Aries full moon, awe is awesome, Global Healing Circle, for the love of a dog, and who controls the money


# 1 – A short little video about awe that is, well, awesome :-)…

# 2 – Want to be involved in something global?

Check out the Global Healing Circle of Radiant Hearts, a group designed to be a part of this transition period of conscious evolution as we share in the process of shifting our human perceptions into a keen awareness of collective Universal Oneness. The heart is the most powerful transmitter in the Universe and when you share your heart resonance as a part of this circle, the world benefits, no matter what time of day you decide to participate.

If you can’t make one of the live daily meditations, replays are usually available by clicking on the webcast links 30 minutes after the official start time for the following meditations: 8 am Eastern Time, 8 am Pacific Time and 8 am New Zealand Time. You can register by clicking here!

# 3 – The innate goodness of humanity strikes again to create a happy update to this touching story of a man and his dog…

# 4 – A very interesting article about who controls the money…

# 5 – An astrological update from Chris Flisher at about the game-changing cosmic punch of full moon in Aries, conjunct Uranus, square Pluto…

September 29th, 2012

I am taking a special opportunity to make you aware of a particularly potent full Moon occurring this Saturday September 29th. As you already know full Moons are notorious for delivering unusual events, accidents, and shocking news. However, this particular full Moon carries an extra punch of the highest order. As the Sun drifts through Libra we have a yearly full Moon that will occur in Aries at roughly 7 degrees directly opposing the Sun in Libra at the same degree. This, of course, is what causes the Moon to be full as that reflection becomes fully immersed in the light of the distant Sun.

What is especially notable about this particular full Moon is that it will also align with the planet Uranus at 6 degrees Aries. As you may have heard me mention in the past, Uranus often delivers out-of-the-blue events of the highest order. Also known as the planet of revolution, rebellion and innovation, Uranus delivers a sparky intellectual kind of sting that can literally turn things around in the flash of a moment. When these two powerful planets align we can expect some rather profound events to occur. The Moon equals emotions, whereas Uranus represents rebellion. It doesn’t take a psychologist to fathom what that recipe can taste like ~ dramatic outbursts, hysterical fits of anger, or fabulous out-of-character types of statements and expressions of deeply-held emotions. “Wow” is not an over-used word in this case. But that’s not all.

At the same time as Uranus and the Moon get wild together, Pluto, the great transformer comes along to join the party in a direct square in Capricorn. Pluto delivers a punch that leaves an indelible mark on whomever and whatever it decides needs correcting.  When we do the tally of these planets it looks like this: the Sun opposes the full Moon and Uranus while all of those planets square Pluto. All of these planets are sitting in Cardinal signs. Cardinal signs represent initiation and starts. To say that a bold new beginning is set to trigger during this full Moon would be an understatement. This is cardinal, initiatory energy of the highest order and will very likely have things looking much differently a few days down the road.

How does it affect you personally? If you can locate the house in your personal astrology chart that will host the Moon and is currently hosting Uranus, you will have found your outlet. The house this awakens may be the house of the square to Pluto so bear that in mind as well. What does this look like? It can manifest in a multitude of ways. Since potential is the word that best applies to this type of energy we can see it going either way. It could be that a correction (revelation) of the most significant kind sets the record straight or a marvelous boost in the form of recognition also comes along to set a different kind of record straight; perhaps one that has quietly plodded along without the spotlight it deserves.

The key word here is potential. If you harness this energy in ways that are positive, reinforcing, and forward-moving you will likely see good results. If there is a skeleton in the closet, so to speak, you can expect that closet to be flooded with light. This is simply one of the brilliant uses of astrology, for to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

And here’s‘s insight into the current astrological configurations…

As the Full Moon of Saturday evening shines its reflected light back to theSun and toward the earth between them, its rays presage a rather exciting time or even a moment of decision, since the Moon conjuncts Uranus and makes an almost perfect square to Pluto, catching Pluto in a T-square between the Sun and Moon. Epiphany is in the air, no doubt about it, as these powerhouse planets square off once more by being triggered in this manner. We are caught in the midst of energies that we can attempt to understand but never tame, as we go around one more time on the carousel wheel of our evolving destiny.

