Pisces full moon, free energy transmission, The Healer’s Circle, a happy bear, GMO health effects, feel good video and Abraham

For those of you familiar with this site you’ll notice that it has a new look. This new lay-out seems to make  posts easier on the eye for reading, as least in my opinion. Plus, it’s always good to change things up periodically, right? Let me know what you think. :-)  TIPS FOR TODAY: #…Read more »

Passionate Life Summit, Gangaji on Living Enlightenment, Guy Finley and more!

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – Here’s a tip that is time-sensitive, so if you’re interested be sure to act quickly…. Janet Bray Attwood, best-selling author of The Passion Test, is holding a free tele-seminar on Aug. 30th titled Passionate Life – Awakening the Healer Within. It will include some of the leading healers of…Read more »

Organic “traitors,” astrology update, Jo Dunning’s Quick Pulse, choosing your thoughts, curcumin, and Abraham

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – Be in the know about GMOs and which “healthy”companies are actually linked to trying to defeat GMO labeling… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-robbins/prop-37_b_1821633.html http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_26121.cfm # 2 – Thought for the day…. If every thought came with a confirmation window like this, would you re-choose many of them? (I think it’s supposed to be…Read more »

Astrology for 2012, 10 Days of Transformation, Path to Cash, ending struggle, unleashing your creativity, abortion, and Abraham. What a doozie!

PICKS FOR TODAY: It may no longer be available in replay, but Elizabeth Jones’ Astrology for 2012 presentation on MasterWorks Healing’s special series 2012 Is Now: Tapping Into What’s Next is a must, if you have a chance to listen. Even if you’re not into astrology and/or don’t understand the planets, signs, etc., her interview…Read more »

New moon in Leo, Meditationfest, Love or Above, tapping into abundance, sharing your gifts and more!

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – The Shift Network is sponsoring a free call with evolutionary business strategist Alexis Neely…. The call will be on Tuesday, Aug. 21st and is titled “Kick-start Your Evolutionary Business: 3 Steps to Fund Your Gift to the Shift and Earn an Abundant Living” (wow, that’s a mouth full!). If…Read more »

Going bananas, touching slideshow, free energy work, free e-books, free webinar, free Abraham. :-)

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – I’ve always been a fan of bananas,…. but lately have read several articles where they were given a bad rap. I’m glad to read this one and learn all the benefits they have, a number of which I wasn’t aware of before. http://www.naturalnews.com/036771_bananas_digestion_health_benefits.html # 2 – A stimulating, thought-provoking,…Read more »