moon, while their trine remains within about half a degree of exact, and while their interaction pulls closer to the earth the mystical and creative energies of the unknown darkness within the psyche. Primitive societies were frightened of old by this energy, known to them as the influence of ancestors and spirits of all kinds, and sought to propitiate these dark powers with ritual, certainly one valid way to respond to these energies — and one that is carried over into the religious institutions of our own day. Just as Saturn allows these spiritual powers to become more tangible, Neptune also takes Saturn away from its earth-bound center into fantasy. This is a time when we must beware of the dangers of self-deception and of the confusion that arises when we idealize a situation too completely so that we miss the signs pointing to intelligent caution.

There is certainly also a positive side to the creativity implicit in Neptune. Contrary-wise to the above, we can see our dreams actually begin to manifest once we have the wisdom to recognize our true path and the courage to pursue it. It is therefore vitally important to carefully look into whether we are dreaming true or false, as we face the challenges of this powerful year of change. The Sabian symbol of this New Moon degree is “A chanticleer rooster greets the dawn” and we might take this as a symbol of the soul, tuned to cosmic realities that are not entirely visible, yet still able to respond to these subtle signs with fervor and enthusiasm even though the outcome is far from clear.

This is above all a time for discernment; a time when everything is on the line, for good or for ill. We all of us must choose, and go to our own deep center as we do so. Hopefully we will do our best to choose life – for the planet and for our society and for ourselves – so as to further the evolutionary purpose working itself out though each one of us.

Want more on the new moon? 


And an astrological update for the week ahead from Chris Flisher at http://www.chrisflisher.com…

Week of October 15th, 2012

Emotions may be running much hotter as the Moon glides by aggressive Mars in Sagittarius. While Mars works well in the fire sign of the Archer and bounces off that reflective quality, it also fuels the trigger of Uranus in fellow fire-sign Aries. We might expect to see a building of tension as a result. Perhaps a verbal duel might be in order as presidential debates seek to solidify two wildly diverse points of view. With Jupiter opposing the whole scene from across the zodiac in Gemini we can be certain that the conversation gets amplified to the highest degree.   If an advantage comes into to view during these times it may be critical to drive home the point. This may not be a theme for shy flowers. This could be a game-changing dialog that sways a mass sea of people in another direction like a school of fishes, desperately seeking the truth.

How does this work for you?……see video  for extended forecast for planet.

# 5 – For you animal lovers out there, a sweet story about a rescued baby walrus. Be sure to watch the first video on the page where the walrus snuggles up several times to one of his caretakers. Too sweet!


# 6 – Food for thought…

“Desire summons Life Force. If we must continue to be alive, we must continue to have new desire. You are not willing to let yourself outrageously want because when you outrageously want something that you haven’t found a way of getting, it is too uncomfortable, and the risk feels too great. We’re wanting you to hear that there is no risk at all! Fantasize and watch what happens.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff, including information about Primal Stress!


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