Uranus and the Moon in radically individualistic Aries indicate that the discovery of our unique identity has priority over everything, while the Sun in the first decant of Libra speaks of relationship to others around us, indicating that only by cooperation and mutual education will we be able to make our way forward. Meanwhile Pluto in the society-orientated sign of Capricornbespeaks the break-down and eventual transformation of the social matrix that surrounds us and which holds our lives in its loose grasp as the sea holds its fish. The signs of the dissolution of normative values are all around us, leaving us with the choice to either go under or to find a new way to survive.

Complicating this picture still further, Saturn hovers on the brink of its entrance into the sign of Scorpio, the sign that Pluto rules, indicating that the hard work of personal transformation is only just beginning. WhenSaturn goes into Scorpio on October 5th it trines Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, a factor which brings our dreams even closer to the surface of our consciousness than they have been up to now, which is a good thing, because it will take all of our imaginative power, coupled with the focus represented by Saturn, to pull us through.

At this important juncture we face difficulties in our personal lives and have, as always, the moment of choice right before us as to whether to rise above them or to succumb. And each time we choose wisely for ourselves we bring everyone else on the planet along with us in some tiny way; it just works like that. So we might be able to take heart in the notion that while our situation is dire, both individually and collectively, we have within us the power to make change happen.

We can do something for ourselves, and for our society, by taking each small step forward in what we can feel within us to be the direction that our Higher Self and that the universe intends for us to go. The situation is stark and the moment of our decision looms before us, as it does in every moment, really. We win when we choose life and change over resignation and stasis, although that choice is never easy.

Want more on the Aries full moon? Check out this article at…

# 6 – Food for thought…

“God expects but one thing of you, and that is that you should come out of yourself in so far as you are a created being made and let God be God in you.” ~ Meister Eckhart (1260-1327)


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Business of Soul, boosting the immune system, kitten rescue, evolutionary enlightenment, “Tolle TV,” and Abraham


# 1 – The Business of Soul Tele-summit starts Sept. 26th and will run until Oct. 3rd; this year’s topic is “Faith: A Conscious Collaboration.” The series is free, AND replays will be available for a full month. Enter code 107 in the comments section of the form when you sign-up and receive a special gift of the Alignment Strategy Meditation to help keep you aligned and focused.

# 2 – A great animal story and a biker that deserves a gold star…

# 3 – With fall here (at least in this part of the world) and winter coming sooner or later, it’s wise to pay extra attention to your health. And to help with that, here’s a free report from Dr. Nicolas Hedberg on boosting your immune system…

# 4 – Alan Cohen on what evolutionary enlightenment “looks” like…

“At the level of mind, it looks like the awakening of new capacities of intelligence, as our thoughts become animated by our awareness of the infinite. Because of this, we’re able to embrace complexity, see subtlety, and appreciate nuance in ways previously unimaginable. And at the level of the personality, it looks like lightness of being. Enlightenment, expressed through the human personality, is lightness of being, because now we no longer take our psychological selves so seriously. We know that is only a small part of who we really are. When these profound qualities emerge in the soul, mind, and personality of any individual, it is a delight beyond words!”—Andrew Cohen

# 5 – I just discovered this and it looks to be a great resource…

Eckhart Tolle has apparently launched an on-line TV channel and I plan to go back and explore the site more when I have time. Under the “Free Content” section there’s a free “un-course” and more. Be sure to watch the video clip on the home page featuring Eckhart and Neale Donald Walsch.

# 6 – And here’s the ole “the better it gets” axiom from Abraham…

“When you deliberately seek positive aspects of whatever you are giving your attention to, you, in a sense, tune your vibrational tuner to more positive aspects of everything. And, of course, you could tune yourself negatively as well. But as you are deliberately looking for positive aspects in yourself or in others, you will find more of those things: ‘The better it gets, the better it gets,’ for you get more and more of what you are thinking about —whether you want it or not.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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First quarter moon, coconut oil, being the change, a case for equality and more


# 1 – A short little video about someone who took to heart Gandhi’s quote about being the change you wish to see in the world…

# 2 – A short, fascinating, very entertaining (I was actually laughing out loud by the end) video that is also a great example of why equality is a key element for promoting and maintaining peace…

BTW, if you’re an animal lover and don’t know about Kevin Richardson, you’ll want to check out this documentary about his life living with lions, hyenas, a giraffe and more. Absolutely fascinating. I found it accidentally after I clicked a link on the capuchin monkeys’ page above; it’s 50 min. long, but once I started watching, I couldn’t stop.;_ylt=A2KLqIJwBF5QuXsAy7f7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTBrc3VyamVwBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQD?p=living+with+lions%2C+hyenas+and+more&vid=556B8D23A0E4925E9EF0556B8D23A0E4925E9EF0&l=&…&c=0&sigr=129e69mfr&

# 3 – Wow, I just found a great resource for information about coconut oil, one of my favorite things for cooking, personal care and health & wellness…

Check out iHealthTube and search for videos by Dr. Bruce Fife. Here’s one on coconut oil’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties:

Also check out my webpage on coconut oil and a coconut oil cleanse.

# 4 – An update on what calls “A Dramatic & Illusion-filled First Quarter Moon”….

Saturday’s First Quarter Moon follows a week of relatively high intensity, when Uranus and Pluto were in exact square with one another, symbolizing the evolutionary pressure mounting yet another notch higher as we as a society go thorough our trials. This decade will eventually be seen as the necessary encouragement to begin to address a set of collective problems that is long overdo. Action, whether collectively or in our individual lives as well, is only possible once there has been a recognition of the issue and an end to denial. A further stage is potentially reached with the minor crisis of this Quarter Moon, when the Sun and Moon in square echo the larger motions of these potent outer planets.

This phase is in any case about hitting some snags in our progress since theNew Moon of one week ago, and about recognizing the shifts symbolized by the Fall Equinox this same day. As we slip officially into the fall season, and into this volatile election time period, the Moon in the first degree ofCapricorn squares the Sun in the first degree of Libra, and conjuncts Pluto in square with Uranus in forward-thinking Aries.

This is a poignant and a potent time, when we must face up – as we have all this spring and summer – to the necessity for some things near and dear to us to be irrevocably lost in order that we might be empowered to move on with our lives. The acceptance that change is really happening is the best preparation that we can make, and the best gift that we can give ourselves, as we continue to transform. The Sun’s Sabian symbol as it moves into Libra is telling: A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it. For this symbol Marc Edmond Jones has the key phrase “whole-souled focus of character” – and needless to add, transformation.

The Sabian symbol of the Moon in square is also very symbolic as we turn toward the gradual absence of ordinary light represented by this season: An Indian chief claims recognition. We might think of this symbol as a return to natural law in an important replacement for modernity and its tendency to mental abstraction that can often lead us astray.

Neptune in the fist degree of his own sign of Pisces is also strongly aspected by this configuration, so that we have in the current mix of energies deception, illusion and confusion. We don’t always know what is really happening; something to be alert for. Nowhere does this potential for illusion show up better than in national affairs, as each party scouring for votes puts their own particular spin on whatever events are going down.

This past week we were treated to the sight of Republican candidate Mitt Romney appearing on the television or the computer screen several shades darker than his previous shade of white, as he addressed the Latino crowd at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles. Presumably his comments were similarly tailored to suit the occasion of this particular set of potential voters.

We are empowered, and at this time especially so, by our discernment. We need to stay vigilant, aware as we possibly can be, to everything that is happening around us and through us, and to remain alert for the true meaning. Something is profoundly shifting as we move through this equinoctial period into the fall season, and it is vital that we know our changes through and through, from the deepest possible perspective.

# 5 – A great one from Abraham…

Life Will Always Be Working Out for Me. . .

I like understanding that things are always evolving, and while there are many things that could be better where I am, it is not really a problem because “where I am” is constantly changing to something better. I like knowing that as I look for the best things around me where I am, those things become more prevalent in my experience.

It is fun to know that things are always working out for me, and as I watch for the evidence of that . . . I see more evidence of that every day.–Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Peace Day, The Five Tibetans, free tele-classes on awakening the evolutionary self, money & your 1st chakra, Effortless Success, and Genetic Roulette!


# 1 – Find out more about what’s planned for Peace Day Sept. 21st at…

# 2 – The Five Rituals, also known as The Five Tibetans, is a group of 5 yoga-based exercises that are simple to learn, require no special equipment and only take about 15 minutes to complete. I’ve done the program for years and it’s great for massaging your internal organs, maintaining a flexible spine, strengthening your arms and legs, and overall vitality. Right now you can try it for 10 days for only $1, risk free!!

# 3 – Another entertaining and insightful blog post from Chellie Campbell at The Wealthy Spirit

My priorities in life were pretty well established by the time I was two. My parents told me that, at that age, I had taken a terrible fall down the stairs. They stared at me, frozen in fear that I had hurt myself horribly. But I stood right up, looked around and said, “Where’s my cookie?” It wasn’t until I found out the cookie was smashed and broken that I started crying.

A popular card from years ago had an elephant on it and read, “Things are getting worse—please send chocolate!” I can relate. Most of the time, I am a happy, energetic, positive person. People have even asked me, “You always seem so cheerful—do you ever get depressed?” Of course, I do. (I don’t cry over broken cookies anymore, though. That’s when the calories fall out.) I have my down moments, like anyone else. It’s normal. So then they want to know what I do to get over it.

I eat chocolate.

Chocolate is my anti-depressant drug of choice. Chocolate candy, chocolate cake, chocolate pie, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookies, chocolate krispy kremes, chocolate chocolate. Ummmm. When “Once more, dear friends, into the breach,” doesn’t cut it, I forget Shakespeare and Prince Hal and say, “No more breaches today. I need a treat!” I give myself some time off, I cuddle up in my bed, turn off the phone and zone out with books, videos, and naps. And chocolate.

I am really perky after that. Giving myself permission to take a break and pamper myself makes me feel like I own my life. I fight the good fight every day. I get more “Nos” than “Yeses” every day. And sometimes I just need more “Yeses!” So I say yes to myself, yes I want chocolate, yes I can have chocolate, and yes, I say yes I will yes (with apologies to James Joyce).

No, I can’t do this too often or yes, I will be fat and broke, but some days, sometimes, I play hooky from my work and sensible eating and take a break with chocolate.

Where’s your cookie?

Today’s Affirmation: “I enjoy all of the wonderful abundance of life!”

(FYI, Chellie is offering a complimentary tele-class on Sept. 20th at 10:00 AM PDT / 12:00 PM CDT / 1:00 PM EDT on how to break through to more abundance; sign up at

# 4 – Margaret Lynch is also offering a free tele-class on the 20th; it’s at 8pm EDT and will help you uncover the power, presence and miracle of your 1st chakra.

# 5 – And the 20th seems to be a popular day for free presentations. The Academy for Evolutionaries is offering Awakening the Evolutionary Self at 8pm EDT with Craig Hamilton. You can sign up at:

# 6 – Sign up for the free Effortless Success Mindfest series being hosted by Learning Strategies…

Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles books, has put together a breakthrough collection of professionally produced success recordings where he guides you to make the changes you want and deserve. He wants to give these to you free of charge. These free online sessions will help you bring success into any arena of your life: finances, health, relationships and overall personal growth. Get your Free Pass; the first session is ready for you right now.

# 7 – This week only (Sept. 15-22), you can watch a new documentary for free on-line that reveals the serious health impact of genetically engineered foods in our diet. It also shows how you can protect your family…

“It is in fact one of the most important stories ever told.” — John RobbinsBestselling author of Diet for a New America and Food Revolution

# 8 – Birth 2012 Activation Week, a powerful mini tele-summit, will be happening September 22nd – 29th…

Barbara Marx Hubbard and Stephen Dinan have secured luminaries for some of the most profound and transformative calls yet for this series.  Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, don Miguel Ruiz, Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart and over 30 other evolutionary leaders have all said “yes” to this historic event.  It’s also an opportunity to find out about the final ACE and Emergence courses for this year.  You can sign up here.


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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New moon in Virgo, get to know Panache, Chellie on astrology, The Edge and more!


If you aren’t familiar with Panache Desai, then, at least in my humble opinion :-), you’re missing out. He just revamped his website, so now’s the perfect time to see what all the hub-bub is about. I recommend scrolling down the right-hand side of the home page ( and checking out the 5 min. Heart of Possibility video with Panache and Michael Bernard Beckwith and the simple 10 min free, downloadable Infinite Love & Abundance meditation (wonderful energy and music), just a little further down the page.

Also, Panache is going to be offering a 3-part series on the current season of the phenomenal series Healing With the Masters, which I featured recently as a “pick.” The series just started and you can still catch a couple of the beginning replays. I listened to Guy Finley yesterday and thought it was wonderful. Guy’s a no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is, on-point kind of guy (no pun intended!), who’s precision of words and spiritual insights are pure gold. And I always love the way he and host Jennifer McLean interact. Sign up now and be able to listen to the replay before it expires.

(For a free Welcome Kit from Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation go to:



# 1 – Want to be in the know about what’s happening in the evolution movement?

The group Evolutionary Leaders offers The Edge, an on-line newsletter with all sorts of informative and stimulating articles, resources and more. You can sign up to receive it here:

# 2 – For all you animal lovers out there, a sad story with a happy ending that shows what a difference just a few caring individuals can make…

# 3 – Here’s a great take on astrology excerpted from a blog post by Chellie Campbell of The Wealthy Spirit

“About astrology and palmistry: They are good because they make people vivid and full of possibilities. They are communism at its best. Everybody has a birthday and almost everybody has a palm.”Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Astrology has been practiced since ancient days. I believe there is something to it, and I check in with my astrologer about important things. I read the daily horoscope in the newspaper, too, although they are careful to state that it is to be read for “entertainment.” That seems fair, since it would be hard for one little three-sentence overview for the day to be spot-on for everyone in a particular sign. It’s just the sun sign; it doesn’t take into account your rising sign, moon sign, or any other sign that might mitigate the prediction for your day.

But you can get some great affirmations for the day from the astrology section of the newspaper. Read the one for your sun sign—if you like it, you can decide that it is a true prediction for your day today. If you don’t like it, decide that there was a mistake made, or your rising sign makes a different prediction more appropriate for you that day…you get the idea. Then read all the horoscopes for each sign and choose the one you like best as your forecast for the day.

I’ve saved a few that make me feel good when I read them. I pick one out now and again to be my positive astrology affirmation for the day. Then I rewrite them as positive affirmations to add to my list. Here are some examples of affirmations I created in the style of Sydney Omarr, whose horoscopes are published in the LA Times:

1. “You are on the precipice of universal acclaim. Fame and fortune are coming your way today. Be yourself and you win.”

2. “This could be your power-play day. Concentrate on putting forth your best effort. Great success is just around the corner.”

3. “Today is your kind of day! What appeared to be out of reach will be yours. Emphasis on love, friendship and partnerships.”

4. “Good things in store—financial picture brightens. Astrological cycle highlights production, intensity, reward.”

5. “Time to celebrate! Hopes, wishes, desire fulfilled in fantastic manner. Many are talking positively about your talent, personality, and luck. You’ll receive rewards.”

The guiding principle is—if it makes you feel happier, believe it. If it makes you feel worse, don’t believe it.

Today’s Affirmation: “Today is my kind of day! Great success here to stay!”

# 4 – And speaking of astrology, here’s an insightful article about the Virgo new moon and Uranus-Pluto configuration…

Virgo New Moon: Harvest Bounty by  · September 12, 2012

My vegetable garden yielded some delicious squash, peppers, tomatoes and herbs, thrilling my novice gardener’s soul. Still, despite regular watering and fertilizing, many things I planted in the spring never made it to fruition. Each morning I rip something out of the earth, bidding farewell to the withered cornstalk, or the brown raspberry bush for which I had high hopes. Such is the nature of gardens—and life.

In the Northern Hemisphere, September is harvest time. We give thanks for the bounty we’ve received and release what has failed to produce. Yet unless we’re planting a winter garden (an undertaking which seems beyond me right now), the soil we most need to cultivate during Mercury-ruled Virgo is in our minds. It is there we must clear space, root out what’s dead, and prepare the ground for future planting.

The September 15 Virgo New Moon (7:11 p.m. PDT) brings this sorting-and-clearing process to a head. Mercury, the planet which rules Virgo, conjoins the Sun and Moon at the lunation. This hyper-mental energy requires placing our thoughts in service of our goals, not our worries (Virgo’s dark side). There may be a strong desire to control the uncontrollable this month. Better to take charge of our thought processes—one of the few things we can control—and practice faith and relaxation as we surrender outcomes to a Higher Power.

On September 19, Uranus and Pluto will form the second of seven exact squares, catalyzing sudden changes, whipping up emotions and offering the potential for liberation. This square occurs just after Pluto stations (on September 17), turning forward after five months of retrograde motion. Pluto’s direct turn adds volatility to the mid-September time frame, as whatever has been held inside seeks an outlet. Because this is the opening square to the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the mid-to-late Sixties, reforms that were seeded at that time will become more urgent, and hopefully more firmly rooted, over the next few years.

This New Moon broadcasts a call from your deeper self to improve your health and work habits, and calls for a close examination of the soil that sustains you. Could your garden use some fertilizing, weeding, or breaking up of tough dirt clods? Most of us are like novice gardeners—scattering seeds, trying different things, not sure what will yield results. It’s time to acknowledge that despite some failures, you’ve also experienced successes, whether great or small, since the spring. Write down these successes and celebrate them. Virgo likes making lists and tallying progress; it also supports regular practice—the dedication which slowly moves us in a new direction. Whether it’s a daily walk, a morning blessing before heading off to work, clearing clutter one drawer at a time, sending out resumes to find a more fulfilling job, or volunteering for a cause you believe in, small acts will yield big shifts over time.

If your planets are being activated by Uranus and Pluto, you may be in for some bigger changes that will revolutionize your life. Email me for a short Snapshot reading ($35) to find out how the current energies are affecting your chart. And, at this New Moon, be sure to clean, clear and activate your Health gua at the center of your home. For inspiration, check out my latest mini-video featuring Cassie and Ben, who used my suggestions to revitalize their health and work. Finally, here’s a Virgo ritual from my book, Astro Feng Shui: Making Magic in Your Home and Life, to help ground and relax you during this high-energy time.

© 2012 Simone Butler

# 5 – More on the powerful new moon from

Saturday’s New Moon is another in the long series of intense lunations that we have been experiencing lately. This time is especially so considering thatUranus and Pluto are making an exact hit of their long-running square only a few days later, on the night of the18th – at around midnight PDT, later of course to the East. Saturday’s lunation prefigures this later time, so that this weekend and all next week will be powerful. Pluto is also in the midst of making his September 17th station to direct motion, and is therefore far more poignantly configured, while the New Moon makes a strong declinational set of aspects to his partner in crime, Uranus.

We are all – still – really in for it, as the evolutionary pressure mounts yet again. We are likely to see surprising events, and transformational themes, continue to unfold as this climactic month begins to wind down and we turn our collective gaze toward the fall season.

Venus in the sky closely matches Pluto at this time, being just past her opposition to the Lord of the Underworld, planet of dark motivation and deep desire. Venus is also coming up on a square with Mars in Scorpio. These partner planets are therefore powerfully placed, and potently aspected, meaning that relationship issues of all kinds will be coming to a head with this weekend’s star patterns, as indeed they have been in the week leading up to Saturday. We do well to closely examine our motivations at this time, and to do our best to “take back the projection” of our own inner conflicts as they appear before us reflected in the behavior of others.

It is useful to remember as a wise psychologist once said, that you are never angry for the reason that you think you are. Our thoughts in general are suspicious characters that might or might not have an accurate grasp on reality; or at least not on one’s partner’s reality. Jupiter is powerfully constellated now, in aspect to several planets. Mars in particular is so strong at the moment that we might catch ourselves flying off the handle with no real reason; or at least not a reason that we can discern without taking a time-out for more careful study.

There is also a tendency at this time to over-do. Optimism flourishes. But this can be a benefit as well; since it is only by attempting to wildly reach for it that anything major gets accomplished. You just need to be careful about choosing your direction before launch. Make double-sure that you are heading along a constructive path, then throw caution to the winds and go ahead.

# 6 – And to tie in with today’s “pick,” here’s a quote from Panache to end on…

“I Hate Myself | I’m Not Good Enough |I’m Unloveable – Those are the three foundational conversations you’re having on an unconscious level throughout every moment of your life.

The key to changing the world, to changing your life, and to empowering those around you is authenticity – the willingness to be yourself – the willingness to be vulnerable – the willingness to feel – the willingness to live. I’m simply reminding you of who you truly are, supporting you into self-love and acceptance by eradicating the judgement that you’ve imposed on yourself and society has opposed on you.”~ Panache Desai

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Uranus/Pluto update, Listen & Lose Weight, Raw Food World blow-out sale, doubters & believers, and “noodlers” beware


# 1 – Here’s something new I just heard about…

It’s Listen & Lose, a program using hypnosis to help with losing weight.  Haven’t tried it myself, but this topic always seems to be of interest to a lot of people. Plus, it’s inexpensive and you get a free e-book with proven successful weight loss techniques and an additional hypnosis program titled “Craving Exercise” to get your mind and body aligned with exercising easily.

# 2 – Raw Food World, the premier site for all things healthy, organic and raw, is in the middle of one of their periodic super duper blow-out sales…

Featured items include Oreganol P73, Artisana’s Coconut Butter, Living Tree’s Tahini, raw cacao beans, pumpkins seeds, incan berries, Hurraw’s almond lip balm (love their balms!), and more. Prices are good until Sunday; inventory is limited and when something is gone, it’s gone, so shop as soon as possible to take advantage of the “special specials” being offered!

# 3 – An update on the Uranus – Pluto alignment and the topic of potency from Chris Flisher at…

We are living in an extremely profound era where our simplest actions can leave lasting impressions of the most historical nature. These truly are the times that “tried our souls.” The unique nature of this universe brings us to a period of enormous potential. Potential is the presence of energy that can shift the tide of human evolution in a bold, new manner. Like standing at the crossroads between two diverse directions, we are presented with a choice. The direction that we chose directly impacts the course of the planet for the millennia.

The essence of this potential is directly tied to the position and presence of the outer planets; most notably Uranus and Pluto. These two planets are currently in a tight, squared (90%) alignment that presents enormous possibility for initiating a lasting change. Any time two major planets are in this alignment the possibility for events to shift remains extremely likely. This alignment rests in a historical context when we look back in time for similar cycles and themes. When this potential exists, we are challenged to make a decision. We have no other option. Apathy does not exist. Action is the only outlet for such suppressed potential. Like an electrical socket we know the power behind the wall, but it is only when we plug into that power that we see the results and the light begins to shine.

Since the outer planets have an impact on a generational level, their impact may be slow and methodical, but their impact is the most profound of all. Certain planetary aspects must exist for that potential to exist. This type of potential is an initiation of the highest order. It is a time when we see action, direction, vision, and instruction. Uranus brings the energy of innovation, rebellion, revolution and invention. Whereas Pluto heralds reconstruction, regeneration, and a foundational rebuilding of the highest order. When these two outer planets align, we must recognize the potential and set a course that brings possibility, light, and above all, freshness. We are compelled to act. And act we must. Once the flood gates are open the change will occur. Like a pent-up dam, the released water must decide a path, a channel, a direction. As players in an enormously complex theater we must strive to channel that great wellspring in the most auspicious and expansive manner imaginable. This is where the collective free will of all can truly come to light.

The potential is now in our midst. How do we direct that flow? Do we send that water to the parched earth and replenish our very core, or do we thwart progress with regressive selfishness? This is our duty. This is our choice. This is our calling.

How does this planetary alignment roll out in the US? How does it roll out in your individual chart? Where does the action take place? Which house in your chart has the action? A professional reading can be one of the most rewarding experiences.  Forward on your questions to me at  and get a professional reading at Reading request. The truth resides in the unique qualities of your individual chart. Learn to understand your purpose. You will be AMAZED.

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# 4 – Another great post by Chellie Campbell about asking God for a sign and doubters and believers….

# 5 – A tip for all you “noodlers” out there…

Astrological update, Calling In “The One,” Andrew Cohen on meditation, Meditationfest starts, unleash your creativity and Abraham!


# 1 – On Thursday 9/13 at 5pm PDT, Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit of Evolving Wisdom….

will be hosting a free presentation titled Calling In “The One” to help you release hidden blocks you may have to experiencing the love and relationship(s) you desire.

#2 – Here’s an astrological update for the week from Chris Flisher at…

Week of September 10th, 2012

 We should continue to be deeply rooted in all Virgo-related themes this week. Orderliness, details, health, and research are all active themes. Mercury and the Moon also linger in Virgo so the Sun has good company. The global tone is that of service to others. Charitable causes may enter the spotlight and be used for political barter. We do have to ask though if the alignment with a charitable or compassionate cause isn’t self-serving in the end? Is there a suppressed reason? Perhaps the rationale is not so altruistic after all. This is the shadow work of Mars sneaking through its ruler, Scorpio. What is the motive of the leaders? Rhetoric can be an easy and empty distraction. Find the motives and you’ll find the truth.

How does this work for you?……see video  for extended forecast for the planet.

# 3 – Don’t forget Meditationfest starts today…

with Rebalancer and Abundance meditations. The series will feature guests such as Paul Scheele, Master Chunyi Lin and Swami Veda Bharati and will help you rediscover the original nature of your mind and body, create your moment-to-moment reality, and experience greater success and balance. And it’s FREE! You can sign up here.

And tomorrow Healing With the Masters starts season 10 with…

guests Panache Desai, Neale Donald Walsch, Rikka Zimmerman, Guy Finley, Drunvalo and other greats in the field of conscious evolution, spirituality, alternative health and personal development.

# 4 – Angela Stacker James is offering a free class in unleashing your creativity…

# 5 – Andrew Cohen on meditation, freedom and letting go of expectations….

“In the way that I teach meditation, the idea is to simply to assume a position of freedom from the very beginning. You’re not trying to create any particular experience. Experiences may come and go, but you are not seeking for experiences. You are just assuming the position of unconditional freedom, without any expectations . You are not trying to make anything happen because you have realized that you are already free. Think about it: If there are no expectations, what else could you be but free? But if there are expectations, gross or subtle, you will be unable to let go. Consciously or unconsciously, you will be convinced that something is missing and that something more needs to happen. If you truly have no expectations, you can let go completely, and then you will always find that you are free right now.”–Andrew Cohen

# 6 – And Abraham on happiness…

“Your happiness is the most significant contribution that you could make. In your reaching for happiness, you are opening a vortex which makes you an avenue for the Well-being to flow through you. And anything that is your object of attention under those conditions, benefits by the infusion of your Well-being.”— Abraham


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